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Thread: DrK's Age of Worms OOC pt6

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    I have a slight rebuild planned for Mirriana the next time we have an option. Her thing is protection. Not just of herself but of her teammates.

    Shield Specialization and Shield Ward are two feats that get me less overall (Heavy Shield +3 to touch) than Parrying Shield and a tower shield would (+4 to touch).

    Then if I take shield wall, that shield bonus goes to +6 when fighting next to Elkist. Add a +2 enhancement bonus (or +3 at next level up with Magic Vestment) and I get +8/+9.

    If I swap extra turning, (which even as an RKV I'm probably not going to use too much) for Shieldmate, anyone standing next to me gets +2 shield AC.

    So Mirriana gets up to +8/9 shield AC against touch.
    Anyone standing next to her gets +2AC and IGG for equiv of +6 to AC. Then Shield Block happens and adds another +16/17 to that for an effective +22/+23 to AC and she becomes the Pope of Nope.

    She won't hit very hard, but that's what spells and manouevres are for, and it's only at -2 to attack compared to what she does currently.
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