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    Name: The Iron Lord, Iron Lord, whatever... Mostly people call me Iron, actually
    Ways to Contact:Just PM me, I'll see it within a day or two most likely
    Posting Frequency: As often as there's something to react to, given a day or so (so basically every time someone posts something).
    Type of Campaign: I know d&d 3.5 the best, but I'd play pretty much any system other than d&d 4e so long as the game's interesting. I also know Roleplaying is Magic (e4) pretty well.
    Types of Characters: I have a lot of ideas, so basically anything. I really want to play a pony right now...
    Old Characters: nothing (online, that is)
    Old Campaigns: also nothing (other that some tabletop)
    Other Information: I'd always subscribe to any game I'm in so that I don't miss anything...I like a mixture of interesting roleplay and tactical combat
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    English is actually a very precise language in a lot of ways, and American English in particular has a habit of following other languages down back alleys, clubbing them over the head, and rifling through their lexicons that I think is very healthy for its evolution.
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    78% of DMs started their first campaign in a tavern. If you're one of the 22% who didn't, copy/paste this into your sig.
    Mine started in the battle arena of the capital city