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    Atomos Mage

    Most mages aspire to cast big, flashy spells, while they let all sorts of useful arcane energy be wasted. The key to real power is to study the smallest irreducible units of of magical energy and use them accordingly. - Hanna Semalan, Atomos Mage

    Magic is all around us, and no magic spell or magic item is perfectly efficient. Even the most carefully cast spell will give off some small residual arcane energy. Atomos Mages believe that from all magical effects, there are fundamentally smallest quantities, which they call arcane atoms . They believe that they can harness these arcane atoms and by careful placement of these small bits of magic more fully empower their spells, and that by understanding the nature of arcane atoms they can better understand the magic around them. Note that the underlying philosophy behind the Atomos Mage has been found in many cultures, and the term used to described arcane atoms has also varied, with some people calling the arcane atoms "dust," "irreducible motes," "irreducibles" or other similar terms.

    Alignment: Atomos Mages can be of any alignment, but chaotic Atomos Mages are rare because of the careful attention to detail and planning that is required to properly understand and harness arcane atoms.

    Race and religion: Atomos Mages can be of any race or religion, with all sorts learning to use dust to their advantage.

    Spellcasting: Able to cast Detect Magic as an arcane spell, and able to cast a third level arcane spell.
    Skills: Knowledge(arcana) 8 ranks and Spellcraft 8 ranks.
    Note: The above skill requirements are for 3.5. If playing in Pathfinder, reduce each to 5 ranks.

    Class Skills
    The Atomos Mage's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Diplomacy(Cha), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge(Religion) (Int), Knowledge(the Planes) (Int), Profession (Wis), and Spellcraft (Int).
    Skills Points at Each Level: 2 + int

    Hit Dice: d4
    Note: If converting to Pathfinder the hit die should be d6 and Concentration should be dropped as a skill.

    For convenience, two versions of the relevant table follow, the first with saves for 3.5, and the second for saves for Pathfinder. All other features are identical.

    3.5 Table:
    Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special Spells per Day/Spells Known
    1st +0 +0 +0 +2 Arcane Atoms -
    2nd +1 +0 +0 +3 Arcane Sensitivity +1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    3rd +1 +1 +1 +3 Mental Resilience and Bodily Integrity +1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    4th +2 +1 +1 +4 Bonus Feat +1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    5th +2 +1 +1 +4 Dust to Dust +1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    6th +3 +2 +2 +5 Extend Concentration +1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    7th +3 +2 +2 +5 Salvage Arcana -
    8th +4 +2 +2 +6 Perfect Philosophy +1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class

    Pathfinder Table:
    Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special Spells per Day/Spells Known
    1st +0 +0 +0 +1 Arcane Atoms -
    2nd +1 +1 +1 +1 Arcane Sensitivity +1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    3rd +1 +1 +1 +2 Mental Resilience and Bodily Integrity +1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    4th +2 +1 +1 +2 Bonus Feat +1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    5th +2 +2 +2 +3 Dust to Dust +1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    6th +3 +2 +2 +3 Extend Concentration +1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    7th +3 +2 +2 +4 Salvage Arcana -
    8th +4 +3 +3 +4 Perfect Philosophy +1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class

    Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: An Atomos Mage does not gain any weapons and armor proficiencies.

    Spellcasting: When a new Atomos Mage level is gained, at the levels indicated on the table, the character gains new spells per day and spells known as if she had also gained a level in whatever arcane spellcasting class she belonged to before she added the prestige class. She does not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained. This essentially means that she adds the level of Atomos Mage to the level of whatever other arcane spellcasting class the character has, then determines spells per day, spells known, and caster level accordingly.

    Arcane Atoms(su): At first level, a Atomos Mage gains access to a pool of arcane atoms represented by atomos points. This pool represents extremely small amounts of arcane energy which any mage or magical object is constantly giving off and which an Atomos Mage believes cannot be reduced to smaller quantities of magical power. Unlike a normal mage, you may store and use these atoms of magical energy as individuals in contrast to other mages who must make up spells that consist of myriads of arcane atoms.

    Once daily, when you regain spell slots or prepare spells, you gain atomos points equal to your highest mental ability modifier plus two times your class level. For example, a a Wizard 5/Atomos Mage 2 with an intelligence modifier of 4 and low charisma and wisdom scores would gain 4+2*2=8 atomos points.

    You may spend atomos points to increase the effective power of an arcane spell in a variety of ways. However, attaching extra arcane atoms to a spell is difficult and the simpler a spell, the fewer attachment locations the spell's energy matrix has, and it requires more skill to use these limited attachment points. Thus, no matter what, you cannot spend more atomos points on a spell than the 1+ spell's level + half your class level.

    At first level, you gain the following basic way to spend atomos points: You may spend 1 atomos point to increase an arcane spell's effective caster level for one of range, penetrating spell resistance, duration, or numerical effects, or resisting being countered or dispelled. When you spend atomos to increase the numerical effects any usual maximal effect from the spell does not apply to this extra damage. You may spend more than one atomos on the same aspect or multiple as you choose as long as the total number of atomos points spent is no higher than 1+the spell's level +half your class level.

    Spoiler: Example of Spending atomos points
    Mialee (Wizard 5/Atomos Mage 1) wants to target some goblins with a fireball (a level 3 spell). She decides that the goblins are too far away to hit so she spends two atomos points to increase the effective caster level for range, increasing the range by 80 feet. She also wants it to do more damage, so she spends two more atomos points to increase the caster level for damage, so instead of the fireball doing 5d6 damage it will do 7d6. She is concerned that some of the targets may have spell resistance but she is at her maximum amount of atomos she can spend since she has spent 4 atomos points on the spell, so she has to be satisfied with that.

    Later, Mialee casts a Burning Hands at a group of charging goblins. Her default caster level is 5 so she would normally do 5d4 damage. She decides to spend 1 atomos points to make it do 6d4 damage which is beyond its usual level cap.

    An Atomos Mage with a staff or other item that allows one to use one's own caster level when casting from it may spend atomos points to improve the spells they cast from the item.

    Arcane Sensitivity(ex): Your sensitivity to tiny amounts of arcane energy allows you to notice almost stray atoms of magic which would be too small for normal mages to detect. When using Detect Magic or any similar effect that can detect lingering magical energy you treat the effect as if it were one level category more intense for purposes of how long after you can detect it. For example, if something would have a faint aura, you can detect the lingering aura 1d6 minutes after rather than 1d6 rounds. If something is in the overwhelming category you can instead detect the lingering aura for 1d6 weeks.

    Also, even when you do not have Detect Magic active, when you come into physical contact with a magical object, you are immediately aware that the object is magical or has an ongoing magical effect (such as say a Magic Weapon spell on an otherwise non-magical weapon). This detection gives you no insight into the nature of the magic, since detecting a few atoms is not enough to reveal the nature of a magic effect- simply of its existence. Your ability to detect such magic does not apply to non-magical materials created by instantaneous conjuration effects (such as a the water created by a Create Water spell). The inevitable stray arcane atoms given off make this ability apply even if the effect has the magic disguised by some means (such as a Magic Aura spell) as long as your caster level exceeds the caster level of the disguising effect.

    Finally, your sensitivity and knowledge of arcane atoms allows you to better understand and identify magical effects. You add half your class level as a bonus to spellcraft check to identifying and understanding magical effects and objects. You add your full class level if the magical effect is arcane in origin.

    Mental Resilience and Bodily Integrity(su): At third level, you may spend arcane points to briefly increase your mental resilience in response to attacks on the integrity of your mind, effectively flushing a small amount of arcane energy that is less than a full spell into your mind. You may also use a similar effect to briefly increase your physical resilience in response to attacks on the integrity of your body, effectively flushing a small amount of arcane energy that is less than a full spell into your body. You may as an immediate action when you need to make a will save or a fortitude save spend atomos points. You may use this ability after you have rolled your save, but you must decide to spend atomos this before you find out if you had a success or failure. For every 3 atomos points you spend, you get a +1 bonus to the save. You cannot increase this bonus by more than your highest mental ability modifier. You must be aware of the threat in order to use this ability. If you spend at least 9 atomos points on this ability for a save then you are treated as having the Mettle special ability for this save.

    Bonus Feat: At fourth level, you gain one bonus [atomos] feat that you meet the prerequisites for. Atomos feats are detailed below.

    Dust to Dust(su): All things eventually become dust, and then break down even further, until they cannot be broken down at all any more. You simply sometimes speed up this process where magical effects are concerned. At fifth level, When you prepare spells or recover spell slots, you may choose to prepare one fewer spells or gain one fewer spell slots that day. If you do, you gain extra atomos points that day equal to twice the level of the spell or spell slot. Also, whenever you cast a spell of at least third level that has not been modified by spending atomos points at all, you may recover a small number of arcane atoms from it. When you cast a spell not modified by arcane atoms and the spell is at least third level you gain extra atomos points equal to the spell level divided by 3.

    Also, you may once daily as a standard action destroy a potion, scroll or other single use item to gain temporary atomos point lasting 1 minute. When you do this, you gain atomos equal to 1+ the item's effective spell level.

    Extend Concentration(su): You have learned to use a few atoms to push a spell to having a short life beyond your own attention to it. At sixth level, when you cast a spell with duration of concentration, you may spend atomos to extend the spell beyond when you cease concentrating on it. For every 3 atomos points you spend this way, the spell lasts 1 extra round after you cease concentrating. These atomos points count towards the total number of atomos points you spend on the spell.

    Salvage Arcana(su): You are able to recover some small amount of magical power from arcane magical sources which attack you. At 7th level, whenever you are subject to an arcane spell of at least first level which allows a save and you make the save you may as an immediate action gain atomos points equal to one less than your the square root of the sum of both spell level plus its caster level. For example, if you made a save against a third level arcane spell with caster level 14 then you would take the square root of (3+14) and subtract 1, and as usual round down. Since 4^2 =16, so you would gain 4-1=3 atomos points. You cannot gain more atomos points daily from this ability than your starting daily atomos (counting feats and other ability which increase the level).

    Perfect Philosophy(su): You are truly a master at using the tiny irreducible magics that others do not even notice, and you understand them better than anyone else. When you regain spell slots or prepare spells you gain extra atomos points equal to half your total number of levels in classes or prestige classes which advance arcane spellcasting. (Note that a class like an Ultimate Magus only counts its actual number of levels for this purpose even though some levels advance arcane spellcasting twice). Also, once daily you may treat a spell like it is of two levels higher than it is for purposes of how many atomos points you may spend on that spell at once. Finally, you become very sensitive to others applying the theory of irreducible arcana to their spells. Whenever you are witness a spell being cast that has been modified by someone spending atomos points you are instantly aware that the spell has been augmented that way and the subtle aspects of how this interacts with the spell gives a +2 spellcraft bonus to recognize the specific spell (which stacks with the bonus from Arcane Sensititivity).

    Playing an Atomos Mage

    There are two fundamentally different sorts of Atomos Mages. There are those who won't shut up about it, and those who quietly use their skills to their advantage. If you are in the first category, you eagerly tell other mages about the incredible power of your magic and how it verifies all sorts of obscure theories, some believed by other Atomos Mages, and some probably due to yourself. The line between brilliant thinker and annoying crackpot may in your case be very blurry. Sure, your average spell isn't as strong as what some people have, but the theory works and isn't that the important thing?

    If you are the quiet sort of Atomos Mage, then many respects you are just like any other mage. However, you are more likely to be acutely aware that due to your focus on the study of atoms, your regular spells may on average be weaker than those from many mages with a similar amount of experience and practice. You make up for it by occasionally casting a spell that in one or two critical aspects is much more powerful. If other mages don't recognize that you are a Atomos Mage, then you may even come across as much more powerful than you really are. Many an Atomos Mage has managed to avoid combat or to bluff stronger mages into backing down simply because of their reputation for surprisingly powerful spells. For this reason, many Atomos Mages do not reveal the nature of their skills, preferring to allow their strong spells to give them a reputation for power.

    Combat: Like most mages, an Atomos Mage has few hit points, and weak direct combat capability they are most effective staying out of direct combat. However, even more than other spellcasters, an Atomos Mage may change the course of a battle with a single well-placed spell.

    Advancement: Atomos Mages are interested in whatever magic boosts their own capabilities. Many Atomos Mages take the Practiced Spellcaster feat to make up partially for their lost caster levels.

    Resources: There are, as of yet, no major organizations of Atomos Mages. Many Atomos Mages are involved in wizard guilds or other similar organizations, and Atomos Mages have often used their abilities to appear more powerful than they are, a feature which may help them greatly in navigating some of the more difficult politics of wizard guilds and similar organizations. However, if a Atomos does find a novel method of using or understanding the irreducible arcana, they could likely trade it with other Atomos Mages for some favor or some scrap of obscure lore.

    Atomos Mages in the World

    "Atomos Mages are funny. One moment an Atomos Mage might seem to be struggling at comparatively basic spells, and then a few minutes later they cast a spell with a power that an archmage would have trouble duplicating. And it doesn't help that half of them they never even let anyone else know of the nature of their talents and the other half of them won't shut up about it. " - Telfana Silverblade, an elven paladin.

    If stories are to be believed, Atomos Mages have been around for at least centuries. Some elves claim that the practice of Atomos Magic was first developed by their own early wizards when the mortal races were just learning to use magic, but this may be just elven self-centeredness since some elves seem to claim to have invented almost everything. In practice, it is very difficult to engage in detailed historical analysis of exactly which mages had not studied the underlying philosophy or not because so much of what an Atomos Mage does looks simply like occasionally powerful magic, and it is precisely when one casts an awe-inspiring spell that people remember. Complicating matters, some historical mages who talked about the idea of fundamentally smallest bits of magical energy may have simply had that basic idea and not been able to put it into any sort of practice.

    Daily Life: Atomos Mages are much like other mages. An Atomos Mage who is a wizard may spend years in a tower, studying arcane minutia (far more literally than with other wizards), while other Atomos Mages might go out and adventure to increase their power level or to help right what they see as wrong.

    Arent Tehev (N) (Half-elf Rogue 1/Wiz 5/Atomos Mage 7) is a prominent human wizard whose power is considered by many to be unrivaled. Few realize that his reputation comes in part from careful bluffing and very careful use of his abilities to make his spells appear stronger in just the ways he needs. He is currently in contention to be declared the archmage of a major wizarding guild, which is helped also in part by the political nature of the position.

    Geran the Demon-Master (NE, Human Conjurer 5/Atomos Mage 5) is a wizard obsessed with summoning evil beings from beyond to do his bidding. The self-styled Demon-Master makes frequent use of the Atomos Conjurer feat to make his horrific servants even more powerful than they would be otherwise. Right now, Geran is focusing his attention on conquering a small kingdom and plans to then branch out into broader pursuits. Given his own short-sighted recklessness, it is unlikely that he can continue to play with the proverbial fire before being burned, but he may cause many others to suffer before he is dragged down.

    Hanna Semalan (NG) (Human Wizard 3/Warblade 3/Jade Phoenix Mage 5/ Atomos Mage 2), Hanna is one of the most prominent of the newest generation of Jade Phoenix Mages. She became interested in the study of Arcane Atoms shortly after finding out that one of her early incarnations was according to legend one of the first mages known to use the skill set and teach it to their apprentices. Hanna is currently working on trying to create a society of Atomos Mages where they can share their skills and findings. However, most of her time is taken up by the never-ending work of a Jade Phoenix Mage.

    Corwrick Blondfoot (LG, Halfling Sorcerer 5/Atomos Mage 2) is a young Atomos Mage who became interested in the topic due to conversations with Hanna Semala. They have since kept up a lively correspondence. Sarandar is very interested in trying to develop spells which specifically themselves use the theory of arcane atoms to make themselves more powerful, or at least more efficiently augmented by Atomos Mages. Corwick has recently decided to start a regular "Journal of Atomist Philosophy" which will publish the discoveries of Atomos Mages.

    Organizations: Aside from Hanna Semalan's nascent attempt at an Atomos Mage organization, Atomos Mages have no major organization of their own, but can be found among other mage guilds and the like. A wizard who is an Atomos Mage will be just as home in a wizarding guild as an Atomos Mage necromancer might be at home in a group of of undead worshiping cultists.

    NPC Reaction

    While most people with some magical knowledge have heard of Atomos Mages, few know much about them aside from that they follow strange theories about the nature of fundamental magic that not all scholars buy into, and that they can at least successfully apply those theories to cast powerful spells. If one is not knowledgeable about magic, someone will react to an Atomos Mage the same way they'd react to any spellcaster.

    Atomos Mages in the Game

    An Atomos Mage will generally function close to whatever spellcaster they had a base class. That means they will present the same headaches as their base class, with the exception that an Atomos Mage may have slightly more on-the-fly flexibility about the exact power of their spells. One issue that DMs may need to deal with is that an Atomos Mage will have many options for exactly how to cast any given spell; a player playing an Atomos Mage should be encouraged to make these choices quickly if necessary to not impede game flow.

    One issue to be careful about is that an Atomos Mage as an NPC may prove to be a slightly higher challenge rating encounter in practice since if they think their life is on the line they may be willing to burn through many atoms very quickly.

    Adaptation: Atomos Mages can be placed into most settings with little difficulty. In specific settings the ideas may be associated with specific magical schools of thought. In the Eberron settings, the Atomos Mages may be associated with the gnome wizards of Zilargo given their extensive interest in learning. In Forgotten Realms/Faerun, Atomos Mages might be an order of mages who have studied the arcane secrets of Azuth. In Golarion, Atomos Mages might be associated with the Pathfinder Society, but the skills might go back farther, possibly being studied by the ancient Thassilonians.

    Encounters: PCs might encounter an Atomos Mage the same way they'd encounter any other mage, possibly as a villain or as a potential ally depending on their goals and the PC goals.

    Atomos Feats

    Certain feats allow one to use atomos in new ways or allow you to gain extra atomos. Feats which interact with atomos have been given the new [atomos] descriptor.

    Spoiler: Design and notation notes
    Aside from saves everything in this class is 3.5/PF agnostic. However,
    some of the [atomos] feats use specific mechanics from 3.5 or Pathfinder. I've tried to make sure that none involve mechanics in a way that is drastically different between systems to avoid complications. Thus for example, none of the feats below involve grappling. The balance for the class and the feats should be very close to the same in both Pathfinder and 3.5.
    There are two major motivations behind these feats (aside from "this sounds cool"):

    First, some of the feats exist to handle a mechanical issue created "hybrid" or "theurge" prestige classes. Hybrid PrCs are a lot of fun; they popular to make as one can see from the no less than three previous PrC contests which had a hybrid theme, and the fact that hybrid classes show up in many other contexts. However, they don't play well with many other prestige classes if the other prestige classes only help one side of a hybrid. For example, in 3.5 if someone is a wizard/psion advancing into cerebemancer, taking archmage to top off the build at high levels is an obvious thing to do, but the class features of the archmage will only help the wizard side. To help out with this issue, one of the things I've done below is design feats that let one's Atomos Mage abilities apply to some aspects of other systems.

    Second, in general, prestige classes have a problem that when one has maxed out the prestige class, one doesn't have options for further improvement of features that the class has. Thus, some of the feats below are designed to allow someone who has taken all eight levels of Atomos Mage to continue to improve their class features.

    Finally a notational note: Pathfinder specific feats below marked as (PF). Ones which use 3.5 specific mechanics are marked as (3.5).

    Atomos Focus [Atomos]
    You are especially skilled at applying additional arcane atoms to a spell's structure.
    Prerequisites: Perfect Philosophy class feature
    Benefit: You add three to your effective class level for how many atomos points you may spend on a specific effect.
    Special: You may take this feat multiple times. The effects stack.

    Atomos Hoarder [Atomos]
    Few mages understand the power of the tiny, irreducible arcane atoms. You are even more obsessed with preserving such power at all costs than other mages who pay attention to such tiny irreducible motes of power.
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature
    Benefit: You may hoard some of your unused Arcane Atoms from one day to the next. When you prepare spells or regain spell slots for a given day, you gain extra atomos points equal to your remaining atomos points or your class level in Atomos Mage, whichever is smaller.

    Atomos Manifester [Atomos, Psionic]
    Most psions will tell you that the nature of their power is fundamentally continuous, but somehow you have learned to apply your atomic philosophy to psionic effects.
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature. Ale to manifest a third level psionic power.
    Benefit: You may spend atomos to improve psionic powers. The ability to spend atomos this way is identical to the options given at first level of Atomos Mage, except that the ability to spend atomos points to increase numerical effects is not an option for powers. Note that just as with spells, you cannot spend more atomos points on a power than 1+the power's level + half your class level.

    Atomos Theosque[Atomos]
    You have learned to apply the the philosophy of arcane atoms to divine spells. Some may call this heresy, but the practical results are undeniable.
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature. You must be able to cast a third level divine spell, Dust Pool. If you worship a deity with the Magic domain (or in Pathfinder one of its subdomains) then you need only to be able to cast first level divine spells.
    Benefit: You may apply atomos mage abilities to divine spells just as if there were arcane spells. You are still restricted to how many atomos points you may spend on a spell as usual. This feat also allows you use divine spells to qualify for other atomos feats that explicitly call for being able to cast a specific spell or spell type as an arcane spell.

    Atomos Conjurer [Atomos]
    When you imbue arcane atoms into a summoning spell you are able to use some of them to strengthen the beings which you summon.
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature. Able to cast an arcane spell from the [summoning] subschool. Either Spell Focus(conjuration) or wizard specialist conjurer.
    Benefit: When you cast a summoning spell, for every 1 points of total atomos points you spend on the spell any summoned beings gain 1 extra hit point. This is not a separate expenditure of atomos points. For example, if you spent four atomos to extend a summoning spell's duration by 4, then any summoned being would have 4 extra hit points. Also, for every 4 hit points a summoned being gains this way it get s a+1 enhancement bonus to one of strength, dexterity or constitution (your choice, chosen when summon). These bonuses stack with themselves; for example if a being gained 8 hit points then you could give it a +2 enhancement bonus to one ability score or two +1 enhancement bonuses to different ability scores.

    Atomos Steel [Atomos] (PF)
    You have already learned to channel arcane energy to empower your martial abilities. You have now taken a step further and can apply arcane atoms to further empower your abilities.
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature. Stance of Arcane Steel
    Benefit: When you sacrifice a spell slot or prepared spell from your Stance of Arcane Steel ability, you may pay 3 atomos points. If you do, you treat the sacrificed spell slot or prepared spell as 1 level higher.

    Atomos Necromancer [Atomos]
    You can imbue arcane atoms into the undead you have created.
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature. Able to cast as an arcane spell one of Animate Dead, Create Undead or Greater Create Undead. Either Spell Focus(necromancy) or Wizard specialist necromancer
    Benefit: When you animate or create any undead using a spell you may spend atomos points in three ways:
    First, you may spend atomos to increase the hit points of the resulting undead. For every atomos point you spend this way, the undead created get 1 extra hit point. For every 3 atomos spent this way, any undead created treat their turn resistance as 1 higher (treating their turn resistance as starting at +0 if they have no source of turn resistance).

    Second, you may spend atomos to increase your caster level for purposes of what types of undead you can create with it and their maximum hit die, with the effective caster level increasing by 1 for every 1 atomos point you spend this way.

    Third, you may spend atomos to increase caster level for purposes of how many total hit die undead you can control. You increase your effective caster level for purposes of how many hit die of undead you can control by 1 for every 1 atomos point you spend this way.

    Your usual limit on total number of atomos points you may spend on a single spell still applies.

    Atomos Nocturne [Atomos] (3.5)
    You are one a very recent breed, a shadowcaster who has learned to apply the theory of arcane atoms to shadow magic.
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature. Able to use a third level shadowcaster mystery.
    Benefit: You may apply Atomos Mage abilities that would normally apply only to arcane spells to also apply to mysteries. Your usual limit on the maximum number of atomos points you may apply to a given spell still applies to mysteries, taking the effective mystery level as the effective spell level.

    Extra Atomos [Atomos]
    Storing arcane atoms which are not stably connected to a spell is difficult. However, you are more capable of storing unattached arcane atoms than others.
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature
    Benefit: You gain 4 extra atomos points of dust daily.
    Special: You may take this feat multiple times. The effects stack.
    Special: If you take this feat before you have Perfect Philosophy then when you gain Perfect Philosophy you may switch out this feat for Atomos Focus.

    Epic Atomos Mage [Atomos, Epic]
    You can apply the philosophy of irreducible arcana to the most powerful and legendary of spells.
    Prerequisites: Perfect Philosophy class feature, Epic Spellcasting
    Benefit: You may apply atomos points to epic spells, treating them as 10th level spells for purposes of the maximum atomos points you may spend. Also, you may design epic spells which require spending atomos points. Essentially this is an additional mitigation where the caster or other participants must pay some number of atomos points. For every 1 atomos points the spell requires, the spellcraft DC is reduced by 2 (to a maximum of -20 at 10 atomos points). Finally, you may make epic spells that give you atomos points. For every 4 you increase the spellcraft DC by you gain 1 atomos point when you cast the spell. No matter how high you make the DC you cannot gain from a single epic spell more atomos points than your normal daily number of atomos points.

    Irreducible Vril [Atomos, vril]
    The power of vril is closely connected to arcane magic, and so a small number of atomos mages have applied their theory to vril.
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature, Vril Blast class feature or Vril Channeler feat
    Benefit: When you sacrifice a spell slot or prepared spell to activate a vril effect you may choose to pay 3 vril points. If you do, the sacrificed spell slot or prepared spell is treated as being of 1 higher level.
    Note: This feat uses the Vril system from Deep Magic.

    Moilian Atomist[Atomos](3.5)
    You have combined the pure philosophy of atomic arcana with the dreadful and very practical secrets of Moil
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature. Atomos Necromancer and Black Lore of Moil
    Benefit: Whenever you cast a spell modified by the Black Lore of Moil and you spend at least one atomos point on the spell, you treat the spell's level as 1 higher for purposes of the maximum extra negative energy damage done by Black Lore of Moil.

    Mind and Body, Strengthened by the Atoms [Atomos, Psionic]
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature. Atomos Manifester, Psionic Body, and one other feat with the [Atomos] descriptor that is not a psionic feat.
    Benefit: You count [Atomos] feats as psionic feats for all purposes. This includes gaining extra hit points from Psionic Body and being able to take such feats when one would be able to take a psionic bonus feat.
    Note: that taking this feat does not cause you to lose its own prerequisite; that would be silly. However, to benefit from this feat you must have at least one [Atomos] feat that would normally not be psionic.

    Occult Atomist [Atomos] (3.5)
    You are able to use arcane atoms to briefly strengthen how closely connected a vestige is to the material world.
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature. Able to bind a first level vestige.
    Benefit: This feat gives you two benefits. First, First, when you make a binding check you may spend 2 atomos points. If you do, you add your Atomos Mage level to the check. Second, when you use an activated ability of a vestige you may spend 3 atomos points to increase your effective binder level for purposes of that effect by 1.

    Psionic Atomos [Atomos, Psionic]
    You are able to channel your own internal psionic energy and take the small amounts that your body constantly radiates and transmute them to arcane power.
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature. Must have a power point pool.
    Benefit: When you regain atomos point you add your number of psionic feats to your total atomos points you gain.

    Residual Atoms [Atomos]
    When you dismantle a magical effect you may seize some of the resulting arcane atoms before they are lost in the surrounding environment.
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature. Able to cast Dispel Magic or Greater Dispel Magic. Either Spell Focus(abjuration) or Wizard specialization abjurer.
    Benefit: Whenever you use a dispelling effect to successfully dispel or counter an effect of at least first level, you gain extra atomos points equal to the level of the spell dispelled or countered.

    The following feat is separated out as involving other homebrew:

    Nomens Atomorum [Atomos]
    You can imbue truenames with further power by associating their effects to arcane atoms.
    Prerequisites: Arcane Atoms class feature. Truenaming 1 rank.
    Benefit: You may spend atomos to increase the power of your truenaming. When you use this ability, every 2 atomos you spend, you get a +1 bonus to a truename check.
    You cannot spend more dust this way than the usual limit for a spell but instead for the truename effect's level.
    Spoiler: Design note
    While truenaming exists in a variety of forms, this was intended to be balanced with Kellus's "The Way Words Work". The feat with no modification should be closely balanced for Strange Magic's Truenaming for Pathfinder if one replaces the Truenaming 1 rank requirement with 1 level in Truenamer. . The 3.5 Truenaming has so many issues I haven't tried to carefully balance it there.

    Associated Items and Artifacts

    Atomos Pearl (magic item)
    An Atomos Pearl is very similar to a Pearl of Power. An Atomos Pearl functions just like a Pearl of Power with the following differences. First, it can be used to recover any arcane spell slot or prepared arcane spell of level at most the level of the pearl. Moreover, when used by an Atomos Mage, one an Atomos Mage gains additional atomos points equal to the difference between the level of the spell recovered and the level of the pearl. So for example, if an Atomos Mage used a 4th level Pearl to recover a 1st level spell, they would also gain 3 atomos points. No one can benefit from more than one Atomos Pearl daily. An Atomos Pearl has a cost 50% more than a Pearl of Power of the same level and in the addition to the usual construction requirements the crafter must be an Atomos Mage.

    Liber Atomorum(minor artifact)

    This book of unknown origin appears to have a simple green cover. The front has on the lower left a sigil that has been tentatively identified as belong to Riarsontyrthomordex, a legendary dragon sorcerer who some arcane
    historians have identified as teaching the philosophy of arcane atoms to mortal mages. Reading the book only benefits someone who either meets the prerequisites to become an Atomos Mage or already is an Atomos Mage. To anyone else the book appears as nothing more than incomprehensible and obviously false rantings about the nature of magic. Different readers remember the book having different content and details, but they all agree that the book starts off with the sentence "Everything you know about magic is wrong." When one reads the book if one has no levels in Atomos Mage one immediate gains one level in Atomos Mage. If one has fewer than 8 levels in Atomos Mage one gains one level in Atomos Mage. If one has 8 levels in Atomos Mage then reading the book instead gives you one bonus Atomos feat. Additionally, if one has the book in one's possession when casting a spell one
    treats the spell's level as one higher than it is for purposes of how many atomos points one may spend on that spell.
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