Oh cool! A thread with cool people in it! This is the best!

Those poems made me cry; I empathised with some of them way too much. Good job!

Spoiler: Some vagueness directed at my mom and her husband
Please don't compare trans women to old male rockstars. I know I don't pass like at all, but when you insist on comparing me to a man, even after I ask you to stop, you're just being mean and unsupportive.

Also, the opinions of queer people on the bigotry we face will always matter more than those of straight and cis people. And, why are you even trying to defend a movie that came out 20 years ago, especially since I said it was really good except for the transphobia? Like why is it so important to you?

Why can't y'all just learn to listen and respect what I have to say about trans issues?