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Thread: The LA-assignment thread III: Now in HD!

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    Animals (3)

    MORE animals, because people totally want to roleplay a porpoise in an epic tale of fantasy and adventure.


    Less than one RHD, incredibly low ability scores, Tiny size, and no real abilities other than a climb speed and a bite attack. Awful all around, -0 LA.

    Lizard, Monitor

    Medium-sized, okay stats, one bite attack of decent power, a swim speed and a bonus to sneaky skills... but is it worth 3 RHD? I wouldn't say so, -0 LA here as well.

    Manta Ray

    I will never understand why these animals made the monster manual when much more common beasts like rabbits, deer, and chickens never did. Guess the developers were just really expecting everybody to go fight peaceful, harmless aquatic animals in their spare time.

    Anyways, an obvious -0 LA. The awful stats and weak natural attack (secondary, even), as well as their inability to function on dry land, make me wonder whether I'd have assigned them +0 LA if they'd had no HD. In their present form, burdened with four of them, anything higher than -0 would be indefensible.


    Going to go ahead and assume tool use is possible here. Monkeys have little going for them except for a dexterity bonus and Tiny size, but then again so do muckdwellers/jermlaines and it's not like these never get played either. Besides, free Weapon Finesse is any rogue's dream. +0 LA.


    Large, with decent physical stats and natural attacks, but 3 RHD hurts a lot. I wouldn't call these better than the various horses reviewed one post ago, so -0 LA it is.


    Finally something with actual special abilities! Improved Grab is probably not going to be worth it on a Small creature (note that the grapple value given in the statblock is wrong; it should be four points lower), but Jet is some kind of super-run that doesn't appear to care about terrain, and Ink Cloud has a decent effect at low levels. Note that both of the latter abilities can be used outside of the water just fine.

    I know the chassis is awful, but maybe, just maybe, some build could put the special abilities to good use. Out of consideration for such a character (and because octopuses are awesome), I'm going to mark these down as very weak +0s.

    Octopus, Giant

    Because why create new monsters if you could just inflate the HD of the old ones and call it a day?

    8 RHD are usually a death rattle for any kind of animal, and giant octopuses are no exception. They're big, and they have decent reach, but the RHD just kill this. Be a ranger and wildshape into one if you want to be a humongous cephalopod that badly, but the base creature is getting -0 LA.


    Much like the hawk, but slower and weaker, and also much quieter. I guess it's still worth +0 LA, but overall hawks are probably better.


    2 RHD, medium, +2 to all physical stats, no thumbs, slightly above-average speed, and two awful natural attacks. -0 LA.

    Pony, War

    Because the halfling cavalry needed mounts and they were out of riding dogs or something. It's like the pony, but with incredible features such as Natural-Weapons-That-Suck-A-Little-Less and Slightly-Higher-Abilities. Still -0.


    Another of these creatures only useful in a very narrow environment. Yes, 80 ft. swim speed and 120 ft. blindsight are neat, but not if it means giving up two levels, your limbs, and any hope of getting multiple skill points per level. -0 LA.


    Tiny and dextrous, with climb and swim speeds. Weapon Finesse for free is neat, but is this really still worth +0 LA? For now, that's what I'll go with.


    Final monster of the day is the raven, yet another <1 RHD bird. The eagle>hawk>owl chain of downgrades continues, but even so I think the combination of ECL 1 flight and Weapon Finesse is too strong to deem useless. +0 LA once more.
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