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    Spoiler: The Mega 18.2 - Chapter 5: The Paths of Potential

    Spoiler: The Apprentice: Returner
    The Apprentice
    They called it many names, Calamity, Terminus, The Long Night... because they didn't know, but you had lived it. You had returned from the end. The last day of this world and many others. An event which they would call - The Primeval Dark. With the last of your power you returned from AR 4723 after failing to stop the events which would lead to the end of everything you know. The trauma inflicted from forcing yourself across the breach has clouded and fragmented your memories from the other world. Only one thing remains clear, you are the last living apprentice of Adessa Allessa; better known as The Whispering Witch.

    [Soul] Veil Witch: Returner
    Prerequisite: Human - Female, Alignment: Chaotic, Age: Under 25, Int 18, Ability to cast 1st level arcane spells
    As an student following in The Whispering Witch's footsteps you have been groomed and raised in her teachings. Your understanding of her lessons far exceeds those who now walk this earth, and thus your command of her magics is far more potent. The Apprentice possesses a number of unique skills which differentiate herself from the fake Veil Witches who scour for rotten old books detailing the fundamentals she was raised upon. These skills are essential for the use of her strange magic and in surviving the world, as it had existed in the future. The Apprentice gains Knowledge (Abstract), Knowledge (Primal), Knowledge (Forbidden), Use magic device, Spellcraft, and Spell Focus as class skills. Due to her extensive training she gains a +4 circumstance bonus to these skills. A Veil Witch begins with the Whispered Chant & Whispered Hex Potentials. Additionally, she may select 2 additional Potentials which she qualifies for from the following list:

    Spoiler: Unique Skills: Veil Witch
    The secrets and hardships of your dying world has guided your training to bring forth unspeakable magics, even in lands which it cannot exist. Your vast training has endowed you with knowledge not meant for this world, revealing the macabre spectacle beneath the surface. The Apprentice possesses the following skills:

    Knowledge (Primal)
    The strangeness of the events within Golarion far exceed the preserved tales and lore of the past. The primal events which would begin to run rampant throughout the world would lead to the death of magic in time. In he future you knew, the instability of the arcane had paved the road for alternate forms of travel and tools. Science and technology had become the common means of one's livelihood. Yet, as a young follower of the esoteric arts you chase a string of clues linking these changes in the world with some grander power. You can identify primal energy and interpret signs to gleam clues of its origin. This had simply been a means of survival for you, but here, upon the cusp of the events which would rock this world and tear down the magicians from their pedestals, it may have been the answer to change it.

    Knowledge (Abstract)
    Your master had taught you of many things, this the peoples of this world or any other could not fathom. Entities which lingered beyond this world and even The Great Beyond. Even this multiverse was but a small grain of sand upon a beach, in a world the size of a marble... A marble, within an endless ocean's tide of marbles. The fate of this planet in the grand scheme of things meant little. To others, the secret teachings sounded like nothing more then the insane rantings of a cultist - but not to you. You were one of the Initiated. Those most highest ranked within the Veil who owned The Whispering Witch their undying loyalty. One of those who knew these things to be true. They served gods far greater then the false prophets of men. The true Veil Witches were heralds of the Mother of the Black Veil, of the Divergence; the unimaginable changes warping and shaping the cosmos. With this knowledge the Calamity could be stopped.

    Knowledge (Forbidden)
    Even within the Grand Conclave, the mystical order who oversaw the creative forces of the multiverse with unimaginable magic, this lore was feared and forbidden. While secluded in self-exile, Adessa was still a member of their ranks despite her displeasure with their coven. Those who pursued the dark secrets which they denied were known as Black Magisters, and it was she who was senior amongst their number. There were a number of terrible forces and even more terrible magics which flowed unseen within the material world and the realms they could still name, but ultimately they were all conjoined at a single point. A metaphysical artifact which existed within the consciousness of a temporal-construct created by merging hundreds of thousands of souls called The Thousand. It was called The Dark Door, for that was what it was. Towering off into the cosmos beyond the sight of any creature, and likely without end. Though this door a force known as Malefacuum was drawn and manipulated to manufacture the blighted spells of the Black Magisters, but the Whispering Witch had taught you more. Malefacuum was simply a byproduct, an expended waste-energy being gathered by the dung-eating bottom-feeders of the Conclave. The true power lay far beyond the door, a forbidden realm which only existed within the dream-memories of The Thousand. The Seclusion of Three Visions.

    Function: Using Knowledge (Forbidden) allows interaction between the spell-caster and Praeter or Relicuum spirits. Each attempt generates Spite as if she were a Haunted or Alucinor. While branded by a Praeter or Relicuum she may attempt to perform a Blackening, a unique enhancement function of the spirit, while casting a spell or spell-like ability. By default, this only functions with traditional Vancian magic and does not apply to other sub-systems of magic such as Veils or Sphere's unless specifically stated otherwise.

    Spell Focus
    Manifesting magic in the previous unstable plane was a dangerous and fearful practice. Indeed, in most civilized places the practice was outlawed completely except by State Magisters, out of fear that Wild Magic would bring ruination to everything in its path. Even the arcane magistrates of the land had not been taught in the ways of The Whispering Witch, and thus they were feeble and weak. They knew nothing of the great command she possessed over the arcane essence and the forces with distort and corrupt the esoteric energies across the realms of creation. You weren't like them. You had been schooled in her lessons, and now held a degree of command over your mystical energy unlike others. With practice and effort, once could will the world to obey

    Function: Magic you cast no longer has a chance to automatically fail or produce Wild Magic, a Spell Focus Check may always be attempted to stabilize your magic.

    Focus Barrier: Using one's own internal energy a barrier of semi-solid matter is constructed around the spell-caster. A Focus Barrier is a magical shield which allows the caster to stabilize her own magic and create a powerful field to enhance her spells. A Focus Barrier may be erected by spending 10 minutes in uninterrupted meditation and making a Spell Focus check to establish the barrier's defensive value. While within this barrier anti-magic effects and primal events cannot effect the spellcaster, nor can she loose a spell from a failed concentration check. If targeted by an anti-magic effect, the opposed caster must make a caster level check. If the caster level check meets or exceeds the barrier's defensive value the shield crumbles and the anti-magic effect targets the protected spell-caster as normal. Regardless of success, the defensive value of the shield is decreased by the result of the caster level check. While within an area effected by primal magic the barrier's defensive value passively decreases every hour by an amount equal to the CR of the primal event. While within an area effected by a different primal event, targeted by an effect or while within a targeted area the defensive value of her shield decreases by the CR of the event. Should the barrier's value reach 0, it collapses and its protection effect immediately ends. If the spell-caster would be forced to attempt a concentration check, instead her barrier's defensive value decreases by an amount equal to the DC of this check. If her shield's value reaches 0, her barrier dissolves and she must succeed this check as normal. If the shield remains she is considered to have successfully passed this check. A barrier lasts for 1 hour, however the spell-caster may spend 1 minute in uninterrupted meditation to restore a number of points to the barrier's defensive value equal to her own HD and extend the duration by 10 minutes. Only a single Focus Barrier can be erected at a time.

    To make a Spell Focus Check roll both Spellcraft and Spell Focus and total the combined result to determine your score

    Whispered Chant (Su)
    Benefit: You've learned the very basics of The Whispering Witch's iconic methods of casting. Spells you cast no longer require verbal or somatic components. Your spells, supernatural abilities and spell-like abilities do not count as magic for the purpose of arcane detection (this negates detection-effects of spells such as Detect Magic.) The DC to Counterspell or identify your magic increases by 10.

    Whispered Hex (Su)
    Benefit: You learn a Hex from the Witch's Hex list, the DC of this new Hex is increased by 2. If this Hex creates a charm or compulsion effect which targets a creature which possesses immunity, the hex bypasses this and functions normally. Unlike a normal Hex, a target does not gain immunity to the witch's Hex for 24 hours after use. Instead the witch may attempt her Hex again in 1d2 rounds.
    Special: You may take this Potential multiple times as a feat. The number of times this Potential can be taken in such a manner can not exceed your HD. If the witch possesses the Hex class feature and has unlocked major and grand Hexes, she may choose to learn an additional major or grand Hex with this Potential. The witch may not choose to learn a Hex which has been granted from another source.

    Focused Mind (Ex)
    Prerequisite: Whispered Chant
    Benefit: You have learned to quiet your thoughts and focus your mind, enhancing your ability to perform magical tasks and resist lesser spells. You gain a +8 bonus to Use Magic Device and Spellcraft in addition to +4 bonus to Spell Focus, and three knowledge skills of your choice. While attempting a caster level check, concentration check, will save or Knowledge (Abstract or Forbidden) you may roll twice and take the better result. Your wisdom modifier increases by 4.

    Blackened Word I
    Prerequisite: Hex Class Feature, Whispered Hex
    Benefit: Select one standard Hex granted by your Hex class ability, this Hex becomes a Whispered Hex. The DC of all your whispered hexes increase by 2. This Potential may be taken multiple times, its effects stack.

    Cursed Verse Training I: Disruption
    Prerequisite: Blackened Word I
    Benefit: You gain the ability to disrupt spellcasting using your unique hex. As a 30ft ranged touch attack you can place a disruptive field around the target (Will negates, DC20). While the field is in place, the target must make a concentration check to cast any spell or to use a spell-like ability. The DC of this check is equal to 15 + twice the spellís level. If the check is failed, the targetís spell is lost. This field lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your HD (minimum 1). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

    Cursed Verse Training I: Forewarning
    Prerequisite: Blackened Word I
    Benefit: You can always act in the surprise round even if you fail to make a Perception roll to notice a foe, but you are still considered flat-footed until you take an action. In addition, you receive a bonus on initiative checks equal to 1/2 your HD (minimum +1). Select one 1st level spell, this spell gains the curse-descriptor. When casting spells with the curse-descriptor your caster level is considered 1 higher.

    Cursed Verse Training I: Havocker
    Prerequisite: Blackened Word I
    Benefit: A havockerís patron grants her the ability to devastate her foes with nameless elemental forces. The witch selects a specific kineticist element (Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures 14), which represents the shadowy forces from which she draws forth her strange powers. The havocker gains the elemental focus and kinetic blast class features with the associated element, using her witch level as her effective kineticist level. If the havocker takes levels in another class that grants an elemental focus, the elemental focuses may be a different type. This learned kinetic blast and elemental focus count as a Whispered Hex for the purpose of determining any changes applied by her Potentials.

    Arcane Spell Training I - Focus School: Reiteration
    Prerequisite: Ability to cast 1st level arcane spells, Arcane School Class Ability
    Benefit: Your pursuit to refine the spellcraft of your chosen school has allowed you to empower magic of your favored type, and even blend it with others. Select one spell your possess, that spell now shares your chosen school and its original school. For effects which determine a spells school always choose the most favorable (this effects prepared spell slots, etc). Feats, spells and abilities which grant beneficial effects based off of the spells school count both schools. When casting a spell of your chosen school attempt a spellcraft check equal to DC 15 + twice the spellís level. Upon success you create a duplicate of the cast spell without expending any additional spell slots and may choose to immediately cast this spell as a free action. This maneuver, called an Arcane Reiteration, is incredibly taxing on the spell-caster, and after each successful use she must succeed a will save identical to her previous spellcraft check. Upon her first failure she becomes fatigued for 1 hour. If she continues to fail these saves while under these negative effects the penalty increases. Upon her second failure she becomes exhausted for 1 hour, and upon her third failure she falls unconscious for 1 hour. This ability may be used a number of times per day equal to 3 + her HD.

    Veil Spell Training I - Blackened Veil
    Prerequisite: Veilweaving Class Feature, Alignment: Any Evil
    Benefit: Veilweaving has always been a natural part of being a Veil Witch, and as such most excel at it. However, you've mastered the art of breaking the limitations of a veil, at the cost of damaging your own soul. The burden of shattering these limitations would have destroyed you utterly had you not discovered a means to offload the damage on your spirit unto others. You gain a Whispered Veil, chosen from one of the following Veils:Riven Darts, Storm Gauntlets, Snakehandlerís Gauntlets, Polar Snowshoes. As a swift action you may invest any number of additional essence into your Whispered Veil, however for every 2 points you exceed the maximum essence typically allowed to be invested you suffer 2 points of constitution drain. These additional points persist for 1 hour and then 'burn out'; being removed from the Veil and decreasing your maximum available essence by that amount for 24 hours. Upon coming into contact with a dying creature or a creature which has died within the last minute, you may choose to unburden a portion of this harm to the dying creature's spirit as a full round action. When she does this, 1d6 points of her existing constitution drain is unloaded into the departing soul, racking it with unspeakable torment, but reducing her current drain by an equal amount.

    Forbidden Spell Training I - Richleau's Protection From the Living
    Prerequisite: Focused Mind, No other Training Potential
    Benefit: Upon taking this Potential the Apprentice forsakes all other Training Potentials. The witch has dedicated herself entirely to the pursuit of Forbidden magic and abandoned all others which might distract her from this study. The witch gains full Focus Point Progression, an Arcane Aptitude score of 16 and the Arcane Bond class feature (as Wizard). The witch must select either a Staff, Wand, Shield or Armor as her bonded object which will influence various degrees of her magic. The witch gains the ability to learn unique spells called Signs, and Fragments; incomplete Signs discovered by various Praeter and Relicuum spirits. In order to cast a Sign or Fragment she must first establish a bond with a Praeter or Relicuum spirit. Upon creating a bond, she may assign a single Sign or Fragment to her bonded spirit. Each Sign possesses a pre-determined requirement of which spirit they can be assigned to, Praeter or Relicuum, which is identified upon gaining the Sign. Only one Sign can be assigned to a spirit at a time, the Sign cannot be assigned twice to different spirits nor can this assignment be changed once established while the contract between the witch and spirit remains in effect. Should the bond be terminated the Sign be assigned to a new spirit. While the spirit is summoned the witch may cast her Sign, paying its normal costs as normal. However, her Sign functions identically to a bonded ability accruing Brands and Spite from the spirit as normal (conditions determined by the individual spirit). The witch's Arcane Aptitude does not increase conventionally, but can be increased through various Potentials or training with unique spirits who may unlock her potential. Additionally, the witch gains her first Sign upon taking this Potential; Richleau's Protection From the Living (Praeter)

    Intelligence Modifier + Wisdom Modifier + Charisma Modifier + Progression Dice

    Female Progression Die: 1d4+2
    Male Progression Die: 1d8
    (Points are recovered every 24 hours)

    First Hidden Verse
    Prerequisite: Arcane Spell Training I or Forbidden Spell Training I or Sphere Spell Training I or Veil Spell Training or Cursed Verse Training I
    Benefit: Your Arcane Spell Failure chance while wearing armor is reduced by 10% and your spells have a 5% chance when cast that the spell slot being used is not expended. This % must be rolled as the spell is being cast. Additionally, your Focus Barrier grants a +2 deflection bonus to your AC while manifested and only requires 5 minutes to form. As a full round action you may attempt a spellcraft check with a DC equal to your barrier's remaining defensive value, if you succeed the force barrier is repaired as if you had meditated for 1 minute. This action may only be performed once per hour.

    Shielded Caster
    Prerequisite: Training Potential Rank I, Spell Focus Rank 1
    Benefit: Learning to defend ones self from threats is a vital practice to veil witches as their magics become more intricate and lengthy. You've learned to blend physical defense with your magic though practice and physical training. You gain proficiency with all shields and tower shields and the Arcane Spell Failure chance for using a shield is reduced by 40%. The witch may imbue her shield with magic as a full round action, increasing its shield bonus by 2 for a number of rounds equal to her level. While attempting to form a Focus Barrier she may choose to sacrifice her shield to enhance her barrier. Upon successfully forming her barrier, the shield is destroyed, but forms a secondary sphere of energy. This energy field possesses a number of hit points equal to the combined total of the sacrificed shield's hardness and hit points. While in effect, this barrier suffers all damage which would be dealt to the witch instead. Attacks which deal ability damage or other kinds of damage deal double that amount to the shield instead. The witch cannot suffer grievous wounds while this magical field protects her, however the shield suffers the additional damage of grievous wounds from slashing weapons. Damage which exceeds the shield's hit points are dealt to the witch as normal, attacks which deal no damage to the witch may have certain effects such as poison or various combat maneuver attempts negated (subject to GM discretion). This protective field lasts until destroyed or until her Focus Barrier expires. Repairing her focus barrier also restores 1d3 hit points to her shield.

    False Prayers
    Prerequisite: Whispered Chant, First Hidden Verse, Knowledge (Religion): 2 Ranks, Bluff: 1 Ranks
    Benefit: The practice of magic by those not sanctioned is forbidden in your time and witchcraft is feared, thus like many others of your faction you've disguised yourself as a follower of the faith, be it a cleric, priest or simply a faithful follower of the bland 'goodly' gods which are found acceptable to the common ignorant man. Select a deity from the following: Cayden Cailean, Desna, Erastil, Iomedae, Pharasma, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Torag, Abadar. When casting a spell, you may make a Bluff Check to disguise your spell as prayer, or divine magic if the spell has obvious visible or audible results. This check receives a -10 penalty if you appear entirely out of place with the faith you claim to serve. Furthermore this -10 penalty applies to diplomacy checks to convince others of your faith, but this diplomacy penalty cannot exceed -10 even if it otherwise would per the diplomacy skill. If you carry the holy symbol of your false deity, your bluff and diplomacy checks to convince others of your faith and false prayers receive a +5 bonus. If you wear the colors, figure of sacred animal, or figure of sacred sign you receive an additional +5 bonus for each of these things. Dressing in the garments of your false faith grants a +10 bonus to these checks. Carrying the sacred texts and feigning words of prayer during casting also provides a +10 bonus. Additionally, proficiently wielding the sacred weapon of your false deity grants an additional +5 bonus to these checks.

    Spoiler: Cursed Verse Training II
    Cursed Verse Training II: Foretell
    Prerequisite: Cursed Verse Training I
    Benefit: You can utter a prediction of the immediate future. While your foretelling is in effect, you emit a 30-foot aura of fortune that aids your allies or hinders your enemies, as chosen by you at the time of prediction. If you choose to aid, you and your allies gain a +2 luck bonus on ability checks, attack rolls, caster level checks, saving throws, and skill checks. If you choose to hinder, your enemies take a Ė2 penalty on those rolls instead. This bonus or penalty increases by 1 for every 4 HD you possess. You can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to your 3+HD. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

    Cursed Verse Training II: Spell-Termination
    Prerequisite: Cursed Verse Training I
    Benefit: You gain Improved Counterspell as a bonus feat. You may attempt to counterspell an opponentís magic as an immediate action (instead of a readied action). You must sacrifice a spell of at least equal level to activate this ability. You can use this ability once per day, plus one additional time per day for every 2 HD you possess.

    Cursed Verse Training II: Bestow Insight
    Prerequisite: Cursed Verse Training I
    When you activate this power, you can touch any creature as a standard action to give it an insight bonus on all of its attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws equal to 1/2 your HD (minimum +1) for 1 round. The duration of this effect increases by 1 round for every 2 HD you possess. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

    Cursed VerseTraining II: Corrupt Evocation
    Prerequisite: Cursed Verse Training I
    Benefit: When you cast an evocation spell that does acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage, you may change the damage dealt to one of the other four energy types. This changes the descriptor of the spell to match the new energy type. Any non-damaging effects remain unchanged unless the new energy type invalidates them (an ice storm that deals fire damage might still provide a penalty on Perception checks due to smoke, but it would not create difficult terrain). Such effects are subject to GM discretion. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

    Cursed VerseTraining II: Blighted Spell
    Prerequisite: Cursed Verse Training I
    Benefit: Whenever you cast an evocation spell that deals hit point damage, add your total HD to the damage (minimum +1). This bonus is not only applied once to a spell but once per missile or ray. The following round this damage is inflicted again. This bonus damage may be increased by Empower Spell or similar effects. This damage is of the same type as the spell. Once per day whenever you cast an evocation spell you may roll twice to penetrate a creature's spell resistance taking the better result.

    Spoiler: The Offworlder: Soldier of The Union

    KNOWLEDGE: The Offworlder

    Spoiler: 4th Guards Kantemirovskaya Tank Division

    The 4th Kantemir Division, led by Major Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov, Sergeant Abram Zhukov, and Alexi Sidorenko. The achievements of The 4th are renowned throughout Golarion. Not only for their drinking, but for their sheer insanity when pressed in combat. Having fought in the largest war of their world, and battling their way across times and unexplainable anomalies after being spirited away across the galaxy... nothing can surprise the brave men and women of The 4th Division anymore. They unleashed all hell upon the battlefield. Out-gunning, out-drinking, and out-screaming their enemies beneath a hail of burning lead - and when that wasn't enough. They brought out the heavy armor. With full access to the resources gathered together by Major Suvorov, the 4th displayed no semblance of restraint. Mounting SU-100Y 152mm SPG ordinance and other weapons of cacophonous destruction on massive metal chariots of roaring death. The 4th Division's reputation as madmen is well earned. With unprecedented destructive force, they annihilated those enemies which allied themselves with the mysterious Terminus. Working closely with DEVILMAKER and The Palatine Council, they fight for the future of Golarion and to secure a way home.

    Spoiler: History
    As a Soviet soldier under the command of Major Suvorov you've seen a great deal of strange things in this world, and you expect you'll see many more. Wielding an array of weapons and armament, you are a fine example of a soldier. Fighting for honor and country - or simply the chance to find your way home. You stand against the strange forces that be to contest Terminus and complete your mission. Your life would have ended in The Battle of Voronezh, and now a debt is owed to the one who saved you - DEVILMAKER. Your future, and perhaps even your past rested within his cold lifeless hands, and if you were to have any hope of seeing your home again, Terminus had to be stopped.

    Spoiler: Terminus
    No one truly understood what Terminus was, including you. Only DEVILMAKER seemed to understand, but even his explanations made no sense. It was a time, a place, an event and a thing. It had come, or had happened, in your own worldline in 1942 - a period which had yet to even exist in this world according to him. It distorted time, twisted everything and sent your allies careening out across existence beneath that terrible pillar of blinding light. Things that should not exist, existed. Things that should not be, were. The people of this world had called their Terminus 'The Long Night', but it would come again. DEVILMAKER explained all was two-fold, and when it returned it would bring apocalypse. This planet possessed such planetary gates that linked across the vastness of space - their only hope of returning home. They had to defend it at all costs.

    Spoiler: Baba Yaga
    Though DEVILMAKER claimed the iconic fairytale witch existed, walking house and all in this world. None of them believed it. Stories deserved to stay stories. Instead they used the name to refer to The Whispering Witch, who many of them had met in the past. The peoples of her world blamed her for their Terminus, but that was a lie. Though eerie and frightful, she worked with DEVILMAKER to fight Terminus with the aid of other creatures they did not understand. It was true she was a scary witch, but she was not an evil witch.

    Spoiler: DEVILMAKER
    An entity of unknown origin, more machine than man. The strange entity first appeared during the events which would become Terminus on their Earth, which they soon discovered was vastly different than that Earth which he knew. Using otherworldly alien technology he tracked the anomalies which preceded the events of Terminus in an effort to stop it. The cosmic threat had ended dozens of worlds, but more often than not it was this creature - DEVILMAKER which put a stop to it. Saving billions of lives and correcting the natural order of the multiverse. While no long term solution yet existed, he and his allies were upon the cusp of a solution. Tirelessly working, he is committed to saving every life he can and returning you home.

    [Soul] Offworlder: No Habla Shoanti (Ex)
    Prerequisites: Race - Human (Russian), Alignment: Any Chaotic
    You're not from this world, you have no idea how these people speak - or their traditions. But with dedicated effort, you can learn. You do not begin speaking common, and instead begin play speaking Russian. With a high intelligence you may learn Taldane (Common), Hallit, Tian, Thassalonian, Kelish, Shoanti, Skald, Varisian, Azlanti. Additionally you suffer a -4 Penalty to all Knowledge Checks. The Union Soldier also gains the Arms of War Potential for free and may select two additional potential of his choice from those listed below. He must still meet the prerequisites of this chosen Potential.

    Arms of War (Ex)
    Prerequisite: No Habla Shoanti
    Firearms are the weapons of your world, and you are exceptionally proficient in their employment. You are proficient with all Early, Advanced, Modern and Neo-Modern Firearms. You gain Weapon Focus (Firearms) as a bonus feat, which applies to all Firearms of the listed types. Additionally, you may craft Firearms from any the listed categories (DC25), or purchase them (but may not craft or purchase modern ammunition). You may purchase non-firearm Modern Weapons to include; Semtex, Thermite Grenades and Tear Gas, but these weapons cannot be crafted. Due to your exceptional accuracy you gain the ability to add your dexterity to your damage rolls with guns; add 1.5x your Dexterity Modifier when determining your additional damage while wielding a firearm. You may not purchase starting ammunition for your firearms, but gain 4d6+2 bullets for each respective weapon and additional ammo may be crafted.

    Scavenge (Ex)
    Prerequisite: No Habla Shoanti
    Bullets are more precious than food, but perhaps not more than a good drink. You've become exceptionally adept at squirreling away bullets in odd places to ration your own use, only to find them again later when you need it the most. At the beginning of each day you may spend an hour to search your own person and belongings for ammo. There is a 40% change that you recover 2d4+1 pieces of ammunition. Additionally once a day when you run out of ammunition completely you may take a full round action to search yourself for any ammo you may have stashed on your person. There is a 25% chance that you recover 1d3 pieces of ammunition in this manner.

    A Taste of Home (Ex)
    Prerequisite: No Habla Shoanti
    You, like many of your friends have taken a habit of carrying a few drinks with you. With battle after battle, fight after fight, and no end in the foreseeable future, the warmth of strong liquor steadies the nerves and hand. The Commander doesn't seem to mind, looking the other way when his men take a shot in the middle of the battle. You gain 5 servings of Vodka (Oldlaw Whiskey) in a 1/2 lbs steel flask. These servings are restored when returning to a 4th Kantemir Division Outpost or supplied encampment. When you consume 100gp worth of liquor (1 serving of Vodka/Oldlaw Whiskey) you receive a +2 Circumstance Bonus to Attack Rolls while using Firearms, additionally the penalty for firing beyond the first range increment is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0). This bonus lasts for 10 minutes. If this bonus is granted a number of times per day equal to or exceeding the soldier's Hit Die they must succeed a DC15 Fortitude Save. This DC increases by 2 for each additional drink beyond the last which exceeded this number. Upon failure the soldier is Sickened for 1 hour. If the soldier fails the save again while Sickened they become Nauseated for 1d8 Rounds.

    Boundless Courage (Ex)
    Prerequisite: No Habla Shoanti
    You've seen the kind of horror and brutality the people of this world cannot begin to fathom. Undead may walk this planet, but corpses are pilled by the millions where you've been. No specter or faceless skeleton can shake your resolve or match the nightmares which plague your dreams. You are Immune to all fear effects gain a +6 bonus to initiative checks and a +4 bonus to will saves. When a fear effect is negated with this ability, you gain a +4 bonus to attack and damage rolls on your next attack, this bonus expires in 24 hours if unused.

    Rumbrave (Ex)
    Prerequisite: A Taste of Home
    Sometimes soldiers in the 4th Division exhibit feats of super-human skill while caught in a drunken battle frenzy. You yourself have experienced such strange war-crazed moments of blind fervor, wading into the enemy and engaging in reckless encounters. While under the beneficial effects of A Taste of Home (Ex) you may choose to activate this ability. When targeted by a melee attack from a hostile creature, you may choose to expended an Attack of Opportunity to make an opposed attack roll. This roll is not targeting the creature but must exceed the attack roll of the chosen attack. If your attack roll exceeds the opposed attack it is negated and you receive 1 point of Rumbrave as you fire your weapon and deflect the attack with a bullet. These points last for 1 minute and are expended at the end of an encounter or if the effects of A Taste of Home are lost, whichever comes first. These points may be spent on a number of unique abilities listed below. The Offworlder may not hold points in excess of his HD. Should his points ever reach their maximum value, he may no longer attempt to activate this ability to deflect attacks. Each ability may be learned as a Potential:

    (Come and Get Me)
    You may make an additional Move Action to move, but must pass through at least one threatened space during this movement. This movement provokes attack and grants each attacking enemy a +4 Circumstance Bonus to their attack and damage rolls against you. However, you may make an attack against each attacking creature before it's Attack of Opportunity may be taken. If a creature receives more than one Attack of Opportunity against you, you may make a free attack before each individual provocation. Attacks made by you receive a +2 Circumstance Bonus to Attack and Damage Rolls. This ability costs 1 point of Rumbrave.

    (Reckless Abandon)
    Prerequisite: Come and Get Me
    You unload shot after shot directly into your enemy with reckless abandon at point-blank range in rapid succession. You gain an additional attack when making a Full-Round Attack. These attacks must be performed directly adjacent to your target, and does not provoke. However, these attacks receive a -2 Penalty on all attack rolls. This ability costs 2 points of Rumbrave.

    (Up Close and Personal)
    Prerequisite: Reckless Abandon
    You may make a non-touch attack roll against the target as an Immediate Action. Upon success you slam your weapon into the target's face or body, pistol whipping the enemy, or striking with the stock of your weapon. The enemy falls prone from the staggering blow suffering 1d6 (Small), 1d8 (Medium), 1d10 (Large) points of Bludgeoning Damage based on the weapon's size. The target effected by this ability receives a -4 Penalty to its AC against ranged attacks made against it within 20ft while prone. Additionally it provokes attack from you while standing if within the first range increment of your firearm. This ability costs 2 points of Rumbrave.

    (Let God Decide)
    Prerequisite: Up Close and Personal
    In the ultimate act of madness, you remove all but a single round of ammunition from your weapon, chamber it, and place the barrel in your own mouth. Closing your eyes, you pull the trigger... You may make a Full Round Action to activate this ability, in doing so you remove all but one piece of ammunition from your weapon and play a modified game of Russian Roulette. Using any firearm, you place the barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger. Call High or Low, and roll for percentage (1d100). Upon successfully calling the winning half of the roll, High (51-100) or Low (1-50), the rifle jams, or the pistol clicks on an empty chamber, or similar event. Upon failure, the weapon goes off in your mouth confirming a Critical Hit against yourself. This self-inflicted attack always deals maximum damage. If you called the winning roll, you may make an attack against an adjacent creature, slamming the weapon into the enemy's mouth and pulling the trigger. You receive a +8 Circumstance Bonus to this Attack Roll. If the attack fails to 'hit' it instead causes the weapon to jam or otherwise misfire in theme and another round of Roulette may be played the following round, at no cost of Rumbrave. If the attack is successful, the weapon goes off, confirming a Critical Hit against the enemy and dealing maximum damage. This ability can only be used after making two or more Fortitude Saves against A Taste of Home, and may only be activated once during a single instance of A Taste of Home. This ability costs 4 points of Rumbrave.

    Spoiler: The Scorned

    The Scorned:

    You are a Scorned, a branded individual exiled from the elite mercenary guild known as the 'Cotton Club'. This small brand has delivered unto you a foul curse. This particular hex has become famous for its cruelty, twisting the afflicted into a horrific creature unless they receive a special task called an 'undertaking'. Without such a task the curse slowly consumes the afflicted, condemning them to rot and decay, becoming a monstrous undead abomination. Such ill-fated souls were exiled from the guild and sealed away after being sold to the Inquisition. Those that rose again after receiving their Undertaking possessed renewed strength and inhuman powers, but employing such powers aggravated their condition. (Scorned gain 3 Unique Powers, and the Dark Hunger ability)

    Spoiler: Dark Hunger
    Dark Hunger: As a Scorned you are cursed by potent dark magic, but the blight has also made you stronger than you were. Now new powers burn in your mind, but their use incurs a cost upon your humanity. Each time a Scorned ability is activated, roll 1d8. This value represents the Scorned's inhuman corruption, called Dark Hunger. At the beginning of each day a %dice is rolled versus this value, regardless of the result the Dark Hunger accrued the previous day resets back to 0. If the Scorned's %dice rolls within the range of her Dark Hunger she succumbs to the curse and is afflicted by Undead Corruption, which compels her to consume the flesh of the living - a state called Undead Corruption.

    Spoiler: Status: Undead Corruption
    Undead Corruption: Succumbing to the weight of the curse, you are filling with a burning hunger. Yet though you were starving, you could not die from your thirst nor ache. No amount of bread and mutton could ease your suffering and provide you sustenance. No, your body craved something else. It wasn't simply the flesh of creatures, it was the life-energy of the living. A force called prana, and when you consumed the still-fresh meat of living humanoid creatures, so too did you ingest a small portion of that energy. You could resist the urge, but each day your body grew weaker as it begun to fail.

    The Scorned sates their hunger and removes this effect by consuming 1 pound of flesh from a freshly killed humanoid creature. Such creatures who have died within the last 4 hours qualify for this purpose. Remains of these creatures may not be preserved to grant similar benefits as the life-energy previously tied to the creature has expired. For each day the Scorned resists her hunger her body begins to weaken and decay, reverting to a corpse-like state. The Scorned takes a cumulative -2 penalty on attack and damage rolls, skill checks and saves. Additionally their maximum movement speed is reduced by 5ft. This penalty is applied during the beginning of each day and is removed upon sating her hunger. Upon reaching a maximum movement speed of 0 from this status the Scorned becomes a feeble living corpse and is rendered helpless until healed by an Auspex. While Corrupted the Scorned does not need to eat or drink.

    Spoiler: New Powers
    Scorned Abilities: The Scorned gains various new abilities which grant him powers and abilities far stronger than any mortal could possess. While granting him fearsome prowess their use weakened his resistance to the curse and diminished his humanity. The Scorned may select one class ability of 6th level or lower. One class ability of 7th level or lower, and one class ability of 8th level or lower, these three abilities need not be chosen from classes he possesses levels in. Only abilities which must be activated by the character may be selected (i.g. Barbarian Rage may be selected, but Armor Training may not be as it is a passive ability.) Abilities which do not have a duration but are activated normally, (such as the Vigilante's duel identity or similar ability) incur their respective Dark Hunger cost for every 4 hours they left active. The Scorned may also choose to grant himself access to spells of the appropriate caster level for the class of his choice with these abilities (i.g. using his 8th level ability to be granted three 4th level spell slots as an Oracle. He does not gain any of the lower level benefits only those benefits respective to the ability's level, as if he had just acquired that level himself; by extension only granting him one 4th level spell due to oracle's restricted known spells.) Classes such as Cleric which know all spells of their respective spell list similarly benefit the Scorned, and they may similarly prepare and cast any spell on the cleric spell list, provided that he can cast spells of that level.

    If you have a power in mind, but cannot locate it as a class ability, I can work with you in finding or modifying existing features to fit your intended purpose. Keep in mind these powers are a large feature of the Scorned and should represent a significant facet of the character, as they are brought to life by the character's unfulfilled desires, fears and negative emotions made manifest by the curse. Feel free to reflavor these abilities and their visual appearance to better suit this purpose. After all, they're abilities that others can't use in this world anyways, it's an E6
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