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    Mahlia ibn Malakim, a Swift Glaive who Fuses Flesh & Steel

    Spoiler: Appearance

    MIGHT 14
    • EDGE: 1
    • POOL: 14
    SPEED 23
    • EDGE: 1
    • POOL: 23
    • EDGE: 0
    • POOL: 7
    TIER: 1 EFFORT: 1
    • BalancingTrained
    • InitiativeTrained
    • RunningTrained

    • Apprentice NanoTrained
    • Bio Implant MaintenanceTrained

    RECOVERY: 1D6+1
    • [ ] 1 Round
    • [ ] 10 Minutes
    • [ ] 1 Hour
    • [ ] 10 Hours

    Inabilities & Drawbacks
    • Poor Balance: +1 Step on Balancing Tests
    • Special Healing: 5 Pts of damage must be Repaired

    • Practiced in Armor: Glaives can wear armor for long periods of time without tiring and can compensate for slowed reactions from wearing armor. You can wear any kind of armor. You reduce the Might cost per hour for wearing armor and the Speed Pool reduction for wearing armor by 2. Enabler.
    • Practiced with all Weapons: You can use any weapon. Enabler.
    • Fast: +4 to your Speed Pool. Enabler.
    • Enhanced Body: You gain +1 to Armor, +3 to your Might Pool, and +3 to your Speed Pool. Enabler.

    • TIER 1
      • Thrust: This is a powerful melee stab. You make an attack and inflict 1 additional point of damage if your weapon has a sharp edge or point. Action.
      • Trained without Armor: You are trained in Speed defense actions when not wearing armor. Enabler.

    Cable Projector
    Level: 3
    Wearable: Wrist-mounted projector
    Usable: Handheld device
    Effect: Projects a cable or rope attached to a powerful spike up to long range. The projected rope embeds itself solidly into most surfaces, and the cypher can retract the rope later or pull it extremely taut. If desired, the device can easily be spiked into a surface so that the rope attaches to something solid at both ends.
    Explosive Nodule
    Level: 4
    Usable: Crystal nodule affixed to a melee weapon
    Effect: For the next 28 hours, each time the weapon the nodule is attached to strikes a solid creature or object, it releases a pulse of concussive force that throws the target a short distance away from the user. This force knocks the target and the user to the ground.
    • Fist sized spider that weaves webs between large electronics, allowing them to communicate.

    Background & Connections
    Spoiler: Background
    Maliha Ibn Malakim, was born in an isolated region where a powerful Nano ruled over a collection of small enclaves, each enclave roughly ten or so extended families, banded together for protection from the surround tribes of Margr. As tribute, the Nano would demand that each year the enclaves provide him with one chosen youth, whom would serve as his apprentice. The tribute was considered a great honor, despite the fact that they returned to their enclave after being accepted into the Nano's service. It was, however, a small price to pay for the safety and stability he provided the region.

    In truth, the Nano had discovering a large Numenera Reliquary, which was able to concentrate and distill a person's thoughts, fears, emotions and self awareness into a milky white liquid, while leaving the subject with a shattered mind, an empty husk, only capable of following the most basic of commands. This essence was then consumed by the Nano, to feed his intellect, and provide sustenance to the parasite which had attached itself to the Nano's brain. The aberrant creature, existed out of phase with the 9th World, and consumed thought and reason, and by providing the parasite with the essence of the tribute's the Nano was able to preserve his own sanity, such as it was, and the parasite allowed it's host access to it's own vast array of psychic abilities.

    Maliha, selected as tribute served the Nano, for approximately a year prior to being selected for induction into the Reliquary. During her time in the Overlord's stronghold, she performed routine duties expected of a Nano's apprentice, identifying, cataloging, and storing oddities and minor Numenera. Organization of the Stronghold's provisions and supplies, ensuring that adequate levels were maintained for both the staff, and their Lord. During her tenure, she learned of the Reliquary, and carefully, over time deduced it's horrific nature, how it stripped the very essence of a person's mind, leaving them nothing but an empty shell of their former selves, devoid of emotion, thought or reason. As an Apprentice, Maliha was provided with access to the Datasphere, and she frantically sought out information regarding the Reliquary, and soon discovered it's nature, and it's connection to the Psychic Parasite that had affixed itself to the Nano's thought pattern.

    However, there was a Numenera stored within the Stronghold, that was anathema to the Parasite's Psychic nature, a bio-mechanical device that, when affixed to the host shielded their thoughts from the Reliquary, preserved their nature. As the Nano's mindless servants, themselves victims of the Reliquary scourged the stronghold for Maliha, she fled deep into the vault of the Nano's collected Numenera, frantically searching for the bio-mechanical implant. When she found it, it awakened as if a sentient thing, and crawled spider-like across her skin before it's legs, long, narrow, and frighteningly sharp drove into her spinal column, firmly affixing itself at the base of her skull. She was not prepared for the pain, nor the feeling of numbness flowing through her limbs, she passed into unconsciousness.

    When she awoke she was entrapped, fearing she'd been discovered and subjected to the Reliquary she panicked. She tried to scream, couldn;t for the bio-nutrient tube down her throat, she tore it out, freeing herself from multiple other tubes located at ports along her spine. She was in a cocoon of bio-organic metal, with speed and strength born of desperation she freed herself. Realizing that by bonding with the spider-like device she had been forever changed. She fled the Stronghold and the Nano's reach, fighting through mindless hordes of Reliquary zombies, and plunging heedless into Margr territory.

    She fought her way through the wilderness, however she was unprepared for the dreams that followed her transformation, the dreams that led her to Weavercrest, who themselves worshiped a spider-like deity, illustrations strangely reminiscent of the implant that caused her own chrysalis.

    • Against my better judgment, I joined my current companions because I saw that they were in danger.
    • Rachanaia knows my true nature, even if no one else does.
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