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Yes, I'm willing to do that, however I don't know much about the layouts of manors. Also, my practice and experience is with large scaled land maps, so the execution of a smaller area map or building plan might fall below expectations. I am totally willing to try though. Do you have any basic sketches or anything?
Ok...as for the manor/lands, feel free to read the following. If you don't feel like doing the manor, I'll be very happy if you can do a situation map of the whole estate.

Spoiler: Collected Information:

For the manor layout (I can try to draw it, but I would prefer someone who has talent to do it):
- the manor has 3 defensive circles separated by walls - outer, inner and "citadel"
- outer defensive circle is between outer walls (dry moat, outer walls, ballista towers, large gatehouse with gate and portocullis... and other "surprises" - it is one steep uphill ) and outer courtyard (strip of land between outer wall and inner wall; contains some buildings (e.g. guardhouse/barracks, stables), but is mostly free for you to develop)
- inner defensive circle consists of inner courtyard (area between inner walls and the manor walls; largest free area - contains lord's stables, 3 other small buildings that can be developed and moat that leads to citadel)
- "citadel" is your manor and its walls (yeah, it's also walled, the entrance to the manor is on first floor - not the ground floor, it has battlements, window slits, and it's really strong, reinforced building - and has a surprises for everybody )
- each defensive circle is a stretch of flat land, that leads to a slope up to next circle, giving little to no room for charging

The manor is modeled after these:

The outer courtyard is a long, going around the inner courtyard (something like this and this - a long way to the top), and the outer walls are much higher & stronger, including the ballista towers, large gatehouse, etc.
The inner courtyard is also larger, more after the second picture.
The manor itself has two wings (one unfinished) and central building (positioned as the second picture - at the edge of the cliff - you know, seaview...).
The main difference is that each circle is on a higher level.

Spoiler: Estate/manor

Old Manor
Extremely Good Defenses (Advanced - ballista towers, moat and bailey, arrow slits, barbicans, three circles of walls - outer, inner, citadel, magical defences and alarms)
Good State (One wing not finished - west wing burned down, it was under repairs but is not finished)
Large Size (Large Stone Manor - three wings, main building has three stories, east wing has two, )
Basic Comfort & Equipment
Quite a few Secrets (mostly hazards, some boons)

Resources are detailed below
Village has mostly wooden houses, a large tavern, mill and smithy; there is an old mill a mile behind the village - it's abandoned; it has a port (with large warehouse) and marketplace
Lands are around 2400 acres, almost half of it are forests, some arable land, large river

Far from city (2 weeks travel)
Well-defendable (good terrain for defence - deep valleys, dense forests, but good overview from the hills - especially from manor; there are few watchtowers but they are abandoned at the moment)
Access to sea (direct access to sea, including infrastructure; an island with lighthouse/beacon)
River-travel possible (the river is deep and wide enough for barges that could travel between manor and city, but except for the ferry there is no river-travel set up)
Trade hub (permanent small marketplace, port and warehouse, large market once per season)
Some roads (one good road to the city, otherwise dirt roads)
Beautiful vistas (really beautiful)
Some trouble (there are some issues, but if you focus on them, you could make the area safe - one of the roads should be marked as dangerous due to bandits, there should be a mountain with some marking of residual danger - there is something lurking up there - and the woods are dark and dangerous too)
High-yield land (everything grows there - the arable land/pastures are mainly near the village - and take up almost half of the woodland/possible arable land)
Normal woods (average yield, normal wood)

Iron: Huge reserves - few hotspots & one mine
Hardwood: Huge forests
Coal: Large reserves - two mines (one closed)

Silver: Large reserve at several spots

Adamantium: At one spot

We already got a hexographer basic sketch of the surroundings - see for yourself. If you can work from this info, I'll be glad - if not, let me know. I can provide some more (and maybe even sketch something myself).

Thank you.