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    Default Re: A Faerie Affair - OOC III: Fey Were Expendable

    Yeah Kyu would for sure be stylish. Bear with me because I'm bad at describing appearances especially clothing so I'll try to get my vision past.

    I imagine her to dress very summery especially after getting the belt of warmth. I imagine a light pink corset sleeveless dress made of flower petals, with a short skirt and the belt of warmth over it. She would have matching long gloves and stockings. She wears the stone of good luck as a necklace ever since she got it, as well as a pink ribbon choker. And although these are her traveling clothes, she would change it up quite often sometimes not wearing gloves, sometimes only wearing one of the gloves and no the other, sometimes ribbons, sometimes no ribbons, sometimes too many ribbons. And of course, give Kyu a whole morning to get ready and she'll spend it all doing her make up and hair.

    In general I imagine her very traditional RPG faerie, but pink, very pink, and ribbons and Kyutness.

    If this is a crime to fashion, then yes. Kyu murdered fashion, and buried it out back too
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