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    "Leslie Pipaluk"

    Alias: Leslie Pipaluk (Admitted to Sam, J, and Geneva that this isn't her real name.)

    A/S/F: 29/F/Hominidae

    Class: Psichiatrist

    What We Know About Leslie:
    - Dark skin and curly hair, brown eyes, big glasses with a scratch on them
    - From a planet named Planet, which has been distantly connected to Nexus for a long time
    - Experience with medicines and with human augmentation, which she seems to find exciting
    - Expressed interest in animal and monster biology on top of that
    - Spent some time as a shadowrunner and some time in a university laboratory
    - One Pokémon, a giant lab rat named Algernon
    - A personal drug-mixing workstation called a compothecary. It looks kind of like an old iMac.

    What We Don't Know About Leslie:
    - Her birth name (Elizabeth "Lizzy" Guiser)
    - Her real eye color (Don't get any ideas; it's just blue.)
    - Her Father's Deal (She seems to be on the run from him, believing he has some power over her and Changeling)
    - Her single remaining contact on Planet (A monster scientist who she keeps calling, "Al.")
    - She has a genetic augmentation that boosts her ability to bond with monsters.
    - The soul of a human from Planet can persist outside the body after death, leaving it vulnerable to theft by monsters.
    - Leslie's soul has a weird quality that lets her survive things that most people can't.

    In Combat:
    - Relies on her Pokémon to defend her even though her Magic Defense stat is better
    - Uses potions to buff Algernon
    - Throws a variety of non-lethal alchemical bombs

    - Has an apartment in Inside and works as a pharmacist and formulary.
    - Now has an upgraded laptop compothecary.
    - On a grant following the Blood Moon event, she has continued her soul science research and entered the field cognitive psichiatry.
    - None of that was a typo.

    Spoiler: Algernon!

    Aliases: Labrattus, Subject 01, Fubs

    A/S/F: 18/M/Dentisorex

    Class: Lab Rat

    What we know about Algernon:
    - Albino, blue-eyed, basset-hound-sized
    - He's named after a famous short story
    - Labratti are monsters related to Rattata
    - Is Leslie's starter, which I guess is like a familiar? Planet is weird
    - Understands human and monster-animal speech but can't seem to translate
    - Doubles the effects of potions used on him
    - "This lab rat likes solving puzzles and mazes for food. It has solved so many that it has gotten fat."

    What We Don't Know About Algernon:
    - Labrattus is the middle evolution in the Labratta line.
    - The only known Labraniacs in Planet's history belonged to infamous mad scientists.

    In Combat:
    - Has a serviceable Magic Attack stat that's boosted by a puzzle box
    - Wins most fights with the one-two combo of Super Fang and Hyper Beam
    - Can learn some moves temporarily from potions or puzzle boxes

    - Has an extended lifespan because of his association with Leslie

    - -


    Aliases: Elizabeth "Beth" Guiser, Leslie's Sister

    A/S/F: 29/F/Antigraformes

    Class: Street Samurai

    What We Know About Changeling:
    - Spiky hair, dark skin, brown eyes, toned abs
    - She's a monster capable of assuming a human form
    - Grew up with a human sister, but was trained to fight instead of going to school
    - Monsters from Planet dissolve into dust upon being knocked out unless they're bound to a human master
    - Likes milk I guess

    What We Don't Know About Changeling:
    - Has a creepy father/master relationship with Leslie's dad and doesn't know how to feel about that sometimes
    - Is ridiculously, stupidly strong. Changeling can throw cars and punch through walls when necessary.
    - Can copy the moves and elemental properties of other monsters, but sucks too much at magic to use most attacks well.
    - "Changeling" is actually her monster species. She evolved from Ditto like fifteen years ago.
    - Her soul has the same weird quality that Leslie's does. All player characters do, to some extent.

    In Combat:
    - Moves quickly and likes improvised melee weapons. Approach with caution.

    - No longer lives with her sister.
    - After drinking plenty of water and protein shakes for two years, her body now has too much "physical matter" to fit in a normal pokéball.

    - -

    Wanessa Glupiecski

    Pronouns: She, Her

    A/S/F: 48/F/Hominidae

    Class: Vamp-of-all-trades

    What we know about Wanessa:
    - An adult human with a stark pale complexion who wears red and black
    - A vampire with melty shadowy powers among other "standard" things
    - Deathly afraid of sunlight because it's known to vaporize vampires
    - Refuses to use second-person pronouns and often talks to herself
    - Works as some kind of inscrutable magical infrastructure technician
    - Currently works at Rakdosbucks, a dubious beverage-dealing corporation

    What we don't know about Wanessa:
    - Don't worry about it
    - Seriously, there's nothing you could possibly want to know about her that she won't just absentmindedly mutter out loud

    In Combat:
    - Despite their predatory aesthetic, vampires are near the bottom of the horror-monster food chain
    - Probably runs and hides despite being quite physically and magically capable (See Chart)
    - Issues earnest requests to people in italics, which is not actually mind control yet is no less effective
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