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Thread: The Lotus Blossoms! [OOC]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticks View Post
    Quick question regarding the opening IC posts: what language is being spoken?
    Dangit, I knew something slipped my mind while being super-tired and trying to finish that up...

    Almost everyone speaks Low Realm as a shared language, and thus for the sake of convenience I'm going to be assuming speech is in Low Realm, and thus comprehensible to (almost) everyone, unless noted otherwise.

    And then Valin stubbornly insists on making my life difficult as the only character in the group who doesn't speak it...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sticks View Post
    Quick comment: I will admit, I was expecting an opening more along the lines of ‘Cha La, Head Cha La’, but that’s just me. I’m only glad it wasn’t ‘Step into the Grand Tour’.
    Honestly my first impulse was to use this Naruto OP (inexplicable Terminator-homage music video linked), which is kind of a middle ground between shounen OP tones. Definitely lighter than what I went with, but more aggressive than Cha-La, Head Cha-La or, uh, Cruel Angel's Thesis. Then I almost used Limit Break x Survivor because Super has it on my mind and I love it.

    But then I decided to try to use something that hadn't been used in any particular anime before, and given my extremely limited understanding of Japanese, the difficulty of finding J-Pop and J-Rock on Youtube, and the fact that almost all Vocaloid tracks are clinically depressed, I soon turned to English-speaking bands, ending up with what I used after... probably at least two weeks of off and on searching.
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