'A good two days later' still counts as tomorrow-ish. Yes it does, shut up.

Xills: 5 RHD outsiders currently at +4 LA. You didn't know that because nobody ever even considered playing one. Hell, barely anyone knows about these things at all.

Xills have a respectable array of ability scores, with +6, +4 and +2 bonuses across the board (except charisma, but charisma is unimportant). They have four limbs, all of which have claw attacks with improved grab. A +4 strength medium outsider isn't a great grappler, but it's okay at the job, and being grappled by one forces saves versus paralysis in the next round.

Finally, Xill can implant eggs in paralyzed creatures (an ability so meaningless I almost decided to leave it out), and can move between the material and the ethereal plane. As far as planeshifting abilities go, it's on the weaker side, though it's still a very good thing to have for scouting, ambushing, and obstacle avoidance.

In the end, I'm torn between +0 and +1. For now I'll go with +1, but do discuss.