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"I grew up with a very similar saying." Naku replies to that with a bit of a smile. "That you miss all the shots you don't take."

As for Naku's more vampiric features, well, those are actually fairly unique. Her skin is pale as freshly fallen snow, and her red irises have a sort of angular, crystalline patterning to them, much like a snowflake. Her fangs are also slightly abnormal, in that they're a tad thicker than the usual vampire fangs, and almost minorly serrated along their edges.
If Naku notices the quick glance, she makes no comment.
"I'm fairly all right. Just relaxing a bit before I go back to working on a bit of a personal project. And yourself?"
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Its been a hard week at work, Oliver says. So, I decided to treat myself!
"I can't say there's a break from my work. Just a few stops along the trail."
Lynton fingers the pendant around his neck.
"Sometimes it starts to feel like my whole life is just a personal project at this point."
He sighs.
"I haven't quite figured out where my next stop is going to be yet."