Soul Muse folded her ears, looking down.
"I... should have noticed, in last week.. my father has acted so strange.. I have heard him yelling and laughing... but.. well.. in our family... we always had hmm.. few quirks." she paused.
"I think he wanted the real thing... he talked and researched the portrait of gran gran. He also.." she paused.
"Paid a LOOOOT of visits to the Social Magic Department... which is mostly about researching the elements of magic. I... just thought.." she chuckled sadly

"How naive of me. I thought... he had a very special pony over there.. Professor Theory. I thought.. that he finally found somepony, after mom... left.... but I guess, it was all work for him." she paused.

"Also.. it seems.. that this.. Golem somehow diminishing magic. Few witnesses said, that all the living objects on his path.. just.. died. Unicorns couldn't use spells when he was nearby... somehow his existence, pausing magic itself..." she looked away
"I have notiched a lot light outs, and magical accidents, caused by the magic, pausing all of the sudden. I believe the golem has something to do with that." she looked at the group, looking begging.
"And that why it's so dangerouse! I think, that this thing... is.. a danger to the very fabric of magic itself!"