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I've been on estrogen for almost a week now it's very exciting.

here's a picture I took in for celebration/comparison

I'm in a slightly weird spot right now though. I haven't come out to my parents yet, so I both want to see physical changes as fast as possible, and also don't want things to move too quickly they start asking questions before I tell them. I plan to do it soon but I really don't want "so you're a girl now" to be the theme of all my conversations over the holidays
Oooh, I love your haircut and make-up, you look very cute!

It's a rough spot to be in; on one hand it'd be a good way to get all the conversations out of the way with relatives when you see them. Or you could just do it after the holidays, your choice. People are going to ask anyone, it's sadly the nature of society that most people don't know enough about it yet to go "Oh, you're a girl now, cool, thanks for letting me know :)".