[Private Dining Room]

Sam is a good liar. But he doesnít always lie. And sometimes when he tells the truth he has trouble stopping.
ĒNo, it wasnít that. Well, it was that, and the fact that you ordered food that could send a troll begging for water. And youíre rich. And you have pointy teeth. Sam is counting on his fingers at this point, And your hair is a pretty green which isnít usually a natural elf thing, and you like pretty shiny things, and you told me that you donít wear clothes often.Ē Sam had to go to his third hand to count all those things.
ĒIím sorry, I didnít mean to pry. Youíre just a very interesting person. You donít have to answer anything.Ē he says, trying to bury his face behind the wine list. It doesnít really work because itís a small booklet and he has a large head.