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Thread: The LA-assignment thread III: Now in HD!

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    Animals (1)

    It's the dire animals all over again, except six times as bad. Better get started.


    Dire apes were the sole animal to get a LA over +0 so far. Will this change now?

    Compared to their dire cousins, apes have 2 less RHD, 2 less points of strength but otherwise identical stats, a higher climb speed, a point of natural armor less, and a slightly weaker bite attack. They also lack a dire ape's Rend.

    To be honest, I think +1 LA would fit here. At the very least, I couldn't give this one +0 without also lowering the dire ape's, because I believe these are just plain better.


    1 RHD, so no awful animal levels. They almost definitely can wield weapons, and their stats are respectable: +4 strength, +4 dexterity, and +2 constitution. Speed is above-average, and a climb speed is a welcome further addition. Low intelligence hurts, though.

    I'm not sure if I'd play these at +1 LA, in spite of the neat stats. +0 LA for now, with the intelligence serving as a balancing factor compared to, say, orcs.


    Small size, but three natural attacks, a burrow speed, and Track and Weapon Finesse for free. In addition, by RAW badgers have what's essentially perma-rage, with no drawbacks other than -2 AC.

    I am honestly quite hesitant to place a +2 str, +6 dex, +8 con race that gets three natural attacks and a great bonus feat at the same level of play as dwarves and halflings. Maybe it's balanced out by the lack of thumbs and the low mental stats, but for now I'll play it safe and assign +1 LA.


    Less than one RHD, 40 ft. fly speed, blindsense, and... that's it. Not even a natural weapon. That said, hengeyokai demonstrate that there's definitely uses for +0 LA diminutive fliers (warlock seems interesting), so I'll assign +0 LA here.

    Bear, Black

    3 RHD, 40 ft. land speed, two weak claws, a somewhat stronger bite, and respectable stats. That said, I'm not sure if it's worth it compared to a well-built melee class. +0 LA, perhaps -0.

    Bear, Brown

    Continuing the proud tradition of 'Monster X with more HD'.

    Brown bears have twice the RHD of their dark cousins, but get a whopping 27 strength in return. They also have Improved Grab, which pairs well with their Large size.

    That said, I'm not sure why you'd be a brown bear when you could also be something like a Divine Minion barbarian 4 and have the same BAB, strength, and natural attacks, but also actual class features and the option to be humanoid. -0 LA.

    Bear, Polar

    It's a brown bear with two more HD, a swim speed, and an environmental Hide bonus. Still -0 LA.


    22 strength is nice, but 5 RHD, only a single natural attack, and no Mouthpick option just kills any chance of this being a viable PC. If you really want to be a bison, just play a divine minion of Hathor. -0 LA.


    Rating all of these similar animals is quite boar-ing.

    No? Not funny? Yeah, that's fair.

    3 RHD, medium size, comparatively low ability scores (15 strength, 10 dexterity, 17 constitution), some natural armor, and a single gore attack. They also possess the power to continue fighting at negative HP, or as I like to call it: 'making yourself a target when you are most vulnerable'.

    I fail to be convinced these will make good PCs. Just be a druid and get one at level four: or don't. -0 LA.


    3 RHD, a single secondary natural attack that deals awful damage (but can at least be used for mouthpick). Physical ability scores are surprisingly good (especially with the two-humped variant), and Large size is useful as well.

    +0 LA could be argued here, especially with mouthpick weapons in play.


    I'm going to go ahead and assume that anyone looking at this can't play tibbits for whatever reason. If you can, do that instead.

    No RHD issues, bad stats, three natural weapons, free Weapon Finesse, and Tiny size, as well as access to the oddball but useful Feline feats (yes, those are an actual thing).

    +0 LA, I suppose. Tibbits are still better.


    Three natural attacks that all let you make trip attempts, good physical stats, a high base speed, and access to feline feats. That's worth +0 LA in my opinion, even if their special quality is mostly a good way to put several hundred meters between you and the remainder of the party.


    Another 3 RHD animal.

    Good physical stats, medium size, one natural bite attack (which has improved grab), and a more damaging tail slap (which does not). Inexplicably enough, a crocodile can't attack with both in one full attack, if the statblock is to be believed. I suppose you could still combine tail slaps with a mouthpick weapon, though.

    +0 for now, with -0 being considered too.

    Crocodile, Giant

    Huge size, the strength of a polar bear, devastating natural attacks, and the continued inability to use both at once.

    Impressive as this package of strength is, I'm not sure if it stacks up to other ECL 7 options, and the lost points of BAB are sucky too. -0 LA.
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