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    Krayger is no slouch in his hygiene, though he’s never quite gotten to the point one might call his coat glossy. His horns might, though as he’s very particular about polishing them.
    He looks up and starts to open his mouth when a rune flashes through his brain with an unheard peal of giddy laughter. At this point he knows what this means, and would likely feel panic, horror, or something of that nature. But of course we couldn’t have pesky emotions like that killing the mood, so Rassa’s curse takes that tight ball of emotions and shoves it down the chutes marked for “admiration” and “lust” in his brain, leaving him with fluttering eyes and a fast beating heart.
    ”I’m pretty sure we’re the same size, buddy. What have you got for someone who’s had a long day? Preferably something I can have plenty of.” he says, wth a look that might be staring off into the distance remembering the horrors of the day. Or it could just be him absent-mindlessly admiring the barkeep’s frame, though realistically they are actually about equals in that regard.


    Sam follows Lucy to the private room, amazed at the thought of being so stupid rich.
    ”So...I don’t think you’ve actually told me anything about you. Like. The Who what and where’s.” he says after they’ve sat down.
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