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Anchor nods, a little lost by the fact that normal bears also have claws (don't they? Or is that just an invention of pastry chefs?), but it's certainly an ugly name.
"So they're tools, I mean, each object does something for the challenge? Or are they more like keys? Although I guess what I'm really wondering is how you got involved in that? Overcoming these challenges."
Her gaze goes to the cybernetic arm; that's an item useful for overcoming challenges, certainly.
The Bowelpaw has bigger than average claws, and has the additional attribute of smelling of faecal matter. (So there's that, I guess?)

Comet smiles, but her eyes turn back to unsure baby pink; she is unsure whether she can trust Anchor with all the details, and fears she may have said too much already. So, she is rather more guarded with her answer.

'Well, they are tools, of sorts. And it's an inherited challenge; see, the Bowelpaw has...... something valuable, that my father was searching for. Before he, uh, died. The writing in my textbook is mostly my father's; although my handwriting is very similar.'