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Thread: The LA-assignment thread III: Now in HD!

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    Animals (2)

    More animals!


    1 RHD, small-sized, 40 ft. movement and reasonably good ability score adjustments. Track as a bonus feat, as well as scent. One natural bite attack (kinda weak, but useful), a point of natural armor, and last of all some skill bonuses.

    When combined, does this make up for the lack of hands and intelligence? I don't know. For now, I'll assign +0 LA.

    Dog, Riding

    A dog with more strength, less dexterity, an extra size category, and better natural armor and weapons, but two RHD. The trip attack that can technically be added on for free isn't enough to save those from -0 LA.


    Other than having a weird CR (shared only by monkeys, lizards, and ravens), donkeys aren't really that interesting. Bland ability adjustments I'm not sure I'd accept on a +0 LA humanoid, let alone a 2 RHD animal, a very weak bite attack, and a speed no better than your average human's. -0 LA.


    Small-sized, with a high fly speed, okay dexterity and constitution, and three natural attacks (one of which can be used for mouthpick), and Weapon Finesse for free. Considering this, eagles would probably make quite potent rogues (performing ill-eagle acts; ha ha get it?).

    Too potent? I'm not sure. A fly speed in itself is probably not enough to warrant a higher LA, especially on a creature built for melee, but the stats, natural weapons, and bonus feat are all very nice. For now, I'll go with +0 LA, but feedback is quite welcome on this one.


    Both variants (which only differ in terms of wisdom and strength), come with 11 animal HD. Strong as they may be, they aren't worth it. -0 LA.


    Eagles, but Tiny, slower, weaker, more fragile, and with less natural attacks: also inexplicably better armored. If eagles aren't +1, these definitely are not. +0 LA.

    Horse, Heavy

    Large size, decent bonuses to physical stats, and a reasonable speed, but horrendous natural weapons (two secondary 1d6 hooves) and 3 animal HD. -0 LA for sure.

    Horse, Light

    Yeah, swapping out strength and hoof damage for a minor bonus to speed sure redeemed those! Not. -0 LA once more.

    Horse, Heavy Warhorse

    4 RHD, but better natural attacks and higher strength. I'd almost be tempted to give them +0 LA. -0 for now though.

    Horse, Light Warhorse

    3 RHD and actual natural attacks? This may actually be worthy of +0 LA. Oh wait, still got 3 RHD, nevermind. -0 LA.


    Nauseatingly similar to the riding dog, to the point that I had to check both statblocks to find the main differences. Riding dogs, it seems, are slightly slower, but get Track as a bonus feat as well as better natural armor. Seems like hyenas are worse off overall. -0 LA.


    Much better than the cheetah, which is also a 3 RHD feline. Pounce is awesome, improved grab is decent, the ability scores are great, and the climb speed is a nice touch. +0 LA for sure, perhaps even +1. I'll let the masses decide and assign +0 for now.


    Basically an upgraded leopard. More strength, better stats, and stronger natural weapons, but also with more RHD. Still within the +0 LA range, though.
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