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CN Living Spell Sentry 7 (CR12) Warlock 6 (CR 18) Marshal 2 (CR 20)

Character introduction:

Massive wall of mechanical info


Living Earthquake (Living Spell, MM3, 91, spell PHB 225)
Range (Long), 80ft area spread, casters must make dc 27 concentration check or lose spells.

Spell Text:

cave/cavern/tunnel: collapse the roof and deal 8d6 bludgeoning to anything caught in the cave-in (REF 15 Ĺ dmg).

Cliffs: landslide, travel as far horizontally as it does vertically, deal 8d6 bludgeoning to anything in the path (REF 15 Ĺ dmg).

Open Ground: anything standing in the area must make a Ref 15 save or fall down. Fissures open and every creature has a 25% chance to fall in (REF 20). After spell ends, fissures close killing anything stuck within.

Structure: takes 100 damage, hardness doesnít reduce damage, damage isnít halved. Anyone caught inside takes 8d6 bludgeoning and is trapped in the rubble (REF 15 Ĺ dmg)

River/Lake/Marsh: Fissures open under the water draining the area and making it muddy. Marsh/Swampland becomes quicksand for spellís duration. Ref 15 or sink into the mud/quicksand. At spells end, water rushes back in, possibly drowning anyone stuck.

Anything pinned under rubble takes 1d6 nonlethal per minute. If falls unconscious, make DC 15 CON check or take 1d6 lethal every minute until freed or dead.



STR 17
DEX 14
CON 17
INT null
WIS 14
CHA 17

elite array applied
STR 17-11+14 = 20
DEX 14-10+13 = 17
CON 17-11+12 = 18
INT null + 8 = null
WIS 14-10+10 = 14
CHA 17-11+15 = 21

Sentry Ooze Template (Dungeonscape 114) applied

STR 21 (+5)
DEX 17+6 = 23 (+6)
CON 19 (+4)
INT 2 (-4)
WIS 14+10 = 24 (+7)
CHA 21+10 = 31 (+10)
All points into CHA for a final of 36 (+13)

Saves: no good save, the bad ones start at +0 and get +1/3 a level
+7 resistance bonus to all saves
+6 (up to) from warlock levels to all saves
+CHA to WILL saves against all mind affecting spells or effects
+4 racial bonus to WILL saves vs mind affecting
+1 to all saves from Marshal 2 at CR 20
+CHA to REF saves from Marshal 1 minor aura, CHA to Dex checks/skills/Initiative

Special Attacks:

Spell Effects: Creatureís hit by a living spellís slam attack are subject to normal effect of spell as if it were within the area of effect. Saves apply as normal, DC = 10+spell lvl (7) + CHA.
Engulf: A living spell can flow around creatures that fit w/in itís space as a standard action. Can affect as many as it can cover. Opponents can make attacks of opportunity, but forfeit a saving throw if they do. Those that donít attack, must make a DC 10+spell lvl (7) +CHA REF save or be engulfed. On a success, they are pushed back or aside as the spell moves forward. Engulfed creatures take the full normal effect of the spell each round on the living spells turn and are considered to be grappled.

Ooze characteristics: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/typesSubtypes.htm#oozeType

d10 HD, BAB ĺ HD (as cleric, PHB 30), no good saving throw, Mindless, nat weapon proficiency, no armor proficiencies. Oozes eat and breathe, but donít sleep.
Immunity to gaze attacks, visual effects, illusions, poison, sleep effects, paralysis, polymorph, stunning, critical hits, flanking.

Sentry Ooze Template:
Dungeonscape 114

Spell Resistance = HD+2, No longer Mindless but retains a +4 racial bonus to WILL saves against mind affecting spells and effects, DEX +6 INT +2 WIS +10 CHA +10, gain skill points 2+INT (minimum 1) x (HD+3) = 10 (Climb, Hide, Listen, Move Silently), 1 feat for every 3 HD, CR+2.

Size: Large HP: 7d10+6d6+2d8 /2+80 = 140ish Speed 60 AC: +7 deflection bonus
Slam Attack: 1d6 DR: 10/Magic SR: 17/34 Blindsight (Ex) 60 feet

SR from Living spell is 17, Spell Resistance from Sentry Ooze is HD+2. Sentry states:

A sentry ooze retains the special qualities of the base creature and also gains the following: SR HD+2.
So, does the SR Stack? If so, thatís SR 34 at CR20.

CR: 12 at creation: Earthquake is a lvl 7 spell, , therefor the base CR is spell lvl 7+3 (a Blighter 7 (Comp Divine 24)can cast 7th lvl spells, CL 7/2=3.5. so rounded down to 3) +2 from the sentry template.

Invocations and Auras:

Least: 3
Dark Oneís Own Luck: Gain CHA to saves as a luck bonus (canít exceed class lvl)
Darkness: as the spell
Hideous Blow: Make a standard action attack, deal eldritch blast damage as well as weapon damage, need not deal damage w/ attack to trigger the eldritch blast damage.

Lesser: 1
Fell Flight: fly at your land speed (60 ft) with good maneuverability for 24 hours

Minor Aura:
Motivate Dexterity, Add CHA to all DEX checks/skills/Initiative

Major Aura +1
Resilient Troops, +1 to all saves


1. Force of Personality CAdv 109, add CHA instead of WIS as a bonus to will saves vs mind affecting spells/abilitiesĒ
3. Stealthy PH 101, +2 Hide/Move Silent
6. Imp Nat Attack MM 303, Slam becomes 1d8
9 Ability Focus MM 303, increase the DC of a special attack by 2, (multiple uses apply to diff attacks)
12 Weapon Finesse PHB 102 Use Dex instead of STR on attack rolls
15. Arcane Mastery CArc 73, take 10 on CL checks even if under stress

Random thought on spotting the living earthquake


from MM3, page 91A living spell appears similar to a normal spell effect, except thatóeven in the case of an instantaneous spell, such as fireballóthe magical energy lingers, writhing and moving with definite purpose.
An earthquake doesnít have any outward appearance beyond things shaking or fissures opening in the ground as an effect of the spell. So the outward appearance is basically some pebbles bouncing on the ground, dust swirling, or adjacent things shaking. The base DC to spot a normal ooze is 15, but that has substance. I would probably raise the spot dc to 25 or 30 to be able to spot a living spell (earthquake), and raise it again if itís windy or stormy outside, or in the case of darkness, (magical or otherwise). And raise it again when it gains flying..



CR 12 (7HD) saves all bad, BAB based off Cleric 7
CR Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
12 Living Earthquake Sentry +5 +2 +2 +2 Hide 5, Move Silently 5 (1) Force of Personality, (3) Stealthy, (6) Improved Natural Attack DR 10/Magic, SR 17-26 (see above), ooze traits, sentry traits, Engulf, Spell Effect, Blindsight (includes tremorsense)
13 Warlock 1 +5 +2 +2 +4 UMD 1 - Eldritch Blast 1d6, Least Invocations 1
14 Warlock 2 +6 +2 +2 +5 UMD 2 Ability Focus (Spell Effects DC +2) Detect Magic at will, Least Invocations 2
15 Warlock 3 +7 +3 +3 +5 UMD 3 - DR 1/cold iron, Eldritch Blast 2d6
16 Warlock 4 +8 +3 +3 +6 UMD 4 - Deceive Item, Least Invocations 3
17 Warlock 5 +8 +3 +3 +6 UMD 5 Weapon Finesse Eldritch Blast 3d6
18 Warlock 6 +9 +4 +4 +7 UMD 6 - Lesser Invocation 1
19 Marshall 1 +9 +6 +4 +9 Sense Motive 4 Skill Focus (Diplomacy +3) Minor Aura (Motivate DEX)
20 Marshall 2 +10 +7 +4 +10 Sense Motive 8 Arcane Mastery Major Aura +1 (Resilient Troops)

Background, such as it were:

Let there be light, and there it was.

I see.

I am.

What am I?

Destruction and death all around me. Wait, I can move!

Something over there needs help, I should help it, shouldnít I? (Running)
I reach them and grab hold somehow..


Somewhere I find a voice and shout words I didnít know I knew.
ďHey, Iím here to help!Ē

But Iím to late, it doesnít answer and I move on. I wander, unsure of my purpose. I come to a cliff overlooking a valley below. There is a town there, the town is under attack by bandits. They are slaying the innocents as well as the fighters sent against them. It makes my blood boil. I pound my ďfistsĒ on the ground wondering how to get there and help them. I donít see the mouse Iíve just crushed.


I back away as the entire face of the cliff drops straight down. The Land Slide kills the attackers, but buries the town as well.

I wail.

I move on.

Everywhere I go, whenever I try to help, I cause ruin instead. Buildings crumble, caves collapse, I rent holes in the ground and cause ponds to dry up. I curse my own name as otherís have cursed me. I canít seem to learn, but I donít let it stop me. I was put here for a reason, until I know what that is, I must continue to fight for what is right.

New powers awaken within me, I know not where they came from or what it means for my purpose, only that there is now more to me then there was before.

One day I leap towards an unsuspecting foe, and fly into the air. Iím so happy I embrace everything around me, the birds, my enemy, the family of rodents burrowing into the ground. I exult in unadulterated joy.





CR Breakdown

CHA is sufficiently high enough at all levels to be an untrained "face" if you so wish, for good or for bad...

12- BOOM! Burst into existence as a living earthquake. From nothingness to sentience. Somehow gain self-awareness having learned that you arenít mindless. Great stats and saves (+9 minimum across the board) at this level, but only one real attack and that is to slam an opponent which then triggers an earthquake Öoops.

15- A few levels of warlock grant a bonus to our saves as well as at will darkness. Since we have blindsense, the dark is our friend, providing cover and concealment while we know where everything around us is.

18 so swee
t- It can FLY! Now youíre a flying, living, earthquake.

Hideous Blow grants another 3d6 damage regardless of whether our slam hits or not. Deceive Item now pairs w/ Engulf to allow us to use our skill (UMD) to use the items of our foes against them (or to do something like burn off wand uses) as a standard action. Or even to flow over a dead guy on the battlefield and use his items to protect yourself between fights.

20 even sweeter
-Marshall is taken to further stack the massive CHA bonus into another place. In this case, into anything DEX related. Meaning our REF save, which is the weakest, is now up to a base of +17 to which we get to also add our DEX modifier. Hide and Move Silent, ignored since creation are now at more than+20 due to the increase to our DEX checks. Weapon Finesse pairs w/ this also to now make our slam much more dangerous than it was, hitting much more often.
In this build, I wanted to accomplish a living, flying, earthquake

as soon as possible, which was at CR 18 when Fel Flight comes online granting 24 hour flying. It might make more sense to take the 1st level of Marshall at CR 13 and to redirect the feats around to take advantage of CHA to DEX and weapon finesse then, to jump way up in the functionality of slam. But in reality, the xp difference between 18 and 19 is significant, especially when youíre supposed to be a good guy thatís not focused on whooping patooty.


Comp Adventurer 109
Comp Arcane 5, 73
Comp Divine 24
Dungeonscape 114
Miniatureís Handbook 11
MM 303
MM3 91
PHB 31, 101, 102, 225
SRD http://www.d20srd.org/srd/typesSubtypes.htm#oozeType