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Also, how will we know what threshold damage is if we can't see their soak/hardness?
I said to roll extra dice because there's functionally no way for you to predict what the actual threshold damage is before the defender has posted a response, even if you had access to their sheet. On defense, you can use Charms to raise Defense, raise Soak, etcetera, so until the defender's declared all defensive Charms, the attacker doesn't even know what the target number for their attack actually was.

In tabletop we'd go Declaration of Attack (w/ Stunt) > Declaration of Defenses (w/ Stunt) > Attack Roll > Damage Roll and wouldn't need to roll any extra dice, but that would be a slow sequence in forum posts.

For the sake of expediency, we're going more along the lines of Declare Attack (w/ Stunt), Roll for Attack, Roll for more Damage than will probably be necessary > Declare Defense (w/Stunt) WITHOUT looking at the attack roll > Defender or ST can then compare everything and share results.

That doesn't resolve nearly as cleanly, interacts poorly with certain Charms, and requires a good deal of honesty on the part of the defender, but it should result in a significant savings of time in Play-by-Post.