Entry number 1
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Backwards Bo the Bowman

N Human Human Paragon 1/Fighter 2/Human Paragon 2/Bloodstorm Blade 4/Peerless Archer 8/Bloodstorm Blade 8

Str 16 (other increases here)
Dex 14 (Increase at 4)
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 10

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Human Paragon 1 +0 +0 +0 +2 Balance 4, Bluff 4, Craft (Bowmaking) 4, Intimidate 4, Jump 4, Tumble 4, Use Magic Device 4 Favored (Gladiatorial Stables, +2 to Tumble), Point Blank Shot Adaptive Learning (Use Magic Device)
2nd Hit and Run Fighter 1 +1 +2 +0 +2 Balance 5, Intimidate 5, Jump 5, Tumble 5, Use Magic Device 5 (B)Martial Study (Steely Strike) Bonus Feat, +2 Initiative, Dex to damage against flatfooted, Skilled City Dweller (Ride to Tumble)
3rd Fighter 2 +2 +3 +0 +2 Balance 6, Intimidate 6, Jump 6, Tumble 6, Use Magic Device 6 Precise Shot, (B)Martial Stance (Punishing Stance) Bonus Feat
4th Human Paragon 2 +3 +3 +0 +3 Balance 8*, Bluff 5, Craft (Bowmaking) 5, Intimidate 7, Jump 7, Tumble 7, Use Magic Device 7 (B)Primary Contact* Bonus Feat
5th Bloodstorm Blade 1 +4 +5 +0 +3 Craft (Bowmaking) 8, Intimidate 8, Spot 1, Tumble 8, Use Magic Device 8 (B)Throw Anything Returning Attacks, Throw Anything, Weapon Aptitude
6th Bloodstorm Blade 2 +5 +6 +0 +3 Craft (Bowmaking) 9, Intimidate 9, Spot 4, Tumble 9, Use Magic Device 9 Far Shot Martial Throw, Thunderous Throw
7th Bloodstorm Blade 3 +6/+1 +6 +1 +4 Craft (Bowmaking) 10, Intimidate 10, Spot 7, Tumble 10, Use Magic Device 10 (B)Quick Draw Bonus Fighter Feat
8th Bloodstorm Blade 4 +7/+2 +7 +1 +4 Intimidate 11, Spot 11, Tumble 11, Use Magic Device 11 Lightning Ricochet
9th Peerless Archer 1 +8/+3 +9 +1 +4 Hide 3, Spot 12, Use Magic Device 12 Power Attack Expert Bowyer, Ranged Sneak Attack +1d6
10th Peerless Archer 2 +9/+4 +10 +1 +4 Hide 6, Spot 13, Use Magic Device 13 Sharp Shooting 1, Fletching +1
11th Peerless Archer 3 +10/+5 +10 +2 +5 Hide 9, Spot 14, Use Magic Device 14 Power Shot
12th Peerless Archer 4 +11/+6/+1 +11 +2 +5 Hide 12, Spot 15, Use Magic Device 15 Combat Reflexes Ranged Sneak Attack +2d6, Fletching +2
13th Peerless Archer 5 +12/+7/+2 +11 +2 +5 Hide 15, Spot 16, Use Magic Device 16 Sharp Shooting 2
14th Peerless Archer 6 +13/+8/+3 +12 +3 +6 Hide 16, Spellcraft 1(2) Spot 17, Use Magic Device 17 Fletching +3
15th Peerless Archer 7 +14/+9/+4 +12 +3 +6 Hide 17, Spellcraft 2(2) Spot 18, Use Magic Device 18 Stand Still Ranged Sneak Attack +3d6
16th Peerless Archer 8 +15/+10/+5 +13 +3 +6 Hide 19, Jump 8, Spot 19, Use Magic Device 19 Threaten, Fletching +4
17th Bloodstorm Blade 5 +16/+11/+6/+1 +13 +3 +6 Acrobatic Backstab, Intimidate 13, Spot 20, Tumble 12, Use Magic Device 20 Blood Wind Ricochet
18th Bloodstorm Blade 6 +17/+12/+7/+2 +14 +4 +7 Intimidate 18, Spot 21, Use Magic Device 21 (B)Martial Study (Wall of Blades), Mage Slayer Bonus Fighter Feat
19th Bloodstorm Blade 7 +18/+13/+8/+3 +14 +4 +7 Hide 19.5 (1), Intimidate 22, Spot 22, Use Magic Device 22 Eye of the Storm
20th Bloodstorm Blade 8 +19/+14/+9/+4 +15 +4 +7 Hide 21.5 (4), Intimidate 23, Spot 23, Use Magic Device 23 Blood Rain

Bo jumped in place as he shook the tension out of his shoulders. The distant sound of the crowd grew to a proper roar that let him know somebody had just won in the arena.
“Opening match over already? Who was out there?”

“The new guy was facing off against Doug. I’ll have a talk with him when the healers are done. The crowd’s gotta feel like they got their money’s worth. That means you’re up, Bo. You want a bloodspike to get you pumped?”

“No thanks, I quit. Thrill of the fight’s all I need.” Bo walked toward the entrance and took his position as the announcer’s voice boomed among the crowds.

“And now put your hands together for our main event. He’s the one man crazy enough to bring an arrow to a fistfight, Backwards Bo the BOOOOOOWMAAAAAAN!”

Bo burst into the arena with a series of backflips before landing dead center. He grabbed his bow at lightning speed and fired three arrows high into the air, their specially made shafts screeching in flight to announce his arrival.

“Tonight he faces off against the promising young contender from way out in the sticks, back for the second time it’s crowd favorite Sammy Shields!”
The crowd’s cheers turned to quiet muttering when nobody appeared at the opposite entrance. A collective gasp rang out as Sammy flew out limply to land unconscious in the dust, his face slick with blood. A moment later a disheveled and outrageously grimy figure stepped out from the arena’s entrance. The smell coming off of him was indescribably bad, and the very air around seemed to waver under the sheer weight of his fetid aroma. Those in the stands nearest him could be seen gagging as the announcer piped in again.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is a shock! Sammy Shields is down for the count, and it looks like someone’s got a bone to pick with Bo. The nose doesn’t lie, and mine tells me that Fecar the Unclean just stepped into the ring!”

Bo froze at the sight, and more importantly, the smell of his new opponent.

“Fecar, you slimy son of a snake! You took out poor Sam just so you could get at me? Well I’m ready for you. I haven’t forgotten when you put my partner in the infirmary when I wasn’t there. Well now it’s just you and me, and I’m ready for some payback!”

Fecar’s laughter gurgled obnoxiously in his throat. “I heard he still isn’t walking right. If you thought that was bad, just wait until you see what I do to you. Come and get me, you backwards buffoon!”

Almost before he was finished speaking Bo nocked and fired an arrow headed straight for Fecar’s heart. It buzzed through the air with deadly intent before suddenly deflecting to the side and landing harmlessly in the sand. Bo shook his head in disbelief before firing another shot to no effect.

“I’m wise to your ways, Bo the blunderer! You may be a famed archer, but arrows are useless against my wind wall! Give up now before I get really nasty.”

“Ladies and gentlemen things look grim for Bo. Without his arrows, he’ll have to get close to dish out the hurt on Fecar. But I don’t think even he can withstand the stink at point blank range!”

Bo grimaced as he realized the same fact. His eyes were watering even from the careful distance he was maintaining. If he tried to get into melee, he would get knocked out before he could throw a punch. It was time for him to pull out all the stops.

“I’ll never give up, you dirty rat! You may be able to stop my arrows, but they don’t call me the bowman for nothing. Try this on for size!”

With a heavy grunt, he send his bow spinning through the air to strike Fecar’s head with a resounding crack. Fecar grabbed for the bow a hair too late as it perfectly reversed its trajectory to return to Bo’s open hand. Fecar roared in anger as he charged towards his opponent, trying to bring him within range of his infamous stench. But before he could get there he was struck again with enough force to stop him in his tracks. Blood ran heavily from his face as he tried to get his bearings. Bo kept his distance with leaps and flips as he sent his bow out again and again to strike his enemy. Fecar couldn’t keep up and was visibly winded, sweat bringing a greater sheen to his already oily face. One last blow to his forehead sent him crashing to the ground. Bo shouted in triumph as the crowd stood to cheer him.
Bo toweled off from the match back under the arena in the fighter’s quarters, pleased with his success. His back was to the door and he was unaware as Fecar walked up behind him, reaching out.

“Bo!” he shouted, clapping him on the back with a huge, calloused hand. “Great job in the ring today. I loved that trick with the throwing you pulled in there. That really got the crowd going. Sorry I didn’t tell you that we’d be fighting. Boss man wanted it to be a surprise so it would seem more real when they saw your face. You brought some good heat though. We had a real good back and forth going on.” He smiled broadly, and it lit up his whole face. He looked completely different once he had cleaned off all the muck.

“Fecar, great to see you. No worries, man. We’re all just working for that coin. I didn’t get to ask about Sammy, is that kid gonna be all right?”

“Oh he’ll be just fine. I know he looked pretty bad in the ring, but that was just a sleeping potion and some pig’s blood. He got half wages anyway. Not bad money for just showing up.”

“Always a pleasure, Fecar. Hey, you want to keep our little grudge match going? How about next week?”

Fecar rubbed the sore spot on his forehead gingerly. “How about next month?”

Level 5
In the early levels we are going to be spending feats to prepare for later classes. Human Paragon has more skills so it goes first, and adaptive learning brings UMD in as a skill for the whole build.

Fighter brings full BA and feats, which blessedly can be used for martial study and martial stance. Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot mean that you can be competent at ranged combat as well as melee, and hit and run tactics gives your Dex another application. Punishing stance applies to all melee, and steely strike can be used with throws once you enter Bloodstorm Blade.

As you might have noticed, we entered Bloodstorm Blade a little earlier than one might expect, by virtue of Favored and Primary Contact. Favored in Gladiatorial stables offer a boost to an associated skill (I chose tumble to hit the DCs earlier but you could choose a different skill) and they will heal your wounds. There’s no dues for them, instead you periodically fight in the arena (which means more XP to level up) and actually generates gold. Primary Contact’s important effect is the bonus skill point in one of the associated skills, which happens to include Balance. This can exceed caps, but it’s not clear whether this permanently elevates the cap with the bonus rank, or whether it just jogs you ahead one at that level. I’m playing it safe and so for that reason take it at 4, where regardless of interpretation it gives us 8 ranks in Balance, which is the last thing we need to enter the SI.
The first level grants you returning attacks (so pack more than one weapon) and throw anything, which your Dex should make you competent at. We spent the ability point at 4 to use it since you still have to qualify for it.

Level 10
We’re going to spend some time in Bloodstorm Blade to get the two most important features of Lightning Ricochet and Thunderous Throw. Far Shot extends the range increment out to a more functional 20 feet as well as filling prerequisites. Thunderous Throw allows you to bring Strength to bear and use one-handed weapons when you throw, and unless you have a strong reason, you should be using this as your predominant means of attack. With prerequisites out of the way we can take power attack and get that sweet 1:2 ratio of return for damage when using thunderous throw. Bloodstorm Blade makes no mention of changing the throwing rule that throwing a two-handed weapon is a full round action, so you’re best off using one-handed weapons. You can still throw them with two hands for maximum strength bonus. Lightning Ricochet means that you can now make full attacks with your thrown weapons, and you don’t have to worry about your enemies picking up what you throw. Bloodstorm Blade provides tumble and by this point you can make the DCs. Bonus feat is spent on Quick Draw, the last thing needed to enter Peerless Archer.

Peerless Archer is a funny old class, and it starts off with Ranged Sneak Attack, which pairs nicely with hit and run tactics. Due to the vagueness of its wording it’s possible you can use it in conjunction with thunderous throw, but if not, that’s also fine. Fletching can be used to make magical arrows, which can come in use since they’re cheaper than magic bows. Sharpshooting is designed with the old cover/concealment rules, so talk with your DM about how to implement it here, perhaps as a deduction in the normal miss chance percentage. Combat Reflexes allows you to take more of the AoOs enemies provoke.

At this point I’ll discuss the central theme of the build, which is generating multiple options with bows. Shooting arrows with bows is fine and has support, but if you want to get the most out of ranged combat, throwing is where it’s at, especially with the SI. How to resolve this? You throw your bow. Silly, perhaps, but it’s effective as well as more cost efficient. We can accomplish this with an elvencraft shortbow. If you cannot buy one, you have ranks necessary to craft one yourself. It functions as a club, which is one-handed (which provides an advantage over a longbow) and deals as much damage as the arrows it fires. This means that it threatens out to 5 feet, which helps with the attacks of opportunity. Your class features contribute to make throwing normally and thunderous throwing both competitive options. You can also shoot arrows if you feel like it. You unfortunately can’t throw the arrows because they’re always improvised.

Level 15
Better sharpshooting and more ranged sneak attack improve your abilities. The big things to talk about are Power Shot and Stand Still. Power Shot is essentially Power Attack for ranged attacks, and along with ranged sneak attack makes for a good reason to use ranged attacks as well as thunderous throw. Stand Still allows you to prevent an enemy from moving when they provoke the AoO.

At this point you should be pretty reliably hitting UMD rolls for wands, we’ll keep investing so you can use scrolls and activate blindly.

Level 20
We start with the last important feature from Peerless Archer, the ability to threaten with bow out to 10 feet. Note that they specify bow, so it will still work just fine when you’re chucking it. It functions as a reach weapon, but 5 feet is covered by the club function. These will be ranged attacks when you make them so you can make power shot, and they’re normal AoOs so you can make use of combat reflexes and standstill. Power shot and standstill pair quite nicely to boost the DC of the effect. I hope the image of bopping someone on the head with a thrown stick to stop them in their tracks is as funny to you as it is to me. Mage Slayer’s also contributing well here, and made extra fun by the fact that enemies will know they are threatened, but not why since you’ll just be standing 10 feet away holding a bow/club.

Acrobatic Backstab provides a reliable way of rendering a foe flatfooted to use ranged sneak attack on.
Having gotten what we need from Peerless Archer, it’s time to return to the SI. Blood Wind Ricochet allows you to cheat range increments attacking multiple enemies.
Blood Rain is one of the few sources of bleed damage, and pairs nicely with blood wind ricochet to whittle down four opponents at once. It’s also a good stance to be in when your turn ends so that your AoOs start your opponents bleeding, and due to the wording you should be able to activate it when using stand still to keep an opponent both rooted and losing health. Plus somebody bleeding out because you bopped them with a stick is just funny.

Eye of the Storm gives you something more interesting to do with your stance. Bonuses to AC and Ref saves are appreciated, but the second portion enables you to do a neat trick. You make a ranged attack and provoke the AoO from your enemy. Then you use Wall of Blades which you picked up with that bonus feat to negate that attack. Then you use Eye of the Storm to make an attack against them with your elvencraft bow, so you have generated an attack for free.

Peerless Archer: Silver Marches
Favored, Primary Contact: Cityscape
Martial Study, Martial Stance: Tome of Battle
Hit and Run Tactics: Drow of the Underdark
Mage Slayer: Complete Arcane
Skilled City Dweller: Cityscape Web Enhancement
Fighter, Human Paragon, Stand Still, Power Attak, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Combat Reflexes: srd