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What's the deal with using Savannah's stuff? I understand wanting to respect her contributions, but it seems odd that if someone is gone for over a year on the forums we still aren't allowed to continue their work.

Has it been suggested that we quote her work (therefore giving her credit), and then add on to it?
When she started it, I assumed she would fall under curator rules. She objected, we consulted the mods (she wasn't one at the time, lets be perfectly clear) and the mods said that the contents of the post were hers and hers alone - i.e. they were not subject to the curator rules, which meant no amount of opposition to her choices could be overridden. For all intents and purposes, the contents of her post are hers and she publicly refused to grant control to anyone else (indeed, that is what took us to the mods in the first place). I happen to respect said declaration even if I do not agree with it. Now, I take this to mean that the factual information of which pages MitD has been in are not under consideration but everything else - formatting, descriptions, etc. is hers.

As with any other rule or mod declaration, I prefer to err on the side of caution.

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