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[Outside KABAL Office]

"There's no accounting for taste, I suppose." Kirk comments as they stroll on by. "Not a lot to look at from the outside, is there." He remarks when they're a short ways away. "Probably guards on the inside. More of the nuts they attract."
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[Outside KABAL Office]

"I saw only the one security camera. Kind of sloppy, isn't that?" Electra remarks once they're out of the camera's field of vision. She either hasn't noticed, or is paying no mind to the bird circling over head. She keeps moving in case there are other systems in the neighborhood they can't see. It would look rather suspicious for them to stroll past and stop only a block or two away, after all.
[Outside the KABAL Office]

The falcon does not pay them much heed for now, instead it focuses on the people suddenly leaving the office.
Its a group of one human, a gnoll and two goblins in KABAL colors that are leaving the compound. They are well-armed and the gnoll is carrying a red delivery bag on his back.
They are moving out, going towards a nearby parked truck. Looks like there is a delivery being carried out.