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    Spoiler: Principles of the Protector

    These are the rules of being a protector that Jade teaches upon her odyssey across the galaxy that she writes down into a short book and distributes online. These principles basically aim to be as practical and down to earth in application as possible. They assume the person already wants to be a just protector of the innocent, as she only accepts volunteers for such a cause.

    1. Stay Alive. You cannot protect people while dead.
    2. Protect even those you hate, as long as it is just.
    3. Balance action and thought.
    4. Prepare
    5. A new friend is an enemy you never have to fight.
    6. If your going to break the rules, don't do so carelessly.
    7. Minimize casualties. Better one evil person dead than a billion innocents.
    8. Wisdom is a toolbox.
    9. Politics is for your friends who are good at it.
    10. Cooperation and communication lighten many burdens.

    Jade includes an optional principle for anyone who truly wants to follow the same rules as her:
    "11." Do not destroy planets or commit genocide. Ever.

    The reason for these rules are can be further explained if you flip to the page where Jade expounds upon them, but some of them are self-evident.

    And now for the two new characters that will be all about testing that 11th rule: a saiyan and an Ork. neither of them are inherently enemies, and more like people Jade will interact with to ask and explore the question of whether her personal rule can be followed or not. Technically both of these characters are exceptions to the races rule in some way that give one some form of hope of interacting with them peacefully.

    Spoiler: Pinappla, The Jade Fangirl

    Name: Pinappla
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Height: 6ft tall
    Weight: 160 pds
    Species: Saiyan
    Station: Jade Fangirl Saiyan Warrior

    She is tall with black messy shoulder-length hair, she is muscular with a stocky build and wears black saiyan armor with no spandex underneath, having only one green shoulderpad on her left, black bracers, and boots and blue panties to show off her legs with her tail wiggling freely.


    She is normally a timid, nervous girl who is socially awkward among the saiyans, but her face alights and gets fired up when she talks about Jade. This means she is considered weak and unattractive in saiyan society. Pinappla wants to prove herself to her idol, she respects King Vegeta, and despite her lower position in saiyan society, she keeps herself determined to keep trying. Her dream is to become a great protector like Jade, even though she doesn't know what that means given her saiyan culture.


    Pinapplas story starts when she was six, when she witnessed Jade defeat Hailing. From then on, Jade had been a hero to her. She looked up to her steely gaze, her determination, her snarky charisma as well as her habit of finger ki blasts using only her fingers, thought it cool and thus developed a signature move to emulate that: the Pierce Pistol. However Pinappla is not an ordinary saiyan, and not in some exceptional talent way. No, she is not ordinary in that her life is a wreck, at least by saiyan standards.

    You see, saiyans do not have families for the most part. Only the nobility engage in such a thing, out of pragmatic need for heirs. The rest live communally with none being given special favor in being raised to be the toughest saiyans they can be. Unfortunately, not all saiyans live up to the ideal. Pinappla is one of them. She constantly loses duels, she is socially awkward, and barely avoids getting killed outright from the constant training of the saiyans around her. While this constant failure gets her a lot of Zenkai boosts, she lacks technique to match her strength.

    As she turns 18, she is now seeking out any opportunity to meet Jade in person to show her strength and fight her, hoping her idol will accept her strength.

    Story So Far:
    You can summarize and update here what has happened to your character during the game.


    PL: Low Android Saga
    Super Saiyan Berserker: Perfect Cell Saga

    Normal Suite:
    Capable of Flight, ki blasts, Zenkai and has a saiyan tail

    Fighting Spirit:
    The Saiyan version of determination, It pushes her to keep on fighting no matter what.

    Signature Attack, Pierce Pistol:
    Imitating her idol Jade, Pinappla fires a beam from her two fingers that goes straight but pierces through forcefields and attempts to block it, packing a lot of piercing power into a small beam.

    Referential Cosplay Style: Dovahkiin
    Her abilities granted:
    Dual-Wielding Axes
    Alduin Oozaru

    Super Saiyan Berserker
    Bulks up, green hair, and has an unstoppable rage. She can direct it to a degree but while in this state she can't restrain herself or hold back. Her form is an unleashing of power, with no way to finesse it.

    Other information:

    Saiyan Armor:
    helps protect her against high-powered attacks

    Spoiler: Mekrashin Darok, Mekboy Freebooter

    Name: Mekrashin Darok
    Age: 20 years
    Gender: Ork
    Height: 7 feet
    Weight: 200 pounds
    Species: Ork
    Station: Escaping Freebooter

    He is 7 foot tall ork, green skin with muscular, big pirate hat with goggles on it, piratey clothing, and has a slugga and choppa on his belt as well as Ork mekboy toolkit, and a cybernetic right arm

    Mekrashin is smarter than your average Ork. In that he is a Mekboy and a Kommando, and therefore has actual cunning at all rather than none. He still loves fighting for fighting's sake, but a universe without other Orks around as a freebooter has taught him that sometimes its best to not fight to get a better fight. This manifests in his Mekboy interests: he finds that technology can lead to more dakka and krumpin' so he tries to get and make more to have a better fight, and realizes that other races for some reason don't like fighting forever, and thus tries to figure out ways around that.


    Mekrashin was named by a Weirdboy who was also the navigator of a Rok. The story goes, was that his warband had their Weirdboyz choose the name of the Ork when the grew up from the ground, and see they had planted a few orkz in the Rok, see? So when the Weirdboy was piloting the Rok through space near a planet, they tried to do the ceremony to name the ork at the same time, but screwed up both piloting the Rok and naming the ork, so they yelled out “Me krashin' Da Rok!” in panic. All the orcs thought that it was the name chosen and celebrated, including Mekrashin. Then the ship crashed on a planet with Mekrashin being the only survivor. He scavenged a choppa and a shoota from the wreckage and set out on his own.

    While Mekrashin like all other orkz knew how Ork society works by instinct, he was curious about how other societies worked. He identified himself as a Blood Axe, declaring his klan on his lonesome, and he also discovered soon he was a Mekboy. It was hard for him to try and understand alien civilizations on his own with no other Orks to back him up, but Mekrashin learned that everyone needs muscle to fight for them, so he soon adapted. He soon makes his own personal ship and travels across space, becoming a born Freebooter. He fought his way across space, growing more with every fight he encountered until he was considered a Nob by other Orkz, until he was defeated by a Warlord and forcibly recruited to a Waaaaaagh! There he was employed as a Mekboy....and soon he became most genius mekboy there. He invented something new: The Waaaaagh Engine, a piece of technology that could be implanted into an Ork to harness Waaaagh energy in ways no Ork ever had before.

    But he didn't want the Warlord to have it. So he took it and tried to escape towards Earth on a Rok, in hot pursuit.....

    Story So Far:
    You can summarize and update here what has happened to your character during the game.


    Power Level: Low Android Saga

    Genius Mekboy:
    Mekrashin is an uncommonly brilliant Mekboy for his race, and inventor of the Waaaaagh Engine.

    Kommando Training:
    An Ork doesn't survive a universe alone with some smarts and sneakery, and is good as any Kommando in doing so, with a good supply of purple paint in his kit, including suppressing ki.

    Orky Biology:
    Possesses all the normal benefits and downsides of Ork biology.

    Freebooter Fightin' Experience:
    Is good using his choppa and his shoota to fight in tandem, as well having a piratey freewheeling fighting style thats a bit more agile than the usual ork.

    Left Rocket Hand:
    Can fire his cybernetic hand as a rocket punch at people.

    Krumpin' Charge:
    The ork forms a kiai forcefield around themselves then charges forward like a bullet to slam into the enemy.

    Red Wunz Go Fasta Technique:
    The surround themselves in a red aura that causes them to go much faster than normal.

    Stun An' Chop:
    A melee technique, the Ork first punches to stun the enemy then cleaves them in two with this choppa through his strength.

    Ki Gunnaz:
    Orkz are not keen on giving up their shootas and sluggas, for many of them believe that true dakka comes from your slugga, not your hand, and so are capable of channeling ki through their firearms to shoot ki blasts.

    Orkz are good at firing off barrages of inaccurate ki blasts in large amounts, mostly colored green

    Rokkit Feet:
    The ork has rokkit feet implants to fly and equal ki users.

    Forceful Surge:
    Can raise his PL for particularly forceful and destructive attacks by focusing his ki/Waaaagh energy.

    Choppa Scar:
    Can use his Choppa to fire a kiai slice to slice things from a distance, his signature attack.

    Other information:

    Choppa: Your usual Ork weapon, basically a big axe powered by Ork belief to chop through things like a power sword.

    Slugga: A common ork weapon, its basically a big pistol that shoots inaccurate bullets.

    Ork Toolkit:
    Duct Bubblegum: good for repairing and holding together anything.
    Purple paint, red paint, blue paint
    Ork multitool: a wrench.

    Goggles: They do something
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