I'm mentally "editing" the roll myself. I'd need to do so anyway due to Doe Eyes Defense inflicting an Attack penalty rather than raising Defense.

I'm about to post the results IC, with some OOC commentary in that post, but I'll also mention this here:

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(16 motes total, anima banner ticks up... one level, I think?).
You can spend out of either pool, or both, at will, but if that was all Peripheral Essence your anima would actually go up all the way. It rises one level per 5m Peripheral you spend in one turn, so if you spend 10m it goes up two levels, if you spend 15m it goes up three levels, enough to take it straight from Dim to Bonfire.

If you'd like, you could go back and describe your iconic anima display. Otherwise we could just say that some of the motes came out of Personal.