Anchor smiles, but only slightly. Pink eyes, not 'curious' anymore. She starts to realize how annoying it could be to wear your feelings on your skin like that. She doesn't get into making people think your eye color reflected your emotional state when actually you controlled it.
"Ah, okay. I wish you luck with that. I mean, if you've been working on it all that time."
Trying to find this monster, cheat the challenges, and scoop the valuable something that will probably just turn out to be a worthless family heirloom? No thanks. She could offer help, but Comet doesn't seem to want any.
"The things I craft, heh, nothing like what you've got in that book." She pinches the air in front of her, grasping a bit of light from the fireplace. A little bit of folding and twisting, and there's a monarch butterfly standing in her open palm, fluttering its wings. Or something that looks very like one, at least.