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Hmm. So, just to make sure I'm understanding grapple stuff right...

-Ivory Knife is targeted by an attack that she can defend against normally.
This is correct. You can defend against the initial attack normally.

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If this attack hits her...
If the attack hits her AND the Grappler scores at least 2 successes on the Initiative roll to execute the Gambit. (Which isn't difficult at his Initiative level, but this is a step in the process.)

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--She makes an opposed control roll against Tuoni that determines how long she's grappled for. No matter what, she's grappled at least until her turn.
At least until the start of her next turn, correct.

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--She'll also be subjected to a withering attack.
He's got a lot of options, but that's the one he's taking, yes.

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--And as long as she's grappled, her defense is at zero.
The situation is a little bit more complicated here. Savage attacks from the grappler do not afford the chance to defend against them (even the attack roll against Defense 0 is only to determine threshold successes, it can't be resisted), but against attacks from anyone else she could still defend, just at -2 Defense. (The same Defense penalty applies to her attacker, if anyone outside the grapple were to attack him.)

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What I'm not seeing is what, if any, actions the victim of a grapple can take while the grapple continues? The restrain/drag option seems to imply that the victim can do something if they're not restrained.
The victim of a grapple can still act, but can't take movement actions, can't flurry (even the Voice of the Night Bird flurry, sorry), and takes a -1 Penalty to attacks (-3 if using a two-handed weapon). You can still do anything that's not movement or a flurry unless Restrained, though.

In case you're thinking of it, I don't believe Storm-Calming Embrace can be used defensively on a Control roll. The Decisive-only Keyword and the phrasing of the Charm would imply that it's only used on offensive grapples.

As a note, though... you're too low-Initiative to pull it off, most likely, but you CAN actually grapple someone who is grappling you by making a Decisive Attack roll (at the -1 penalty, but with the other person's Defense penalized as well), rolling Initiative per the Gambit rules, doing a second Control roll, etc. In that case, each grappler's rounds of control would be tracked separately.

As another note...

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Closing the distance and initiating a Grapple, spending 3m on Empowering Justice Redirection and 7m on bonus dice on the attack.
The Savage attack that's made AFTER you Grapple could be enhanced by Empowering Justice Redirection, I think (it would boost the roll you make against Defense 0 to determine Threshold Successes), but not the Grapple itself. All Gambits are technically Decisive Attacks, and Empowering Justice Redirection is Withering-only.

Also, for future reference, remember that each automatic Success added by a Charm counts as two dice toward the cap on adding dice from Charms. With a Dex+MA pool of 9, you cannot add two automatic successes AND 7 dice from an Excellency; you would be limited to adding two successes and five dice.

Here, however, since Empowering Justice Redirection can't apply to the initial (Decisive) attack that initiates the Gambit, we can apply those successes to the roll for the Savage (should the Grapple land; if it doesn't, you can refund yourself the motes for Empowering Justice Redirection since you'll have never had the chance to activate it) and just count the seven dice toward the initial attack.

Oh, and Specialties don't stack, and all Specialties are capped at +1, so you can't ever add 2 from Specialties.