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    Default Bloodsong's Oasis: Restaurant and Speakeasy

    Located right on Westside’s bustling riverfront, the Oasis rises above its surrounding buildings like its namesake water feature, an elegant high-elven style manor place smack in the middle of its unassuming brownstone neighbors. Owned by an orc clan, the establishment was opened to cater mostly to orcs, goblins, lizardfolk, greenskins and beastfolk of all sorts that live and work the city's docks, providing an upscale alternative to the common dockside pub or Friday night chain-restaurant. The restaurant quickly gained notoriety among the fine dining establishment, however, and now proudly serves all patrons, providing an island of glamour among the mostly downtrodden quarter.


    Main Dining Room - Ritzy and well-lit, the main dining room presents a spacious promise of jazzy splendour, populated by an array of elegantly furnished tables ringing a large stage at the far end, and a heavy, aged-wood bar at the flank. The bar is appropriately dressed up with real bullet holes and scored with injuries from knife, battle-axe, and arrows, befitting the speakeasy theme. At the stage, live music every night, typically from the house jazz band, fronted by their elegant ettin lead singer (contralto and mezzo-soprano) completes the room with appropriately sultry flair, though guest performances are showcased on occasion, featuring artists from across the Nexus.

    Warchief's Lounge: - The secondary dining room, typically rented out for private events and other large pre-booked parties. The layout of the Warchief’s Lounge mirrors that of the main dining room, though on a smaller scale, with its own bar and a raised stage for live music or presentations as needed.

    The "Library" - Located upstairs, appropriately behind a hidden door concealed by a bookshelf, and accessible only to those who know the password, this smaller dining room and bar is open mostly for the benefit of VIPs and a more criminal element who may want to dine and conduct business without being exposed to the common patrons, but without needing to go through the trouble and exposure of renting a private dining room. Occasionally, a secondary password may be distributed to regular diners to open up The Library for special party nights, whiskey tastings, smoking nights, and other events.

    Private Dining Rooms - Private dining rooms. For rent. They range in size from several tables, suitable for small parties, or individual rooms for a more intimate setting. Several of them are on balconies overlooking the main dining room, allowing patrons to dine in private while still enjoying the live music and atmosphere, while others might be tucked away entirely, for maximum seclusion.


    Sokhatai Bloodsong - The owner and proprietress of the speakeasy. Warchief Bloodsong was once a ruthless, bloodthirsty warlord who for more than two decades crushed her enemies, saw them driven before her, and heard the lamentations of their women. Then she retired, bought an elaborate high elven manor with the spoils, and turned it into a speakeasy. Sokhatai leaves much of the day-to-day running of the speakeasy to her children, but tends to be present most days, enjoying the spoils of a mostly quiet retirement. It is what is best in life.

    Geugi, North Wind, and Percival - Sokhatai's three children. The Bloodsong clan helps Sokhatai run most of the affairs of the restaurant, and the three of them can be seen most nights either managing the floor, working behind the scenes, or schmoozing around the bar, ready to step in at a moment’s notice.

    Asterios - A beefy, charismatic minotaur who works as the speakeasy’s head bartender and master mixologist. The always sharp-dressed Asterios works at all three of the restaurant’s bars at varying intervals, working his charms on most of the ladies (and many of the men) within a 10 meter radius.

    Other servers - The Bloodsongs hire from a variety of species - the bulk of them orcs, minotaurs, and other ‘beast’ races pressed into sharp eveningwear, but a small number of human and elven ‘diversity hires’ as well, who help handle more difficult patrons.

    Bouncers - Just in case dining at an establishment run by orcs weren’t enough of a deterrent, Bloodsong employs only the finest in anti-troublemaking. A small number of lizardfolk, trolls, and ogres keep a sharp eye out and will politely-but-firmly show anyone making too large of a fuss the door. And the road. And possibly the opposite sidewalk. Klusk managed to toss someone all the way to the river, once.

    Menu (an non-exhaustive list)

    On Draft:

    Spud Lite - A goblin brew, made from root vegetables and fungus. Light on calories and flavor, though possessed of an unfortunate rank aroma, this heavily advertised and economical lager remains a staple for patrons looking to party through the night.
    in progress

    Wine Menu:

    Camlar Reserve - Aged to perfection, tomorrow. Temporal anomalies and stable-time loops a rare side-effect of consumption
    Catoblepas Sauvingnon
    Chimera Cabernet - A hearty red with a hits of oak and black cherry.
    Constitution Crushing Wine - Fort. DC 35 or pass out!
    Kobold Chianti - Tart. Tangy. Shifty.
    Merfolk Merlot - Full-bodied with a hint of rose.
    Spoonake Chablis - Straight from the Underdark!
    in progress

    Premium Liquors:

    in progress

    Speciality Cocktails:

    Djinn and Tonic - Whirling ice cubes, fizzy soda, and one drunk genie.
    Jam Giblet - Gin, “raspberry jam”, lime. Don’t think too hard about the consistency.
    Warchariot Sidecar - Hobgoblin brandy, blood orange liqueur, lemon juice.
    in progress

    Apps and Snacks:

    in progress

    Chef's Specials:

    A whole hog, roasted - A whole hog. Roasted. Parties of 4+ only.
    Live Eel Platter - Seasoned with swampwater and fermented kelp. A lizardfolk delicacy, other species may find it to be too... wriggly.
    in progress


    in progress
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