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Also, for future reference, remember that each automatic Success added by a Charm counts as two dice toward the cap on adding dice from Charms. With a Dex+MA pool of 9, you cannot add two automatic successes AND 7 dice from an Excellency; you would be limited to adding two successes and five dice.

Here, however, since Empowering Justice Redirection can't apply to the initial (Decisive) attack that initiates the Gambit, we can apply those successes to the roll for the Savage (should the Grapple land; if it doesn't, you can refund yourself the motes for Empowering Justice Redirection since you'll have never had the chance to activate it) and just count the seven dice toward the initial attack.

Oh, and Specialties don't stack, and all Specialties are capped at +1, so you can't ever add 2 from Specialties.
I am a cavalcade of errors today - my own fault for trying to do this and a CS project at the same time.