My immediate goal is to unlock every junction - unless I'm grossly mistaken, that will ease my materials farming considerably, and the credits/endo from the missions and quests needed for each one are sorely welcome. I also have some leftover Platinum from my Christmas gift (Steam Gift Card) that I'm holding on to for now. I've made it to Saturn and will continue working through the remaining planets over the next couple of weeks.

My Hek and Rhino came out of the oven yesterday and I'm definitely in love. The shotun feels weighty with a nice kick, and Rhino itself gives me flashbacks to my ME2 Vanguard days. The prime axe (I forget the name) that I got for free with Twitch Prime fits him perfectly as well. He has a ways to go to catch up to the others, but I'm sure a defense mission or two will get him going.

Lastly, as far as future frames, I've gotten quite interested in Octavia and her "rhythm shooter" playstyle - being a DDR fanatic, she might end up as my frame of choice later on. My bf is maining Saryn and Nidus so it'll probably be a long time before I try those, if ever. Both Harrow and Equinox look very cool also. I finished the quest that grants Chroma so I may get started on her too.

One thing that is frustrating me a bit - I haven't found a single undamaged Flow or Streamline to upgrade and help my castery builds out (especially Frost and Ember.) Is there a specific way I can farm these, or do I just have to hope for luck while doing other activities? I even dropped some of the spare platinum mentioned above on Dragon packs, to no avail.