I just had a thought last night. Wouldn't it be cool to have a customizable (in terms of appearance) hyena or bursa for a pet?

I also managed to get all the hunter mods I was after last night. And about ten extra hunter adrenaline. I'm going to have to forma my kubrow again before he can fit them all, though.

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While I'd like to use Smeeta for its Charm, I really like Vacuum; not for the fact that it picks up stuff for me, but because it can get things through obstacles and walls (like in the Void) and other stuff that's fallen out of bounds.
That's my biggest reason for wanting a sentinel over a kubrow or kavat. I kinda wish they'd make ayatan stars act like normal drops. In the last three days alone I've had six stars spawn in and fall in unreachable locations. The default vacuum distance of three meters just isn't enough.

Charm just doesn't seem all that useful. I notice it maybe once per mission. I'd prefer an adarza kavat, and as soon as I get the plat for another stasis slot I'm going to try for it.

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I really like Taxon ~ i have three currently for different load outs (similarly i have 2 Carrier Ps for other load outs) being a fan of Status weapons and the wonder that Condition Overload is having a guaranteed Cold proc is very nice. Favorite Companion is still my Sahasa Kubrow
Do you mean you've actually built three different taxons and two carrier primes? Or do you mean you use three different loadouts through the presets? I'm kinda curious what your loadouts are like, since all my sentinels are done essentially the same. I do occasionally swap out their weapon damage types.

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OK. So Latron is now trash tier - took 37 shots to the head of a level 17 Grineer Eximus to down it. Takes 5 headshots to take down a level 17 G. Heavy Gunner.

It wasn't good before either, but now it's just trash.
How do you have it modded?