Carl the Tricksy (Tricksy little Hobbitses!)



NE Male Whisper Gnome Ninja 2, Warlock 1, Ninja 5, Combat Trapsmith 5, Trapsmith 4, Assassin 5



Carl the Tricksy was always sneaking about. He was a sullen brat who never really got along with anyone, and all that alone time caused him to constantly tinker with things around him. He would leave surprises lying about for his tormentors to find, and then laugh with sadistic glee when someone got trapped in one of his toys.

His penchant for sneakary led him to a life living amongst the shadows where he slinked to and fro. He learned to fight off those that got to close, but more importantly to just keep his distance and use his skills at hiding and being quiet to his advantage. He learned how to handle poisons and began applying them liberally everywhere and to everything. Seeing others doubled over in writhing agony put a smile on his lips.

One day in frustration, he wished doom upon a trap that hadn’t gone off, and it exploded in his targets face, scarring his quarry permanently. Barely able to contain the laughter, he hunkered down until that buffoon had left before finally cackling incessantly. From that day on, he left a constant storm of destruction everywhere he went. It became his calling card. Carl the Tricksy sought notoriety in everything he did.

He began to talk about himself in the third person, and gave himself lots of extra titles. “Carl the Tricksy, the Blinkmeister of Half-Town Hollow, the Exploderizer Extraordinaire, Device Destroyer, Penalty Purveyor, the Meanest Four Feet, Backstabber, Entangler, Cloudmaker and Lifetaker, the Trapsetter, Giantsbane, the Rolling Wrath… it could go on for hours. He dared anyone to naysay him with a sneer, and punished those that did with a trick, tap, or a trap.

One day he killed a man, just to watch him die.

He sold his skills to anyone that would pay. Never concerned that the customer of today might be the target of tomorrow. There would always be strife amongst two fellows, and therefor he would always have work.

He took what he wanted, and gave nothing back!

Numbers/Mechanical Info


Small size: +1 to AC, +1 to attack rolls, +4 to hide
Speed 30
Low light vision, Dark Vision 60ft
+1 attack bonus vs kobolds, goblinoids
+4 ac bonus vs giants
+4 to Hide and Move Silent, +2 listen and spot
SLA 1/day Silence (centered on gnome)
HP: d6x20 / 2 +20 =80

32 buy/Racial/Final
STR 12 (+1) /10 (+0) /10
DEX 16 (+3) /18 (+4) /23 (+6)
CON 10 (+0) /12 (+1) /12
INT 14 (+2) /14 (+2) /14
WIS 16 (+3) /16 (+3) /16
CHA 8 (-1) /6 (-2) /6

Class Breakdown


Ninja: add WIS to AC (like monk) if unarmored and carrying a light load. Ki power abilities: ˝ class lvl + WIS/day when unarmored (5-6 uses depending on how you determine half levels to be, either rounded up or down). As long as 1 use of Ki is left, gain +2 to WILL saves. Ghost Step: spend a Ki use to become invisible (as spell) for 1 round as a swift action that doesn’t grant AoO. Poison: never risk poisoning yourself when applying to weapon. Great Leap: always make Jump checks as though running and have Run feat, gain an additional +4 bonus to Jump checks (while not wearing armor).

Warlock: Eldritch Blast, ray attack, minimal use. The real reason for taking the dip into warlock is for the ability to gain Shatter, as an at will SLA, with the least invocation Baleful Utterance. Plus, the +2 to will save helps out the overall build where the will save is pretty bad. At will Shatter will come into use more and more as the rest of the build progresses!

Combat Trapsmith
: Combat Trapping: full round action, grants AoO. lasts for 1hr or til triggered. Can be placed in any square adjacent to you. Trap Sense: +1-3 dodge bonus to AC and REF saves vs effects from traps. Skill Focus-Trapmaking (+3). Improvised Materials: use items at hand to craft w/o toolkit but increase craft dc by 5. Expert Trapsetter: set a combat trap as standard action w/o provoking AoO. Which means Great Scorcher is a 5d6 fire attack every single round!

Trapsmith: Booby traps, full round action, make a craft check, check equals DC to find it using search. Half of check is DC to disarm using disable device. (as well as other variables per each trap). Master Disarm: Add Trapsmith level to Search, Disable Device, and Open Lock when dealing w/ traps. Trap Sense: +2 more for a total of +5. Arrow Proof: gain DR 5 against the physical effects of traps. Quick Fingers: simple device (DC 10) standard action, Tricky (DC 15)full round, Difficult and above (DC 20+) 1d4 rounds. Unweave: 3/day as dispel magic on a trap, CL 5+Trapsmith lvl. Dance/Danger: if your search check succeeds by 5 or more, you can move past or through a trap w/o setting it off. Spell Proof: gain SR 15+Trapsmith LVL against magic trap damage.

Assassin: Death Attack: spending 3 rounds studying your target and make a successful melee attack w/in 3 rounds: gain the additional effect of killing or paralyzing the target (your choice) vs Fort save DC 10+Ass lvl+INT for kill effect, failing results in death. If fail against paralyze, helpless and can’t act for 1d6 rounds +1/ass lvl. If save succeeds, treat as normal sneak attack. Poison: as above, but specifically states blade. Spells, arcane spells 10+spell lvl+INT. Uncanny Dodge: retain Dex to AC when flat-footed. Imp Uncanny Dodge: can’t be flanked except by rogue 4+ lvls higher

1- Extra Silence – RoS 139, Gain 3 extra uses of racial SLA silence (total 4)
3- Weapon Finesse-PHB 102, use DEX instead of STR on attack rolls
6- Tactile Trapsmith-Comp Adv 112, use DEX instead of INT on disable device/search, no penalty for darkness/blindness
9- Extra Silence – 3 more uses (total 7)
12- Underfoot Combat – RotW 152, move thru or into square occupied by large+ w/o provoking AoO, gain +4 AC against ALL attacks while in occupied square
15- Extra Silence – 3 more, (total 10)
18- Telling Blow – PHB2 83, on confirmed Crit, add Sneak/Sudden Strike after multiplying damage

On Extra Silence


From the high chair Thurbane on the wording of the feat Extra Silence
The feat specifically mentions Charisma bonus - a penalty isn't a bonus, so I would read that if you have a Charisma penalty, it would grant a flat 3 uses.

Combat Traps Known:

Entangler, Flashbang, Great Scorcher, Sleeper, Spiderweb, Scorcher

Build table


Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Ninja 1 +0 +0 +2 +0 Craft (Traps) 4, Disable Device 4, Disguise 4, Hide 4, Jump 2, Move Silently 4, Open Lock 4, Search 4, Spot 1, Tumble 1 Extra Silence Ki Power, Sudden Strike 1d6, Trapfinding
2nd Ninja 2 +1 +0 +3 +0 Craft (Alchemy) 1, Craft (Traps) 5, Disable 5, Disguise 5, Hide 5, Move 5, Open 5, Search 5 - Ghost Step (Invisible)
3rd Warlock 1 +1 +0 +3 +2 Craft (Alch) 3, Craft (Traps) 6, Disguise 6 Weapon Finesse Eldritch Blast, Least Invocation (Baleful Utterance)
4th Ninja 3 +2 +1 +3 +3 Craft (Alch) 5, Disable 6, Disguise 7, Hide 6, Move 6, Open 6, Search 6 - Sudden Strike 2d6, Poison Use
5th Ninja 4 +3 +1 +4 +3 Craft (traps) 7, Disable 7, Hide 7, Move 7, Open 7, Search 7, Tumble 3 - Great Leap
6th Ninja 5 +3 +1 +4 +3 Craft (Traps) 8, Disable 8, Disguise 8, Hide 9, Move 8, Lock 8, Search 8 Tactile Trapsmith Sudden Strike 3d6, AC Bonus +1
7th Combat Trapsmith 1 +3 +3 +6 +3 Craft (Traps) 9, Disbale 9, Hide 10, Jump 5, Move 9, Tumble 4 - Combat Trapping, Trap Sense +1, Traps Known (2)
8th Combat Trapsmith 2 +4 +4 +7 +3 Craft (Traps) 10, Disable 10, Hide 11, Jump 6, Move 10, Tumble 7 - Skill Focus Trapmaking (+3), Traps Known (3)
9th Combat Trapsmith 3 +5 +4 +7 +4 Craft (Traps) 11, Disable 11, Hide 12, Jump 8, Move 11, Tumble 9 Extra Silence Trap Sense +2, Traps Known (4)
10th Combat Trapsmith 4 +6 +5 +8 +4 Craft (Traps) 12, Disable 12, Hide 13, Jump 10, Move 12, Tumble 11 - Improvised Materials, Traps Known (5)
11th Combat Trapsmith 5 +6 +5 +8 +4 Craft (Traps) 13, Disable 13, Hide 14, Jump 12, Move 13, Tumble 13 - Expert Trapsetter, Trap Sense +3, Traps Known (6)
12th Trapsmith 1 +6 +5 +10 +4 Craft (Traps) 14, Disable 14, Search 10, Spot 4 Underfoot Combat Booby Traps (Simple), Master Disarmer, Trap Sense +1(+4), Spells
13th Trapsmith 2 +7 +5 +11 +4 Craft (Traps) 15, Disable 15, Search 12, Spot 8 - Arrow Proof, Quick Fingers
14th Trapsmith 3 +8 +6 +11 +5 Craft (Traps) 16, Disable 16, Search 14, Spot 12 - Booby Traps (Advanced), Unweave, Trap Sense +2 (+5)
15th Trapsmith 4 +9 +6 +12 +5 Craft (Traps) 17, Disable 17, Search 16, Spot 16 Extra Silence Dance through Danger, Spellproof
16th Assassin 1 +9 +6 +14 +5 Craft (Traps) 18, Disable 18, Hide 16, Jump 13, Move 13 - Sneak Attack 1d6 (4d6), Death Attack, Poison Use, Spells
17th Assassin 2 +10 +6 +15 +5 Craft (Traps) 19, Disable 19, Hide 17, Jump 14, Move 15 - +1 save vs poison, Uncanny Dodge
18th Assassin 3 +11 +7 +15 +6 Craft (Traps) 20, Disable 20, Hide 18, Jump 15, Move 17 Telling Blow Sneak Attack 2d6 (5d6)
19th Assassin 4 +12 +8 +15 +6 Craft (Traps) 21, Hide 20, Jump 16, Move 19 - +2 save vs poison
20th Assassin 5 +12 +8 +15 +6 Craft (Traps) 22, Jump 20, Move 20 - Improved Uncanny Dodge, Sneak Attack 3d6 (6d6)



Base known below/spells per day (bonus 1st and 2nd lvl spell for each known added in)

Trapsmith Spells:

1-4/4 : dispel magic, gaseous form, haste, knock
2-3/3: dimension door, lesser globe of invulnerability, stone shape
Lvl 12: 1-2
Lvl 13: 1-3
Lvl 14: 1-3, 2-2
Lvl 15: 1-4, 2-3

Assassin Spells:

1-4/4: feather fall, jump, obscuring mist, true strike
2-3/3: alter self, invisibility, spider climb

Lvl 16: 1-1
Lvl 17: 1-2
Lvl 18: 1-3, 2-1
Lvl 19: 1-4, 2-2
Lvl 20: 1-4, 2-3

For the purposes of tracking, both classes spell slots stack, so effectively at lvl 16 when assassin spells come online, you can cast those in addition to those from the Trapsmith class.

Least Invocation:

Baleful Utterance: Speak a single syllable of Dark Speech and affect an object or area as the Shatter spell. If a creature is holding or wearing the object and the target is destroyed, it must make a FORT save or be dazed for 1 round and deafened for 1 minute by your terrible word. This is a sonic effect.

LVL Breakdown


Ninja, a creature of the night who shatters everything in sight, oh what a fright! Have a few cheap poisons available to use, and the save DC’s are comparable at this level to the threat without having to get all fancy. Racial Silence and Invisible aid us in combat while we’re still leveling up, allowing to deliver more sneak attacks, more often. A tactic we’ll use the rest of the build. Great Leap combines to give nearly a +20 to our jump skill at level 5.

10- Combat Trapsmith is almost done, no need to carry around a trap kit anymore, you can make them with whatever is laying about. Starting using the tactics spelled out below with our traps to debilitate the enemy at every opportunity.

15- finished off both SI’s, added Underfoot Combat, which combined with Tumble, Invisible and standard trap setting allow for sneak attacks, trap setting, rolling through the enemy square unseen, sneak attacking again from the other side. Have a few spells to sling to augment our abilities as well. BAB is still pretty weak, but we’re only attacking when we can get a sneak in anyways. The sweet spot is level 12.

20- Finish the build off w/ assassin for a few more on theme spells, and to pump sneak attack some more. Top several skills out at around +30 which means our trap DC’s are insanely high. Assassin also grants Death Attack, while it’s save isn’t particularly hard to make at this point, once it’s brought to bear after all the rest of the abuse we’ve dished out, it’s much more effective.



Complete Arcane pg 5
Complete Adventurer pg 5, 112
Complete Scoundrel Pg 34
DMG pg 74 (trapmaking rules as a reference)
Dungeonscape pg 53
PHB 26, 102
PHB2 pg 83
Races of Stone pg 96, 139
Races of the Wild pg 152
SRD: Traps info:

Equipment, Play style, and Variables:


it should go w/o saying all this is optional, but beneficial.

Adding a Virulent weapon enhancement (+1) will cause any secondary poison effect to take place after just 5 rounds instead of a minute later. Source: Drow of the Underdark

Adding a Toxic Enhancement (+1) will cause poisons to last for 2 hits instead of 1. Source: Drow of the Underdark

Option: Reconfigure Stats to grant at least 11 in CHA, take the Hidden Talent feat at LVL 1, and choose Psionic Minor Creation, create massive amounts of poisons to store for later use.

Spend 3k and buy a young wyvern, recalculate a few skill points into handle animal/ride, or just get someone to train it as a riding mount, as well as to dispense its poison (2d6 CON) safely into a container for later use on command.

Hilt Hollow, stash some poison in the hilt of your weapon, retrieving is a swift action. Dungeonscape, 200g.

Triple Weapon Capsule Retainer: store up to 3 injury poisons in melee or thrown weapon, as a swift action, apply any # of them. 450g, Complete Adventurer

Assassination Weapon Enhancement (+1) grants an additional 1d6 sneak attack damage, and increases the save DC of any poison it delivers by the weapons total enhancement bonus. Cityscape web enhancement.

Stolen from Min/Max: Superweapon

+1 Feycraft Assassination, Toxic, Virulent Dagger, Triple Weapon Capsule Retainer, Hilt Hollow, and a Tooth of Leraje: 33,803g, 650g, and 20,000g for a weapon that's +5 to hit and damage, +5-8 to poison save DC, allows you to use poisons without poisoning yourself, you can apply poison to the weapon 4/encounter as a swift action, the poisons last for 2 hits each, and the secondary save is in 5 rounds rather than 10 rounds.

Toxic Gloves: 3/day imbue any weapon held w/ poison 1d6 con/1d6 con (injury) dc 16, 6,000g, MiC

A few poisons to carry around:

Sleep-Smoke unconscious/unconscious
Black Adder Venom (DMG). Injury: DC 11, deals 1d6 Con/1d6 Con
Spotted Toadstool Venom (Player's Guide to Eberron). Injury: DC 16, 1d6 Str/1d6 Con
Malyss Root paste (DMG). Injury DC 16, deals 1 Dex/2d4 Dex damage
Sinmaker's Surprise (Manual /Planes). Injury DC 24. Deals 1d6 Con/2d6 Con, and 1d6 Acid for 3 rounds.
Black Lotus Extract (DMG). DC 20, deals 3d6/3d6 Con

Greensickness (Dungeonscape, MMIII). (inhaled) DC 33, deals 2d6 Str + 1d4 Con/2d6 Str + 1d4 Con.

Aboleth Mucus (Savage Species): This is an alchemical item rather than a poison, but works as a contact or inhaled poison. Victims who fail a DC 19 Fort save lose the ability to breath air for 3 hours, which means most will suffocate in 1-4 minutes. A save or die for only 20g

Blister Oil – RoS 159, 15g/vial 1d8 uses, contact, DC 15 fort, lasts 2d4 hrs. deals 1d4 dmg and causes -2 to DEX checks and REF saves for 2d4 days. Magic healing removes both, normal healing removes dmg, but not penalties.

The build functions as a combination poison user and trap maker. The overall BAB sucks, but we’re supplementing the limited melee potential with stealth, trickery and poison. With some advance warning, we’re sprinkling the area with traps, some of which could be custom made. The wording of Poison Use for the ninja class states you don’t risk poisoning yourself when applying poisons to a “weapon”. The assassin class clarifies that statement as a “blade”. We’re going to use the Ninja wording to our benefit. The build has 9 levels of trapsmith/combat trapsmith. Obviously a trap is your weapon, so you can apply poison to your traps without risking exposure to yourself.

The single level dip into Warlock gives us shatter at will.

The Whisper Gnome has racial silence that centers on, and moves w/ himself, and lasts 1rd/char lvl

The Ninja class has Ki Power, that grants swift 1 round invisibility without provoking AoO

Underfoot Combat allows you to move through a square occupied by anything 2 sizes larger then you w/o provoking AoO.

Expert Trapsetter allows setting a trap as a standard action.

Jump is through the roof, with close to +20 on the check by level 6
Hide and Move Silent are both at +12 at level 1

Liberally spread contact poison on door knobs, handles, treasure chests, on the inside of armor, on weapon handles, on that pint of ale (it comes in pints!) etc etc.

Set a trap, apply a poison, and stack an inhaled poison into the mechanism. Set a booby trap directly before the nasty trap to cause someone to fall into it, let’s coat that in an inhaled poison too. Go hide. Wait for the party or your enemy to come along and try to disable the trap. If they fail, it springs on them delivering the contact or injury poison. Use shatter to destroy your trap causing the inhaled poison to fill the area. Or use shatter when they’re trying to disable the trap in the first place, releasing the inhaled poison into the air, and causing the trap to become a grenade. All that shrapnel is coated in a contact or injury poison... Heck, place a vial of inhaled poison (or an inhaled drug) w/in 5 feet of the trap and the shatter will cause it to explode as well, go go gadget stacking poison attacks.

Or, be in hiding, possibly in an elevated position. Late into the build you can use this time to activate your death strike. Use shatter as an area effect (as a distraction), or target something the enemy is carrying. Apply poison to your blades, jump into the air towards the enemy and cast silence on yourself. Stab the enemy in the face (back, whatever, Sneak and Sudden strike will apply). Your silence field negates casting anything w/ a verbal component, so those squishies are powerless against you. Pop invisible, disengage, set a trap, tumble through the opponent to their rear, apply more poison as a swift action and sneak attack again. Jump away, shatter the trap if they haven’t stepped in it by backing away from you, laugh, and disappear w/ your colossal hide skill.

Be an evil bastard and sneak into their camp, or village, or cave. Whatever. Pop silence if you need to. Use some of the tricks on page 40 of the Book of Vile Darkness, and add your poisons into the mix. No one sleeps in their armor, or has their weapons held in their hands at night. Disabling them before the fight even starts is a winning strategy.

Be an even more evil bastard and don’t even set traps in the early stages, but leave vials of inhaled poison laying around. When the party walks by one, shatter it causing a cloud effect, that way when they get to an actual trap, they’re already weakened, mwahahahahahah.

You can even let the enemy engage your party, slip around behind them, and trap their exit routes for when they break and run. Or set new traps exactly where the old ones were. No one checks the traps they think are already disabled again...

Maybe you carry some Devilweed (BoVD) around with you and give or sell it to the party beatsticks. They smoke it like a cigarette, take 1 pt of WIS dmg, and gain +2 STR for 1d3 hours. The side effects don’t bother you.

If you find yourself using Invisible more than silence, switch out 1 Extra Silence w/ Expanded Ki Pool for 3 more uses of that instead.