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    Default Warframe In The Playground - The Grustrag 03

    Tenno! A new alert has begun, and will be marked on navigation!


    It has a lot of words in it's description; free-to-play, third-person, PvE, MMO-shooter with an advanced parkour-based movement system, wherein you play a cyborg-robot-ninja. In space.

    This is a link to the Warframe Wiki. You are going to need this if you're wanting to make any kind of significant progress through the solar system. If you find the Wiki full of detail but a bit more vague about direction - WHERE you should go, rather than how you should get there - please consider browsing The Warframe Handbook, a home made (and far more newbie-friendly) guide to the Solar System.
    If you simply need a quick answer to a question, or are looking for a squad or need a Clan to join, there are plenty of active Tenno in The Playground who can guide you.

    Spoiler: PC Tenno
    GitP Username Warframe ID Clan Name
    Brother Oni BrotherOni Black Lotus
    FireJustice FireJustice SomethingWeabu no Tenno
    Grif Grifen88 -
    IFenrys Fenrys Consortium of Shadow
    Lethologica Lethal_Logic Eidolon Memorial
    mangosta71 Thasaidon -
    McDouggal McDouggal Space Ninjas of Love
    thatSeniorGuy thatSeniorGuy Void Zeroes
    Wraith TheInfernalContraption Union J
    Recaiden Recaiden -
    Tome TamsinPrime -
    AmberVael AmberVael -
    Archpaladin Zousha Belshamin -

    Spoiler: XBox Tenno
    GitP Username Warframe ID Clan Name
    Beowulf DW MechaBeowulf DW -

    If you wish to be added to the list of active players, please feel free to add your details in the thread and it will be added to the OP.

    PLEASE NOTE: that we try to keep the thread SPOILER FREE regarding missions and lore, so if you want to know about the Quests or the "5th Ability" then please be considerate and do so within spoiler tags.

    FREE STUFF! In your Lander, go to the Market Screen and look in the bottom right for the button marked "REDEEM CODE". Once open, type in the code to receive a free gift.
    FREESWORD - Free (and I think potato'd) Heat Sword with weapon slot
    FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N - Vectis skin (expires on 15 Feb 2018)

    Glyph Codes:

    Spoiler: Previous Threads

    What were we just talking about....?
    • Where to find Juggernauts, and the best way to kill them?
    • Are you looking for a Clan? Do you already have one with room for new members?
    • Mirage Prime is the newest Warframe - a worthwhile 'frame, or would you have preferred someone else?
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