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    Default Re: LGBTAI+ #59: Will You Take This Woman To Be Your Galpal?

    In many very real ways, I actually have transitioned. I am out to most of my family and friends as genderfluid, and most of them have gotten to spend significant amounts of time with female me. I've gotten a number of membership cards and such changed to reflect my preferred name and pictures of my female self as well, as I spend more of my off hours as female and spend my work hours and a few other situations as male. I'm already doing a minor version of HRT and have been for almost a month now.

    On the subject of breasts, I have wished for them since I started puberty. I did all kinds of things to myself to make it look like I had them. I can't achieve anything close with breastforms or whatever because I want to actually see and feel them on me, even when I'm not wearing anything. I'd prefer not to have to bind as male, but having real breasts is worth it to me. Electrolysis is another thing I plan to do as I hate having to shave all my body hair off in the mornings.

    On the male side, I definitely don't want to lose what I have downstairs, and I still want everything there to function as it used to. I also don't want my desires in that area to lose their intensity.

    Not sure how possible any of that is or what that would indicate about me.
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