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    Oliver Slyfield

    Alias:The Obese Offender(That's what he used to be called when he was a criminal)
    Alignment:Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession:Rogue/Thief, but only steals from evil people.
    Power Rating:D
    Description:Oliver is slightly overweight and has pale skin, as well as jet black hair and grey eyes. He often wears a t-shirt and jeans that are slightly ripped. However, when it's a special occasion, he trades his t-shirt for a button up t-shirt and tie. He is clean-shaven.
    Personality:Oliver doesn't care much about any laws, he just does what he believes is right. He is slightly greedy, a remnant from his days as a criminal. He's rather laid-back, and honestly doesn't care that he's "fluffy". He's honest. Well, mostly honest. You sort of have to lie when police are questioning you.
    Equipment:Oliver carries a wallet that unfailingly has coupons for places that serve food in it, as well as his MERC license. He also carries tools that are useful for breaking into places "silently", such as a crowbar. He also has a whistle; it looks a bit like a duck lure, but the sound it makes is not a duck's- it's a phoenix cry, or a reasonable facsimile of one, but Oliver doesn't know that's what the sound is. He has a business card sized piece of bleached white leather, with a name branded into it- 'Jacqueline Door, of the Clattering, Official Roof Guide'. Lastly, he always carries a small knife.
    Abilities:Oliver has experience robbing many places, and has hacking techniques for the cameras. He is used to alcohol, so don't challenge him to a drinking contest. However, apart from that, he doesn't have much endurance. Especially when it comes to running.
    Backstory:Oliver used to be a criminal. He specialized in sneaking, somehow. He fondly remembers how he went through the vents once, so there was just this obese man squirming through vents right above the guards! He's lost weight since then, so one cannot really call him obese. However, he once tried to steal from an undisclosed person. The person, having kindness in their heart, tried to redeem Oliver instead of turning him into the police. They succeeded at redeeming Oliver, who realized the error of his ways and all that jazz. However, that doesn't mean he stopped doing his business. Rather, he devoted himself to thieving from the thieves, being a villain to the villains, and so on.
    Miscellaneous: None
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