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    Tiny update today. I have changed my mind from some of what I said in my comment to Yakk's post. The equations aren't as complicated as you though they were. There are in reality much closer to the system you suggested, but I can see how this can be hard to see (even had me confused).

    Therefore I have added some tables and another example to the skill-system which will make things more understandable. I will make similar tables for saves and weapon-bonus-costs later.

    You still have many very valid points, Yakk, but I don't feel thay are so gamebreaking that I can't add my combat system before checking on them (the system, as it stands, has been able to carry a campaign for nearly three years after all).

    Hoping to add the combat-system as soon as possible, as I am entering a period with plenty of spare-time :)

    [Edit] Changed my avatar. Beholder was sending out way too many bad vibes :P
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