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    Spoiler: The 16.5 - Chapter 3: The Potential


    [General] Cursefire
    A terrible flame burns inside you, as it grows, your own soul diminishes. Its burns cannot be mended, nor its sting lessened by any balm. It consumed those who raised their weapons against you, but you feared it would soon consume you as well. Everything was mere kindle to those cursed roaring flames.

    The master of the Cursefire may activate this ability as a swift action, inflicting 1 point of profane damage to himself. Any damage inflicted by activating this ability, or dealt to an enemy cannot be healed until after the creature has received the benefits of 8 hours of sleep. After this period, the damage may be healed normally. Upon this ability's activation the master gains a bonus to his damage rolls equal to the difference between his current and maximum hit points until the end of the round. This damage bonus is profane damage. Each time the master deals damage to a creature in this manner he must succeed a will save equal to 10 + 1/2 the damage inflicted. Upon failure, the master is burned by his flames and suffers an additional 1d3 points of profane damage. Similarly, a creature which receives damage from such an attack must succeed an identical save. On failure the target bursts in an engulfing blaze of crimson and black magical flames suffering an additional 1d6 points of profane damage. A creature which has suffered this explosion of flame ignites in Cursefire, an insubstantial magical flame of misfortune. Such a creature is prone to horrid luck and fumbles on any roll of a nat 5 or lower, this effect otherwise functions as the spell Faerie Fire for 1d6 rounds. This effect does not prevent the creature from suffering further damage from additional bursts of flame.

    [General] Haunted: Elsa & Maria - Who Reflected The End
    The sisters Elsa and Maria were souls far unlike any other. They shared one soul despite their separate physical identities, and were both a part of the Memoria. Under such unique circumstances, their Praeter existed long before their physical lives had ever come into being. The twins were both dear lovers and the most sinister of mortal enemies. Each stood deadlocked with the other in their contest of wills, neither capable of overcoming another. The two girls could do nothing but complete in other ways to decide a victor amongst themselves. Elsa was kind, but unwise. Maria was wicked, but knew unfathomable secrets. Equally a friend and enemy. An aide and menace. Both constantly compete with one another; who could save or destroy the one they haunted.

    CR: 7 - Praeter
    Gender: Female
    Type: Humanoid
    Alignment: NG/NE
    Disposition: Friendly/Hostile, Playful/Malicious
    Spite: 0
    Brands: 0/0
    Affliction: Death, Hate, Love, Fate
    Drawback: None
    Summoning: Blood, Ritual Bell
    Banish: Silver dust (1 dose), Ritual Bell

    You are a Haunted, an unfortunate soul who's natural affinity with a specific Praeter or Relicuum spirit. Unlike the Alucinor, you were not able to form a pact with any other spirits except a single entity to which you hold a unique connection. The union did not require your consent nor awareness. The summoning and banishing rituals for your spirit require all components to be owned to complete a minute-long process to complete either task. The material components of this process cannot be bypassed by any means. While Elsa & Maria are summoned, the Haunted gains the following benefits and penalties; [weapons and items thrown by the Haunted gain an additional 20 ft to their range increment. Light slashing or piercing weapons gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls. The Haunted may release his weapons into the hands of Elsa & Maria as a swift action, this functions as if the weapons had the Dancing enchantment. Additionally, melee attacks made in such a way from either spirit function as if the weapons possessed the Fleshgrinding enchantment. While the spirits are summoned the Haunted suffers a -4 penalty to concentration checks, -2 penalty to reflex saves and a 30% chance to fail any will save.]

    His spirits are not automatons or his friends, these souls may act unexpectedly, attempt to sabotage him or even turn their weapons against him at unexpected times. Like any Praeter or Relicuum spirit, the severity and frequency of such events will increase as their Spite continues to grow. Favoring spirits, using spirit abilities or giving into their demands are often the easiest methods to build Spite. Spite never decreases naturally, and only by establishing harmonious relationships with them can Spite be decreased over time. The powers granted by Praeter and Reliccum are born from their Pacts. Each use of a Pact grants permission to the spirit to brand their host and further their own designs which fuels further Spite between spirits at the host's expense.

    [General] Perfect Form
    With years of practice, you have refined a method of fighting unlike any other. Honing your body and mind, you have reached a state of perfection capable of cleaving flesh and bone with your insight and wisdom.

    Select one weapon and one ability score, you gain proficiency with this weapon and now use this ability score for calculating attack rolls with these weapons. Additionally the weapon receives 1.5x this ability score's modifier on damage rolls as if he were using a 2 handed melee weapon. This weapon can be of any type and may be used one handed while still enjoying these benefits. If he chooses a one handed or two-handed melee weapon, while wielding it with both hands this bonus damage increases to x2 his chosen ability score. You donít modify attack rolls and damage rolls with your weapon with your Strength modifier, your Dexterity modifier (if you have Weapon Finesse), or any other ability score (if you have an ability that allows you to modify attack rolls and damage rolls with that ability score), except for the ability score chosen with this Potential.

    [General] Immortality, Lesser
    Some souls are born stronger than the bodies which they inhabit. Some or born so strong they fill the body with an unnatural and superhuman vigor. You have found a reason to live, or some other powerful motivation which does not allow you to accept death.

    The Immortal is not staggered upon reaching 0 or less hit points, additionally he remains conscious and automatically stabilizes when reduced to negative hit points. The Immortal may act normally while stable but still suffers damage while taking a strenuous action. The Immortal's constitution increases by 4.

    If the Immortal would be killed he instead delays his death for 2d6 rounds. If the cause of his death still exists at the end of this period he dies normally (eg: hit point damage/ability damage, etc). Spells or effects which kill the Immortal outright activate this Potential and are then negated. This ability can only be activated once every 24 hours.

    [General] Eldrich Physique, Lesser
    Strange blotches of irregular light seem to glow and shine at random intervals beneath flesh and through your eyes, hinting at some strange magical origin. You are stronger and more hearty than those of your race, almost to an unnatural degree. These unusual markings which come and go when they please make hiding difficult, as energy pours out from your every pore & follicle. Fortunately your might has proven enough to simply overwhelm most foes with brute strength. This foreign power is as much a blessing as a curse. Creatures who see these lights are often unnerved, and men made uneasy.

    Select either Strength or Constitution, the chosen ability score increases by +6 and the other by +2. While your marks are visible the following effects are permanently active; You shed light of a random color which functions identically to a candle, suffering a -10 penalty to stealth checks made in dim light & darkness. Animals within 10-ft of you must succeed a DC12 will save, becoming hostile upon failure. All charisma-based skill checks you attempt suffer a -4 penalty as both man & beast are disquieted by your unusual figure. Creatures which end their turn adjacent to you must attempt a will save (DC10 + your HD) or become shaken for 1 round as the otherworldly images begin to wrack their sanity. Creatures which have gained ranks in Knowledge (Abstract) are immune to all of these effects and may interpret the maddening signs upon your body once per day with 10 minutes of uninterrupted study. Upon completion the studying creature may attempt an appropriate knowledge check, gaining the benefits of Cryptic Omens (Ex). The user of this potential may choose to disable these additional effects by covering every part of their body with garments, including their hair and face. Doing this renders the user blind but prevents others from being exposed to the energies which permeate though every part of his being.

    [General] Vengeful Soul
    Your spirit has been polluted with rage and spite. You are single-mindedly driven by thoughts of revenge, redemption or avenging a cause or person. This desire has empowered you with a burning desire to claim vengeance upon those who would harm you and your allies.

    The Vengeful Soul possesses a pool called 'vengeance' with a number of points equal to 3 + his strength modifier. When he is successfully hit by an enemy he may choose to spend 1 point of vengeance to cause his enemy's attack to provoke for himself and all of his allies. This attack of opportunity does not count towards their respective amount of attacks of opportunity allowed per round, additionally the Vengeful Soul receives a +2 bonus to hit the target which provoked due to this skill. Upon he or his allies killing an enemy the Vengeful Soul regains 1 point of vengeance. He may only regain 3 points a day in this manner. However, if the Vengeful Soul performs a Coup De Grace upon an enemy, he may regain 1 vengeance point even if this would exceed his daily allotment. (Enemies must be slain not rendered unconscious or similar effect)

    [General] Hasten The Day
    You've run all your life. Run from pain, the guilt, from responsibility & even your past. Nothing would ever catch you; or so you thought. But the past had a way of catching up to even the swiftest men, and the demons one left behind seemed to out-pace even the hands of time, addling the mind. If you could remember the name, you would have feared it. If you could recall the face, you would have wept. If your strength had been unending, your legs would never had ceased their desperate flight... but no man possessed such strength. Thus she found you. Caught you. Dragged you back screaming into the bleakness of a thousand ghastly disembodied hands. In the night without end you stood trail before the Dark Door. In your shattered broken memories that came in those quietest of times, deep in your dreams; you could see it still. Her blotted-blackened face remained censored as if by inky holes. Yet, the memories of the tattered white mantle, and the black crown of thorns which rested upon her head would never diminish. As the cries of The Thousand spoke out in a deafening chorus of curses and condemnation, one minuscule voice rose in protest to silence the formless congregation. Slowly... Slowly, the horrors receded back within the nameless realms sealed behind the Door, clawing at your sanity. Devouring your memories in passing. Only these fragments remained. These fragments, and the knowing... There would be no second chances. This time, you could not tire, you could not stop. You would need to be faster than any creature which had walked this earth, or you would never win your freedom. Whatever this was, whoever you had been - it didn't matter. Only one fact stood above all, an absolute truth. That day - Terminus. It had to be stopped... or you too would join The Thousand.

    Though the memories are faded and you no longer understand the meaning behind them, you understand the power you wield. It was unlike any other you knew, burning away at both your memories and the time which remained before 'the destined end'. When any associated abilities of this potential are activated, the following negative effects are incurred; Each activation applies a stacking -2 penalty to all knowledge checks you attempt for 24 hours. For every increment of 10 this penalty has been increased by the character suffers 2 points of wisdom damage. After suffering this damage, if the character rests or gains the benefits of sleep from any source over the next 24 hours he and his allies must succeed a DC25 will save. If he or any of his allies succeed this save all are considered to have passed this check. For each hour of rest gained during this period by the Potential holder, an additional will save must be succeeded. Upon failure he and his allies fall into a magical slumber and awake 1d10 days later. While in this slumber the character and his allies seemingly vanish from being until the point they wake. The characters may wake in the same place they fell asleep or in a randomly determined location. Characters who wake from this magical slumber return to the world one year older than their age at the time the check was failed. Changes to age incurred by this Potential deliver both the positive and negative effects of aging to character's ability scores appropriate to the creature's race. This is determined by the character's total age, not the amount it was increased by (eg: if no penalties were incurred previously for being a middle-aged human, those effects are applied now.) This magical slumber does not function as sleep and imparts no benefits to effected creatures.

    The Potential holder may activate this ability to perform any of the following actions:
    - Free-Action: Take one additional move action this round
    - Swift Action: +20 Circumstance Bonus to Acrobatics for 1 round
    - Swift Action: Increase base movement speed +30 ft for 1 round
    - Move Action: Walk across liquids and walls for 1 round
    - Immediate Action: This ability may only be activated once every 1d3 rounds, and increases the incurred penalty of activating this Potential by 2. Make an opposed acrobatics check against a single attack roll targeting you, you gain a +4 bonus to this check. If your check exceeds this attack, you narrowly avoid it at the last moment causing it to fail.

    [General] Witch of The Veil
    The vagrants of this world knew nothing of true magic, they had only begun to scratch the surface. Magister Adessa, the one they called the Whispering Witch knew the way. You had gleaned a small fragment of her power chasing down the coveted tomes of her work, enough to call yourself a Witch of the Veil, but even you, for all your genius could not grasp the unfathomable truths behind her magic. The quest to claim the forgotten texts of her earliest works was a violent and bloody contest between those occultists who called themselves a 'Veil Witch'. A contest in which you remained undefeated. The secrets of the universe would bow to your will. It was just a matter of time and diligence.

    Prerequisite: Ability to cast 1st level arcane spells, Female

    The Witch of The Veil gains the Savant Template at first level, however her physical ability scores decrease by an additional 1 in conjunction to those changes made by her template. The Witch is considered a Spherecaster regardless of her class, gaining one of the following Spheres of Power (Death, Life, or Fate) and counting as a High Caster when determining her Sphere Caster Level. Spheres & spells she casts always use her intelligence even if they would normally use a different ability score specified by a class or ability. The Witch gains the Evil Eye Hex & may take the Extra Hex feat to learn more. All spells and spell-like abilities the Witch casts count as Psychic Spells (reference psychic bloodline arcana), but are treated as both arcane & psychic magic for the purpose of fulfilling any requirements or prerequisites which require either. Additionally, the Witch is considered a Veilweaver regardless of her class, gaining 2 essence per level and learning a new Veil selected from the following list at 1st, 3rd and 5th level: (Riven Darts, Storm Gauntlets, Snakehandlerís Gauntlets, Polar Snowshoes, Pestilence Cloak, Lavawalkerís Boots, Horns of the Minotaur, Sentinelís Helm, Dark Lordís Ring of Essence-Binding, Deathchannel Ring, Ring of the Abjurer, Heart of the Wight, Cuirass of Confidence, Vestments of the Maharaja, Bloody Shroud, Eyes of the Hawkguard, Stone Giantís Girdle, Robe of the Forgotten Deity). The three Veils the Witch learns from this Potential are vastly stronger than those she could learn elsewhere; Veils gained from this ability may have double the amount of essence invested into them. The Witch may invest essence she gains from a Veilweaving class or feats into these Veils as if they shared the same pool. Beginning at 1st level the Witch begins to unlocks unique Chakra Bind Slots (1st: Hands, 2nd: Feet, 3rd: Head, 4th: Ring, 5th: Chest, 6th: Body). These Bind Slots can only be used with the Veils granted by this Potential and do not function for any other purpose including meeting prerequisites. Finally, the Witch gains Knowledge (Abstract) as a class skill, however all checks she attempts with this knowledge suffer a -20 penalty.


    Spoiler: The Guardian

    The Guardian
    Sworn to protect and defend. You have earned the soul of the Guardian after the Long Night for your single-minded commitment to protecting those lives you are charged with. Placing your own body between harm and your ward, you have forsaken offense to become a living monolith of steel. Having refined your heart and body with long years of training, and longer years of service, you are the trusted sentinel of royals, nobles, citizens, or possibly pactlords or oracles depending from where you hail in Golarion. For whatever reason, you have been forced to find a new way to live and new companions.

    [Soul] Guardian: Abandon Offense (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Alignment - Any Lawful, Age: Any
    The Guardian is not proficient with martial or simple weapons. If the
    Guardian would gain this proficiency from her class she instead trades it
    for Toughness and/or Shield Focus (player's choice). The Toughness feat
    may be taken multiple times, its effects stack. Regardless of his armor
    proficiency the Guardian's Armor Check Penalty always applies to attacks he
    makes except when shield bashing. The Guardian begins with two bonus
    Potentials from those listed below. The Guardian must still meet any listed
    prerequisites for this choice.

    Selfless Raiment (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Abandon Offense
    Using one's self as a shield comes as second nature to a Guardian
    protecting his lord. The Guardian may choose to use this ability against any
    successful attack made against an adjacent ally. The attack which would
    strike his ally instead resolves against himself. Regardless if the attack
    is successful against the Guardian he suffers half of the damage, if his AC
    would exceed the enemy's attack roll he does not suffer any additional
    effects, poison, disease, etc. The Guardian may use this ability even when
    his ally is effected by an area attack. When used in this manner the
    Guardian always suffers the full damage and effects of the attack directed
    at his ally.

    Protective Bulwark (Su)
    Prerequisite: Abandon Offense
    As a standard action the Guardian can create a field of protective energy,
    this energy sheds blue light equal to a sunrod and effects the Guardian's
    space and all adjacent spaces. This mobile area follows the Guardian and
    immediately ends upon all effected allies leaving the enhanced area. Allies
    within this zone gain 1d3/HD points of temporary hit points, DR5/- and
    convert all types of lethal damage received into nonlethal damage. Ability
    score damage/drain is converted into twice that amount of nonlethal damage.
    Magic users attempting to effect the protected area must succeed a caster level
    check (DC 11 + Guardian's charisma modifier). This effect lasts for 1d6
    rounds and may be used a number of times each day equal to the Guardian's
    charisma modifier (minimum 1). This ability may only be activated while the
    Guardian is adjacent to an ally.

    Burden Of Service (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Abandon Offense
    When adjacent to a willing or helpless ally, rather than drag or reposition
    them he may instead opt to carry them if he has a free hand available. As
    long as the weight of his ally does not put him over twice his maximum carry
    weight he may move at a speed of 20-ft and suffer no penalty from
    encumbrance. The Guardian may carry an additional ally if he has another
    free hand available but suffers all penalties of his current encumbrance if
    he chooses to do so.

    Armored Citadel (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Abandon Offense
    The Guardian is a master of armor and makes the most out of his heavy suits
    and steel plates. The Guardian is proficient with heavy armor, all shields
    and gain a bonus to their listed AC equal to the Guardian's charisma modifier.
    Additionally the maximum dexterity of armor his wears increases by 2 and the
    armor check penalty is reduced by 4.

    Blasting Shield
    Prerequisite: Abandon Offense
    The Guardian's shield slams create a blast of magical energy when he strikes
    a foe. If the Guardian is using a light shield it deals an additional 1d4 points of
    damage. If he is using a heavy shield it deals an additional 1d8 points of damage.
    The Guardian gains the ability to shield bash with a tower shield or pavise and may
    attach shield spikes to them. While bashing with a large shield he deals an additional
    1d10 points of damage. All additional damage applied is force damage. Upon gaining
    this Potential the Guardian gains reach with shields, however attacks made at range
    only deal this force damage. Additionally the magic field surrounding his shield enhances
    his ability to defend with it. The shield bonus to his AC also applies to touch attacks.

    Harder Than Stone (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Abandon Offense
    Gain +4 bonus to constitution & +2 natural armor

    Harder Than Steel (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Abandon Offense, Harder Than Stone
    Gain +4 bonus to constitution & DR5/Adamantine

    Oath of Service (Su)
    Prerequisite: Burden of Service
    The Guardian selects one character with whom he may exchange his Oath
    of Service, a ritual which takes an hour to complete. After completing this oath
    the Guardian gains a Lord, an singular individual he serves. The wellbeing of his
    Lord comes before all things, including the health of himself or his allies. This oath
    can only be broken by the death of his Lord, or being released from his service by
    the Lord in a similar ritual which takes 10 minutes to complete. If his Lord should
    perish, the Guardian suffers immensely. While most Guardians die with their Lords
    some exceptionally resilient knights carry on, wandering the world as wretches seeking
    redemption. Upon a Lord's death the Guardian looses 1d6+1 levels, if this would reduce
    his level below 1 he is instantly slain. The Guardian's body turns to stone and slowly
    begins to decay over the course of a decade until only a pile of dust remains. Should
    a strong and daring Lord find his statue, the Lord and his Guardian may accept a quest
    known as The Gauntlet to resurrect the Guardian. Only a Lord may take this quest and
    the Guardian may not be revived via Miricle, Wish or spells such as Reincarnation until
    twelve years have past and his window for redemption has closed. If the Guardian is
    revived in such a manner after failing to be redeemed by another Lord he looses this
    Potential Path and may not take it again.

    While he is sworn to his Lord both the Guardian and his Lord are aware of each others
    location and condition (as Deathwatch). While within line of sight of his Lord the Guardian
    cannot be fatigued, staggered or exhausted, nor does he require rest. However, each day
    without rest begins to apply a stacking -1 penalty to fortitude saves and skill checks he makes.
    The Guardian may block one ranged attack aimed at his Lord while within 15 ft of one another
    as a free action even if it is not his turn. Attacks targeting his Lord passing though his square
    instead target himself. While adjacent to his Lord the Guardian gains a +4 misc bonus to his AC.
    The Guardian is not slain when his negative hit points equal his constitution score, but 10 + his
    constitution instead. Should the Guardian be killed in service to his Lord, his body and possessions
    become statue of super-hard stone (Hardness 35, HP equal to max hit points). When his Lord is able
    to return to the place his Guardian fell, he may touch the statue converting it into a prismatic crystal.
    By completing a 12 hour ritual he may revive his Guardian.

    Unshakable Heart (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Oath of Service, Sworn to a Lord
    In service you have been liberated. In duty, purpose. You fear no man nor demon, only the displeasure
    of the one whom you are sworn to. For as long as you are together, you are made strong. Bound by
    unbreakable words. The Guardian gains immunity to all fear effects and +2 constitution per level his
    possesses. Additionally, once per day as an immediate action he may take all hit die granted by his
    classes, roll them and add his constitution modifier. He gains this value as temporary hit points which
    last for a number of hours equal to his level.

    Shake It Off! (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Oath of Service, Sworn to a Lord
    You don't falter before the enemies of your Lord, nor do you die easily. With grit and tenacity you
    overcome nearly any hindrance to your service. As an Immediate action to recover from crippling wounds
    and effects. While within 90 ft of his Lord mind-effecting spells and abilities targeting the Guardian are ended,
    if he is unconscious he becomes conscious, if he is dying he becomes stable. Regardless if he is within 90 ft of
    his Lord the following effects are also immediately removed: Grievous wounds, Poison-effects, Blinded, Bleeding,
    Cowering, Dazed, Dazzled, Deafened, Disabled, Entangled, Fascinated, Flat-Footed, Frightened, Grappled,
    Helpless, Nauseated, Panicked, Paralyzed, Pinned, Shaken, Sickened, and Stunned. The Guardian may only use this
    ability once per day, however his Lord may activate this ability for his Guardian a number of times per day equal to
    half his HD.

    Show Your Mettle! (Su)
    Prerequisite: Oath of Service, Sworn to a Lord
    You are the walls which defend your Lord and his loyal vassals, the living castle which shields them from all foes.
    By your master's command you throw yourself before the attacks of your enemies, guarding them behind a barrier
    of arcane energy fueled by your life-force. As an immediate action he may shield all allies within 30 ft from attacks.
    While doing this the Guardian gains DR10/- and Fast Healing 5 for 1d3 rounds. All attacks targeting allies instead
    directly deal damage to the Guardian, regardless if they would have succeeded or not. These attacks cannot inflict
    grievous wounds and cannot confirm critical threats, additionally effects other than damage are negated unless
    they specifically bypass other Potentials. Any damage in excess of his hit points leaves the Guardian at 0 while the
    remainder is dealt as non-lethal damage. Upon gaining this Potential the Guardian is no longer able to be slain by
    non-lethal damage regardless of the amount sustained. The Guardian may only use this ability once per day, however
    his Lord may activate this ability for his Guardian a number of times per day equal to half his HD.

    Siegebreaker (Su)
    Prerequisite: Oath of Service, Sworn to a Lord
    The Guardian has learned to harness the strength of his enemies against themselves with a combination of magic
    and willpower. When the Guardian would suffer damage, before the damage is inflicted & before DR or saves are
    applied, the total damage is added to the Guardian's Siegebreaker pool. This pool continues to build over the round
    as the Guardian continues to sustain damage. At any point before the end of the round, the Guardian may choose to
    activate his Siegebreaker Potential. Upon choosing to do this, the Guardian distributes the total amount of damage
    within his pool to any amount of enemies within 30 ft of himself (example: Pool of 30 points - 15 damage to Skeleton A,
    5 damage to Skeleton B, 5 damage to Skeleton C, and 5 Damage to Skeleton D). This Potential converts this gathered
    damage to either Force, Fire or Cold damage (Guardian's choice). At he beginning of each round this pool resets to 0.
    The Guardian may only activate this ability to distribute gathered damage a number of times per day equal to his
    constitution modifier.

    Spoiler: The Weapon Master

    Weapon Master
    It is no secret that warriors live short and violent lives, fighting again until they themselves join the ranks of the dead in Pharasma's court. Weapon Master's often tend to rise from the ranks of young mercenaries and professional soldiers while in training. Those who show exceptional natural ability are pulled from the battlefields and instead find themselves within academic halls or military academies where they are trained for years to instruct and preserve techniques of combat. Many of these weapon masters are often under the employ of noble houses or organizations with long-standing traditions, just as it is for those few masters left who serve house Irral. The weapon masters are all that remain of the old knights, bannermen and manuscripts of battle dating back before the Drakeplagues. Much of the knowledge and history was lost during the raging wars and the sickness which had tormented Iobaria for countless centuries.

    [Soul] Weapon Master: Abandon Defense (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Alignment - Any, Age: Old, Race: Human (Iobarian)
    A weapon master is not proficient with shields or heavy armor. If his class provides him with this proficiency it is instead traded for Weapon Focus with a weapon of his choice, this may be done multiple times. A weapon master cannot use the Total Defense or Defensive Combat actions as he is entirely committed to slaying his enemies, not defending himself. The Weapon Master begins with the Bannermen's Blade & Drakeslayer's Mantle Potentials. Additionally he may choose two bonus Potentials of his choice from those listed below. He must still meet the requirements of the selected potentials.

    Bannermen's Blade (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Abandon Defense (Ex)
    Keeping with the old traditions of his forefathers, the weapon master begins play with a Baring Sword (MWK Large Greatsword). The weapon master is proficient with this weapon and maintains it with great skill and practice. If his Baring Sword is ever broken or destroyed he may repair it with a day of work and half the weapon's cost in materials. Additionally the weapon master gains the benefits of the Grievous Wounds (Slashing) and Grievous Wounds (Maiming) feats, but only while wielding his Baring Sword. Baring Swords are often reforged out of special materials as their blades are repaired and replaced. The Weapon Master may choose to pay the cost of having his weapon made from a special material, but this cost cannot be reduced further than 1/2 even when crafted.

    Drakeslayer's Mantle (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Abandon Defense (Ex)
    Old friends driven mad by disease birthed new enemies, the ancient bannermen who would fight till their last days defending New Iobaria and house Irral developed techniques to combat their dragonic foes with absurdly large weapons. Cultivating the strength to wield such tools required years of training before finally receiving the array of mystical tattoo's blessed by the reclusive druids of Hask-Ultharan called 'The Mantle'. The culmination of their training and magical markings upon their back and chest imbue them with supernatural strength. The Weapon Master receives a +2 sacred bonus to his strength score, additionally he counts as a large creature when determining if a weapon is appropriately sized for him. Non-magical weapons of medium or small size have a 10% chance of being destroyed when used by the weapon master.

    Lessons Of Warfare (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Abandon Defense (Ex)
    The weapon master gains an additional feat at 1st level and every even level after that. Additionally at each level the weapon master gains proficiency with a new weapon of his choice. He may spend one week training another creature with a weapon he is proficient with if both himself and student are wielding identical weapons appropriately sized for them. The weapon master's student spends this time mirroring his instructors techniques and upon completion of this training gains proficiency with his practiced weapon.

    Sword Arts (Su)
    Prerequisite: Lessons Of Warfare (Ex)
    A weapon master spends his life pursuing weapon manuscripts to rediscover ancient techniques which blend both physical might and his magically imbued power into secret techniques known as sword arts. A weapon master learns new arts by uncovering and translating manuscripts from hidden ruins and forgotten keeps. Each technique is specific to a certain weapon and cannot be used with another. The weapon master may use Sword-Arts a number of times per day equal to 3 + his charisma modifier (minimum 1). At the time he gains this Potential he may select one of the Sword Arts listed below. He may learn additional Sword Arts as a Potential, or by discovering manuscripts.

    (Baring Sword) Bathed In Sacred Flame
    As a Swift Action the Weapon Master may imbue his weapon with golden flame. The weapon grants illumination as a light spell and deals an additional 2d6 points of damage, this damage is half holy and half fire damage. This ability lasts for 1 hour or until the weapon successfully strikes a target, whatever comes first.

    (Baring Sword) Sword Rush
    As a Standard Action the weapon master can move up to his speed and make a single attack. On a successful hit the target must succeed an opposed acrobatics check or be knocked prone. Regardless of success the target suffers damage normally.

    (Baring Sword) Scale-Cleaving Strike
    As a Standard Action the weapon master may make a single attack. This attack ignores both the hardness and DR of the weapon master's target.

    (Baring Sword) WyvernStorm
    Prerequisite: Scale-Cleaving Strike
    As a full-round action the weapon master may move up to 15-ft in any direction, including directly up even if he would not normally be able to complete this movement. This movement may be taken as long as not obstructed by walls or similar obstacles. Enemies do not obstruct his movement and this movement does not provoke attack. The weapon master fills his sword with tumultuous crackling black energy before unleashing a crushing wave of destruction. The weapon master may make a single attack roll effecting all adjacent squares within his reach at the point this skill is activated and all adjacent squares during his movement. Creatures who are hit by this attack suffer an additional 2d6 points of profane damage, and must succeed a reflex save equal to half the damage taken or ignite in black flame. Creatures who are lit on fire instead take 1d6 points of profane damage each round rather than fire damage. The flames are difficult to extinguish even with water and require a full round action to douse the flame.

    (Baring Sword) Extinction Wave I
    Prerequisite: WyvernStorm
    As a full-round action the weapon master may make a single attack at an adjacent square (AC 5). This attack effects the targeted location and all squares adjacent to it (including the weapon master's). The weapon master's attack deals an additional 1d10 points of profane damage per level and x3 his strength modifier to all squares effected (reflex for half). The weapon master is immune to his own attack but inflicts a quarter of the total damage he inflicts to all creatures with this ability to himself as nonlethal damage. The nonlethal damage he sustains cannot kill him but otherwise functions normally. The Weapon Master may choose to expend an additional use of his Sword Arts to expand this range into to a 10-ft radius burst. He may expand this burst in 10-ft increments by spending further uses of his Sword Arts. He may do this a number of times equal to his HD.

    Spoiler: The Professor
    No great ruler ever was who did not educate himself in the matters of the world. Professors, are learned men and women of the world studied across various fields. Professional educators, tutors, scholars and instructors. It is a teacher's greatest responsibility and honor to groom and mentor the world's future leaders. Though they come from all walks of life and the halls of many such great colleges of wisdom each Professor carries with him his own unique specialties and expertise to offer in Lord Irral's education and development.

    [Soul] Professor: Learned Scholar (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Alignment - Any Neutral, Age: Any, Int 13
    A Professor may select any 2 skills, and any 3 Background Skills at the start of each day. These skills gain a +6 circumstance bonus, furthermore the Professor may use the Aid Another action for these skills even if this action is not normally available for the selected skills. A number of times equal to 3 + his intelligence modifier he may roll twice and take the better result when using one of his selected skills. Additionally he may choose one bonus Potentials of his choice from those listed below. He must still meet the requirements of the selected potentials.

    Mind of Many (Su)
    Prerequisite: Learned Scholar
    The Professor gains 1d4 Insight Points per level at the start of each day (rolled at the start of each day). The Professor may spend these points as an Immediate Action to grant a +1 circumstance bonus to any ally within 30-ft on any single attack roll or skill check. The Professor may only spend a number of points equal to his HD each round. Calling forth the ghostly memories of every lesson from every mentor and teacher he has had into the physical world is incredibly taxing and fills his mind with eerie haunting thoughts of the past. The Professor becomes shaken for 1 minute after using this ability. If the Professor is already shaken or under another fear-effect when he activates this ability the Professor becomes panicked for 1d6 rounds.

    Mentorship (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Learned Scholar
    At 1st level the Professor selects one skill to be his Specialty, once this choice is made it cannot be changed. The Professor may always Take 10 when using his Specialty even while threatened, and this skill is a class skill for him. The Professor can Mentor a student a number of times equal to his intelligence modifier, but these uses are not recovered until after the Professor gains a level. The Professor must spend 8 hours tutoring with the proper equipment or an equivalent masterwork tool relating to his Specialty. Upon the uninterrupted completion of the course, his student must succeed a test. Results are determined by a skill check equal to (DC20 - student's intelligence modifier). Upon success the student gain's his Professor's selected Specialty as a class skill and gains a permanent +1 circumstance bonus to the effected skill. If the skill is already a class skill this bonus increases to 2. Each subsequent course the student takes is more difficult than the last, increasing the DC of his final test by 5. The Professor can only instruct one student at a time. Additionally his uses of Mentorship are only expended upon a student's successful completion of his test.

    Spoiler: The Lore Master
    Lore Master
    While wise, they are not teachers. While learned, they are not scholars, nor bards. Reclusive and selfish, the Lore Master is a living wealth of knowledge. Seeking knowledge for knowledge's sake, they learn all they can from the written works of the world and can often be found building their own collections of tomes. Often unspecialized in any specific field of study, they seek to learn about all things everywhere. Lore Masters are often at odds with the secretive archivists who maintain the singular last remaining copies of occult and forbidden knowledge often denied to them, and thus their knowledge often lacks such unique and guarded secrets - as they themselves rarely venture out and learn of things themselves. Despite their disposition, they make for some of the finest chroniclers throughout the Inner Sea.

    [Soul] Lore Master: Grand Lodge Chronicler (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Alignment - Any Neutral, Age: Any
    The Lore Master begins play with a Wayfinder, journal and writing set. The Lore Master gains an additional 4 skill points each level that he may spend on knowledge skills. Once a month he may compile a chronicle of his ventures. The Lore Master must spend 24 hours uninterrupted while putting all his memory unto parchment and cannot rest during this period. Upon completion the Lore Master may deliver the chronicle to any Pathfinder Lodge to be submitted to the Grand Lodge. Upon successfully completing his delivery, the entire party receives 50% of their level in experience points and an eighth of their WBL via mail seven days following the chronicle's submission. This can only be done upon completing a quest. Additionally he may choose one bonus Potentials of his choice from those listed below. He must still meet the requirements of the selected potentials.

    Recount The Tale (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Grand Lodge Chronicler
    Once a day, the Lore Master can spend a full-round recording the actions of one of his allies during combat and must succeed a DC20 + ally's HD appraise check. Upon success the Lore Master understands how best to inspire his ally. Within the next hour the Lore Master can recount the tale of the battle to his ally, doing so requires 10 minutes of work. Upon completion the ally gains double his experience points for 24-hours.

    Reference The Classics (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Grand Lodge Chronicler
    Once a day the Lore Master may reference the notes within his journal which transcribe details from boundless written works he has read. These footnotes often contain the answers to knowledge he has forgotten in all his research. The Lore Master may attempt any skill check he has failed at DC20, but doing so requires an hour of study from his journal.

    If the Lore Master has lost his journal he may not use any of his skills until it is replaced or recovered.

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