Gara didn't actually take me that long. What honestly took the longest was that I didn't even try the lowest level bounty for about two weeks until I noticed it could drop one of her parts.

Nidus didn't take that long, about 18-20 runs. Now, Harrow is the one that seems to be taking me forever. I've done a dozen defection runs, and about half that many pago runs. No luck so far.

I'm looking forward to Khora, but I'm hoping she's not such a pain to get.

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Wonder what the IPS changes will be, i was looking forward to what was coming out but im guessing they caved in the face of so much salt from people who couldn't bear that their precious slash procs might be affected.
There's probably a lot of that going on, but for me it's what they were planning to do with impact and puncture that made me wary of the changes. Extra crowd control and extra damage reduction are never going to be as useful as extra killing power. And that's always going to be the case even if they nerf slash procs into the ground.

What I'd like to see are weapons that have one or two physical damage types and an elemental damage type as base.