"A lucky coincidence, then."
Omiko takes the form in both normal hands, leaving the robot arm to scratch out the answers (generally an abridged version of that on her character sheet).

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Name: Omiko
Age: 429 Years
Sex: Female, although with all the aliens in the Nexus I imagine this field is kinda useless?
Species: Selyn (lynx-people)
Profession: Entrepeneur, formerly Pirate, Summoner, Archaeologist.
Reason for joining AMEN: It should be fun. Never been a supervillain before.
Skills/resources to contribute to AMEN: Skills in healing, basic codesmithing, thaumaturgical engineering, extortion, naval combat. Production of crystals and living armor.
References (Victims preferred):
Noah (Minion)
Clara (Kidnapped)
Dian Line (Fellow pirate)
Belvedere Sa Omiko (Killed)
The Archdevil of the Sparrow (Killed)
Doorway Ship O'er Radiant Kestrel and crew thereof (Destroyed)
Guardians of Vasa (Killed)
A whole list of less important NPCs harassed during her stints as a pirate follow.
Past Experience:
1 half-gigasecond term of service as an Archaeologist, reactivating dangerous ancient technology. That's how I lost my first eye!
Several hundred megaseconds of experience as a Space Pirate.
Over 12 gigaseconds of fighting demons, building societies, etc. when our ship ended up literally in hell.
Various antics in the Nexus too varied and bizarre to list here.
Other Information:
"What sort of 'Other Information' are you looking for? Otherwise, it's done."
And she'll hand the form back to Zefir.