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    Quote Originally Posted by Morphic tide View Post
    Actually, you take levels in Intern before entering a class, then take that class into Epic for progression past normal limits. The real kicker is that it does not require you to meet any requirements of the class you're going into and doesn't specify base class in any way.

    So you take a level or two of Intern for a 6-10 level PRC to skip the requirements of the PRC, or two levels of it for something like being a Neutral Good Bard or Sorcerer to pick up Paladin features.

    Going into Epic, you take Intern levels as the start of your build to get effective levels in a PRC of your choosing, like Hive Master. Let's just say you're interning for a level 30 archdruid who's epic levels are all Hive Master. You now have PRC features as a 1st level character, and Hive Master happens to be a self-qualifying PRC so you can go right from Intern into Hive Master proper for an effective 15 levels in a 5 level PRC that makes you a half caster that can choose their spell list list daily. And you have five levels to grab whatever stacking on Hive Master you want, so you can be 20th level with equal Hive Master abilities to your teacher and somewhat inferior Druid casting. And, at 30th level, end up ten levels ahead of them in Hive Master abilities.
    Looks like I need to adjust my class a little. Most of what you said is intended. Yes archdruid would need to be a druid 15/hive master 15+ to qualify as a professional to a intern allowing them to reach level 10 in the class.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ranged Ranger View Post
    My comment about april fool's class was based on your image/name/flavor text being too modern for the normal medieval fantasy setting and I didn't understand what the capstone was doing.

    Now that I have a better understanding of what it does, I actually like it as a flavorful PC option... Interns of level 9 and below could still be awesome NPCs too.

    I do have a few more questions though:

    Can your example Intern 10/Wizard 1 be a professional for an Intern 1 right away or do they have to wait until they're Intern 10/Wizard 6?

    Can you even become Intern 10/Wizard 6? If so do you cast as a Wizard 21 with Epic Casting, or does your advancement plateau, making it better to go Intern 10/Wizard 5/Factotum 1?
    Yes, your caster level would be that for your wizard spells but you still are not epic which is another part fo the epic spell feats requirements. So a level 10intern/10wizard has CL 25 so mage armor lasts 25 hours, but even though you have CL 21+ you are not epic, so no epic level spell feats. a level 10 intern/6 wizard would just have a CL of 21, but would still be a level 16 in fact. Nothing the intern does unlocks abilities faster they just make them stronger.

    The idea i was pointing more at with my questions is: If I made the class less then 10 level it becomes a dead end class as you can only advance 10 level prestige classes past the listed cap in epic? The problem is 10 is kinda the perfect number of levels for it.
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