Chester lead the way, and somehow communicated with the animated doors and objects of the Life&Creation Department, and led him soon enough to the healing tubes room.

Soul Muse was already prepared for him. A bed with eight pony legs stood there with Staresh, sleeping soundly, looking well.
"Another hour, would heal her completly... but she is ok to go. I am... just said... all.of this work... going to be thrown into the forbidden dark magic list."
'Her name is Nappy."
The bed barked shyly from Chester.

It took about ten minutes of hasten gallop and flight, to get to the Air Ship docks.

The streets are beautiful, and at least Astral would feel a shame, he can't admire the design and magic invested into it.
The streets were empty, only from the windows of the tall buildings, pony-ish figures could be seen- probably locked inside from the terror, which their Defence Forces, failed to defend them from.
The buildings themselves were painted in mundane colors of grey and white, and had mirror plates like random scales, mirroring and glowing from the Lantern Poles, which used as street lights.
They were looking golden, with a glowing colorful crystal, each with other color of the harmony, making the street enlightened with Violet, pink, red, orange, blue and purple.

Turned over carts, abandoned grocery bags and other items, alongside with burn marks casted spells, silently tell of the failing soldiers, and the panickes citizens.

Right before the Air Ship docks, you can see the remains of Ruby Lantern and Amber Lantern against the Golem- ruined building, as if angry gigantic filly kicked it, holes at other building and the road.
Ruby perked her ear. "I made most of the damage!" She beamed with pride.

Medical forces treating soldiers and citizens, carrying away to ambulances led by strong earth ponies.

The medics regocnized the Lanterns, and started to wishper to each other, looking hostile and scared.

Something on Amber and Ruby's right forelegs glew, pounding like hearts
Both of them closed eyes with delight, humming as if they are getting a good massage.

The dock is a mess. Panicked looking soldiers and engineers trotting everywhere.

The Whinnlight finally on the ground, while hard working engineers almost finished the basic patches and fixes.
Rainbow Quartz and the fillies greeted you.
'You have no idea, what happened! A wierd looking pony trotted here, and after him..' she glared at the Lantern siblings.
'They.. came."

"BOOM! Psheouw! Pow pow pow!" Mystery summarized.

(Rocket can join any moment he wish into the conversation)