Guys, I appreciate the sentiment, I really appreciate your honesty, but you can look at rolls after you've declared your defenses. Rolls should not influence your selection of defensive Charms, but you should know whether something affected you or not.

The Instill Fear hit 4 successes, which falls juuuust short if I give Tuoni a 1-point Stunt bonus. His description didn't focus much on resisting fear, but it did go beyond just "I apply my Resolve," so... eh, I'll give it to him. He resisted that one.

The positive influence from Torn Lotus Defense hit 5 successes, which equals Tuoni's Resolve even with a 1-point Stunt, so unless he can apply an Intimacy against it... the fear would've actually worked for that, but it didn't land, so it's not available... it succeeds unless he spends WP against it.

That brings us to the current situation, where we're back to fear. I don't know if the physical attack hits or not yet, since Tuoni's defenses aren't yet declared. Whether it hits or not will influence the social roll, since if it hits it gives a pseudo-fear intimacy to exploit on the social roll. If Tuoni doesn't spend WP to deny the positive intimacy toward Ivory Knife created by Torn Lotus Defense, though, he could probably apply it against the Shriek.

(Of course, having positive intimacies toward a Black Claw user opens up different avenues of attack, but it would help shut down Shriek, at least.)

And I think that's all the social rolls we've had since the fight started? (Discounting the Read Intentions)