Best way to kill Juggernaut is to go to a low level Infested mission, wait for him to rear up and shoot him in the belly. At higher levels, his spines will one shot you (I once got shotted through a 6k hp Rhino Iron Skin), have a dodgy hitbox and a nasty tendency to glitch through cover.

To that end, ideally fight him on Grineer tilesets as they tend to be more open the Corpus maps - Eris is probably one of the worst places to fight a Juggernaut, outside of a Sortie.

To Wraith: Do we want to mention the referral links system, or is that regarded as a bit of an unfair advantage, since any Tenno that use your referral link with be your recruits; any platinum that one of your recruits buys, you get a free 10% added straight to your account.