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    Default Re: MitD X: If I told you, you wouldn't believe me

    I see. Well, no problem, I'll just start a new list. Luckily the MitD doesn't appear too often. I might need some of your help to find what I missed, or to maintain this in the future. In general, such a list seems an important enough resource for this strip, I kept referencing Savannah's, but his list has some problems, so it won't hurt to replace it. I've only done part of the list now, but will try to do the rest later.

    Random thought while I was writing that. Some of you have suggested that the MitD thinks "gate" only means a magical Gate between planes. In #195, the MitD might be thinking the only useful books are magical ones.


    Appearances of the MitD
    • #23: Xykon says MitD is his secret weapon, will reveal him when the time is right.
    • #37: Xykon and MitD watch Roy set off the booby-trapped door.
    • #47: More crystal ball watching.
    • #82: Redcloak tells MitD off for leaving mess in kitchen. More crystal ball watching. MitD is in magical darkness.
    • #96: MitD can't see gate.
    • #97: MitD joins Redcloak in evil laugh.
    • #103: Xykon practices big reveal of MitD. Xykon is not satisfied, MitD listing spices to cook OotS with isn't scary enough.
    • #106: Doesn't see gate again.
    • #109, #110, #113: Nothing notable.
    • #114: Xykon prepares to reveal MitD, gets interrupted. MitD is anxious.
    • #117: MitD wants to get revealed, Redcloak and Xykon stops him.
    • #120: Nothing notable.
    • #147: MitD asks to hold Xykon's phylactery. MitD had broken all his toys. MitD gets fanged Hello Kitty umbrella.
    • #148: Nothing notable.
    • #149: MitD does exposition about the initiation rituals.
    • #190: MitD teaches Redcloak evil leadership.
    • #191: MitD doesn't want to go into abandoned castle. Xykon tells MitD should be scary and powerful.
    • #192: Nothing notable.
    • #194: MitD asks lantern archons to light him up.
    • #195: MitD asks why Serini's diary is useful, knows about magical books.
    • #196: MitD knows about Dorukan. Doesn't know about gates.
    • #299: MitD wants to be a valuable member. Redcloak says he can't help in making zombies.
    • #331: Still confused about gate.
    • #368: “Sometimes I eat to fill the loneliness.”
    • #369, #371: Nothing notable.
    • #373: Miko meets MitD.
    • #374: MitD has to stop Miko. Feels Miko's full attack as only tickles. Plays “Who Can Hit the Lightest”, hits Miko and his far through the wall, but they survive.
    • #375: MitD finds Miko's purse with letter from High Priest of Thor to Durkon, paper cuts his tongue.
    • #414: Nothing notable.
    • #415: MitD crystal ball watching on Miko. Confused about gate.
    • #422: MitD confused about Redcloak chewing out on decoy Xykon.
    • #426: MitD confused about three Xykons.
    • #428: Nothing.
    • #431: MitD confused about four Xykons. Redcloak explains the decoy strategy to him. MitD still doesn't understand.
    • #447: Nothing notable.
    • #451: MitD grumbles.
    • #463: MitD plays tea party with toy green dragon. Paralyzed O-Chul arrives.
    • #474: Still tea party, now with dead Roy too.
    • #475: Haley and Durkon wants to retrieve Roy's body. MitD doesn't allow, shouts “Stop!” As alternate plan, Haley offers stew in exchange for Roy. Flashback to MitD eating moldy cheesburger.
    • #476: MitD enjoys Belkar's half-cooked vulture stew. As Haley and Belkar starts to leave, MitD hears they're the Order of the Stick, who he's supposed to devour.
    • #477: MitD thinks about whether he should eat Haley and Belkar without Xykon introducing him first. Doesn't seem to notice Belkar's attack. Haley and Belkar escape while he's still thinking. MitD stomps after demon roach's advice, causes huge cracks in ground. “Wow! I didn't know I could do that!” Belkar lets O-Chul go, O-Chul falls back to MitD. MitD is “really tired all of a sudden. And still hungry.”
    • #484: MitD carries the paralyzed O-Chul.
    • TODO: continue from strip #541 onwards
    • TODO: Start of Darkness


    Quote Originally Posted by littlebum2002 View Post
    Each strip should (IMHO) have 2 things: a summary (which you've already started) and a "potential clues" column. This way we don't lose track of what's really important in all this, and we might even find some things we've missed.


    0299: A Calling, Missed. The MitD wants to help zombifying monsters.
    • Clue: Cannot cast Cleric spells, cannot Raise Dead

    Now we just need to make a table.
    No! Weren't you listening? We can't agree about what's a clue and what isn't, and “every scene seems to be interpreted as a clue by someone”, so that format would just lead to more arguments.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grey_Wolf_c View Post
    [On adding more details about Ygramul.] You mean, a proper pros-cons spoiler? No, It's in the copyright section, and they don't get expanded notes. The only reason Snorlax gets them is because it used to be in the FBS precursor, and so I copied them over (ETA: and if pressed, I'll delete them before I add any to others).
    Pity. But I accept that of course, since you're maintaining the first posts. Thanks for the explanation.

    GW: would adding a note in 1c work then? Like, a note about how if the MitD gave O-Chul and Vaarsuvius the ability to greater teleport, then they'd know where they want to go, and they wouldn't take the MitD with them. The note wouldn't have to mention Ygramul, or how it could deliver the touch attack, or the deadly poison.
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