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"I do know a guy who takes all the color out of eyes. I mean, it's definitely gonna be possible somehow."
Anchor grins and nods.
"Real nasty, real ugly. Wings were like, as big as this inn, but with claws all over the ends of them, and he had long teeth sticking out of his mouth pointing every which way. The real issue was the smell- but I stabbed him...a couple of times, so I don't think I need help with revenge. We can call it even." The hesitation: if you get in two good stabbing motions with a trident, is that stabbing someone twice, or six times?
"Thanks. I'm not really very good at it. How about you? I mean, what sort of things do you get up to?"
Comet shrugs, 'Well, I suppose I don't mind them enough for such drastic measures.'

At the description, Comet merely nods; she's heard of similarly gross, scary monsters. (As for the stabbing, I reckon if there's six puncture wounds, its six times. Depends if all the points of the trident pierced the skin?)

Comet ponders the question, before launching into her answer: 'Well, I'm mostly studying at the moment. I - uh - have a little project I'm working on. See, I like making things. Like, I really like making things. I'm making something at the moment - and I am researching the best technique to use. It's very boring and technical I assure you. But I have, uh, some light reading in my bag here.'

Comet reaches for her backpack, and pulls out a surprisingly weighty tome, entitled Techniques for the Advanced Crafter. It seems really bland on first glance, but as Comet flicks through the pages, it is apparent that not only does it contain many intricate illustrations, it also has lots of notes scrawled round the margins in spidery black writing.