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I personally prefer the way the Sancti Tigris clears the whole room with a single pull of the trigger
Impressive, but I just can't get on with a Duplex trigger. It might be 40k damage per shot, but I guarantee that I'm going to miss at least the second one and have to reload. With a Hek, even doing 1/3rd the damage I'm going to hit at least 4 of them, if not more, and overall my DPS is significantly better. I've yet to meet a damage gate wherein ~15k damage is not sufficient, after all

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and this weekend its Baro time... I wonder what primed mods will he bring this time.
I'm hoping that, because it's Christmas/New Year, they'll finally put out Serration Prime. I have pretty much everything else I could need, but Serration is the one that I've held off from max'ing out because the expense would be better served going on the white one.