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Thread: The Lotus Blossoms! [OOC]

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    Am I required to cite an intimacy just to defend if I have an applicable one? The book seems to suggest I do here:

    Quote Originally Posted by pg. 214-215
    When a character is targeted by an influence roll that opposes one or more of his Intimacies, add a bonus to his Resolve based on the intensity of the most applicable Intimacy. On the other hand, if one or more of a characterís Intimacies supports an influence roll applied against him, then he suffers a corresponding penalty to Resolve based on the most applicable Intimacy.
    but makes no mention of it in the 'Resisting Influence Rolls' section beyond this:

    Quote Originally Posted by pg. 219
    The Intimacy he chooses must be of equal or greater intensity than the Intimacy which supported the influence roll, and it canít be the one that strengthened his Resolve against the roll in the first placeóthe influence
    already overcame that particular source of reluctance when it beat his Resolve, after all.
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