List of market breakers is missing Wall of Salt, and Wall of Iron for flat "gp" creation. Wall of Stone can build buildings which can be sold. If leadership can "abuse" craft rolls for gp, then Unseen Crafter ought to be on the list. Most people seem to think just having the idea of casting Plant Growth or using Animate Dead for labor suddenly upends the whole setting. There are a few creatures who can auto-animate things too. I'm also surprised you don't have Planar Binding on there considering it's basically the 1st resort of every "lol borked" plan.

Being as these aren't being specifically matched up, it's more of a list of forces of entropy. You can add "any creature that can eat more than it needs to." Dragons in particular can eat anything, and as much of it as they want. Calculations have shown that even a tiny number of Mind Flayers require an enormous amount of humans to farm sustain-ably. Various corporeal undead can eat and vanish massive amounts of flesh or food, and of course incorporeal undead can kill creatures by the bucketful while leaving the corpses to rot. Ekolids are a far more terrifying scourge than the usual "wightocalypse," spawning multiple flying fast healing DR having six natural attacking demons per kill. Gaze attacks can also wipe out arbitrary numbers of creatures. Supernatural disease that spread on their own and require magic to cure are essentially unstoppable. Any creature with at-will spell-like abilities is a source of abuse, either through their exact ability or Energy Transformation Field- anything with a blasting spell at-will is just as dangerous, if not more so, than a breath weapon or gaze attack. Basically, anything that hinges upon the assumption of stable humanoid settlements can be swept away with any number of supernatural threats: no market, no market abuse.

Permanent portals to other planes are a natural source of excuses for why entropy doesn't build up, and serve an equally effective excuse for introducing it. Over time, a permanent portal to the shadow or negative energy planes will let out an ever increasing amount of Shadows and Wraiths and whatnot, which must be kept in check.